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Storm Weaver, a young and ambitious pegasus from Cloudsdale was always enamored with flight. Taking this love of flight into practicality, he is attempting to achieve the High Fliers scholarship, which requires him to do well in several races. Having already completed the majority of the races he needs, he's more than confident that the last race will be just as easy as the others.

However, a new participant enters the competition, and they seem to have quite the ego. Certainly this won't have a lasting impact on Storm Weaver's life. Right?

I hope your opinions on Dash are accurately represented here, Truth. :rainbowkiss:

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This story is poggers

Wait was Storm Weaver that Pegasus in like season 5 or 6 who was arrested for framing Rainbow Dash?

Didn’t read this story yet just wondering


No it was a Pegasus named "Wind Rider"

This is a neat start of a story. Can’t wait for more

This is pretty good

So Rainbow Dash breaks rules and hurts somepony, but nopony will do anything cause of who she is? This feels off.

So far I avoided really talking about how things went down from an outside perspective, but I do plan to cover it in the second chapter.

Thank you for the feedback everyone!

We've seen her once to be fair. Maybe it will be brought up again when we see her next?

I wasn't implying that the story wouldn't cover it, I was just giving an opinion from what we know.
She came off really awful is all, a little season 1 Dash not the Dash we know from this point in the series. Sky seemed a little peeved off at his friend for something out of his control as well. I'm sure it will be explained I am just contemplating it all.

I appreciate the information and advice you have shared.

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