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"Update schedule will be better than George RR Martin, but no promises otherwise."

Sure it will be. Just like Martin promised 🙄.

Thanks for the comment! I admit, it's an unreasonable standard to hold myself to, Mr. Martin works so very fast.
Considering I got a hundred thousand words into my other story in three months, I think I have a good shot of keeping pace with him.

Interesting new story we got here!:pinkiehappy:

ASoIaF & GoT stories are quite rare on this site, and those few stories that exist here, unfortunately don't get updated much,or even at all.

Hope to see more of this story. :twistnerd:

Interesting, will this be more in line with books or show?

If you'd like an OC to borrow for this story, let me know via PM.

I'm going off the lore from the books, as reflected in the next chapter. If you just know the show, you're not necessarily losing any essential knowledge. The only thing worth mentioning is that 'Arya' was wed to Ramsay instead of Sansa, and Jon's mcstabbing was prompted by his decision to go after the Boltons, not just the Wildlings. If you've read the books, you'll probably figure out other stuff ahead of time, but I'll explain most things as they come up.

Have another chapter, then.

I will admit as a fan of the show, I always enjoyed watching the episodes about the Wall, and the Battle of The Wall was the second most liked battle for me, after the Battle of the Blackwater, and its aftermath with Stannis and the Wild lings! :rainbowdetermined2:

However, apparently, on the books a kot of things went differently, while having more characters & plots in it. :rainbowderp:

Wish they didn't cost so much! :raritydespair:

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

OK, I haven't read the books and I refuse to pay for HBO, but I'm going to try to follow this anyway. I'm sure there's a wiki or something if I get lost.

Looks good so far.

Thanks for the vote of confidence in my storytelling abilities. This is the only chapter set in Westeros, taking place immediately after the end of A Dance with Dragons for Jon. If you're confused, don't worry. The rest is set in familiar MLP territory.
Yes, Satin and Leathers are book specific characters. Hopefully I provided enough background on them and a bit of the situation. Bowen Marsh and Othell Yarwyck existed in the show, but weren't focused on at all. I could lore dump for two thousand words, but I'd rather get to the point and fill stuff in as it becomes relevant.

Hmm, I suppose Jon and Melisandre got teleported to equestria and presumably transformed, but how were there already white walkers in equestria?

Pink glow, hmm, could it be the Crystal Empire? Did Melisandre get incinerated? She prays to a fire god so it would make since tbh

Jon as a dragon? I like the idea a lot. Thorax as his savior is a pretty interesting first contact.

Hey, thanks for the comments.

how were there already white walkers in equestria?

That's the central mystery for the first half.

"I would really like to see how Melisandre would react if she was to meet with Celestia."

It would most likely be a really warm one. :trollestia:

this is interesting, can't wait to read more.

Never read A Song of Fire and Ice or seen Game of Thrones but I love Isekai so I'll keep an eye on this.

Does this story have any badass little girls in it?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to squeeze Lyanna Mormont or Arya into Equestria. Sorry!
On the MLP side, we have a couple prospective candidates.

I assume twilight and co. will be showing up soon, I wonder what Spike will think of Jon and Thorax.

Now things are getting interesting.

Having watched the show, but never read the books, I think I'm still able to keep pace fairly well. While there are clear differences, where this story is concerned they don't seem to matter too much.

I find it very fitting that Jon is a white dragon. For those who've read or watched... you know why. Though, of course, he doesn't know...

Can't wait to see where this goes!

Wonderful Chapter this is!

I can't not stop imagining the Princesses trying to speak with Jon Snow (Who has Harringtons voice & personality from Game of thrones), while he is like :

"Yes my princess.":rainbowlaugh:

"Yur muh Queen."
"Um, no?"
No, the overall differences aren't that concerning. (Although, there is one thing...)
Jon's a black dragon with white accents, red eyes and short horns. Looks a bit scary, but mostly "awkward teenager" vibes. And yeah, there's a lot of reasons for his looks.
Thanks for the vote of confidence!

So. Ember has entered the story. Will she rise to power?

Inevitability she will be getting laid with Jon, or so the tag implies. As to power, maybe…

I like the Reader; he's like if Rodrik Harlaw impersonated Seath.

