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Autistic Witch

I specialize in darker and gorier stories because I've seen the real deal, and I need an outlet.


The humain five, Twilight, and Sunset wake up after a bright light knocked them out to find that their beloved city and her residents have been taken over by strange vine like plants and that no other humans or animals are within the city. All past grudges are put aside as they must now fight for their lives, but one question continues to preside in the back of each of their minds. Were they responsible?

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Okay, so it's a parasitic plant that's puppeteering the zombies. That would explain the dependence on sunlight.

Comment posted by RandomCommentor deleted May 9th, 2022

Nicely done.:twilightsmile:

Thank you. I was worried people wouldn't find it scary because my sense of fear has been badly messed up.

Nice work Pinkie Pie.

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