Also, I'm thinking on how Gilda enters the story, due to it being tagged. Since we just saw mention of 'vengeful Griffons' potentially killing Grimclaw, I wonder if Ember first seeks out and finds Gilda, not Jon, to learn how to defeat Dragons.

You've read the books! :twilightsmile:

Yes, the Reader is a reference to Rodrik 'the Reader' Harlaw of the Iron Islands, and Ember has a bit of Asha (Yara) Greyjoy in her. Thorax has a bit of Sam, at least initially.

The tagged characters are some of the major POVs, and they will interact heavily as the story plays out.

The OC offer is still on the table.

Ah, the tagged bit makes a lot of sense, POV-wise. Thanks for the clarification.

I like how you're setting things up, all these different perspectives could make a story messy but they all flow naturally into the next. It's making the story feel like it's introducing all the pieces in a grand chess game. Tracking!

I can't wait to read what happens next, keep up the good work.

Really good chapter today.

Poor R̶h̶e̶a̶n̶y̶r̶a̶ Ember. Looks like her father & the other dragons are really trying to downgrade her one way or another.

But Ember being Ember, will not allow that to happen,even if means that she has to hurt herself to prove it.

I’m guessing duchess berry is going to be minor villain in this.

Taxi all the Nobles who abuse their power by 15% of the income

You are making me want to watch the series. The offer I have given is still on the table. (Not trying to bribe you)

The King shits, the Hand wipes. Seems like Luna and Celestia had a relationship similar to Jon Arryn and Robert Baratheon. Or would Luna be more of a Ned Stark?......

If that's the case, I wonder what she would think of Jon....

Luna might fit in a bit better in Westeros than Equestria. As for temperament, the teeth grinding is a big Stannis Baratheon vibe.
Luna would like to tax 15% of their bodies (as in cut off their damn heads.)
I don't think I need an OC for this. Thanks for the offer.

I'm kinda hoping the Westorosi paranoia towards magic works in Jons favor here, at least in the long term, since it would be of huge detriment to him otherwise. On the issue of Jon being a Dragon, It would be interesting to see him mistreated because of it in a similar manner to how he was mistreated as a bastard, especially since he doesn't have the Night's Watch as an institution to turn towards anymore (beyond his oaths, that is).

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this so far though. Can't wait for the next chapter.

So I’m this continuity did Thorax not get spotted by the crystal ponies? I’m assuming they didn’t cause otherwise spike would have found thorax.

Yey, we are getting into the plot.

So you're saying that Celestia Luna are not equals to come to power. So Celestia has the right to overturn any laws and punishment that Luna makes. Perhaps Luna should make a law with the Nobles have to pay more tax than the average Pony and were some ponies struggling to pay tax and wait and see if Celestia gets rid of the law.

On paper, they are equals. Celestia would say they're equals, quite vehemently. That's why she wants Luna to have a Night Court and see her own petitioners. She 'requested' permission to undo Luna's decree, but Luna knows it's a lost cause that will just extend the argument.

In practice, they are absolutely not equal. Luna knows it, and Celestia's kind of willfully ignorant. She's just happy to have her sister back. As for Luna, she doesn't see the point of picking a fight with her sister over it.

I enjoyed this, but I do hope we get more from Jon soon. Kinda came to see his struggles.

“Another town disappeared in the north,” Celestia admitted with a heavy sigh. “The guards found it last night. Several buildings burned down, but no bodies, thankfully. Cadance is at her wit’s end trying to calm down the Crystal Empire.”

Burned buildings and no bodies. When Jon comes to town, he'll be a perfect target for blame.

Also, Wyman Manderly > Celestia.

Hmmm, this is inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire and multiple POVs is kinda a staple of the series.
Jon's the main character here, and you'll see him from his perspective and others, but the story won't strictly follow him. I got stuff going on elsewhere that I need to cover.

Celestia's got cake butt pretty hard, but she's not fat. She burns enough calories raising the sun. And Wyman is way more on top of the politics.
She's not going to be staring into the distance saying, "The north remembers, and the mummer's farce is almost done."

That's what I meant. Lord Lard is all the same act but with the benefit of being absolutely terrifying.

I mean, unless Celestia starts feeding people cakes made from their own relatives. That'd be dope. And 100% in fitting with a dark Trollestia. So far though? Yup, total cake-butt.

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