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What a weird time capsule.


Upon her defeat at the hands of Princess Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer makes a hasty getaway while the perfect pony princess was monologuing about friendship or whatever. Her situation compromised, she decides that it would be best to move along.
Accept friendship? What a silly idea. This is not the way it was before. Things won't be quite the same.

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but I like blackjack and hookers :(

It’s kind of a relief that the bus driver isn’t a pushover like the people at CHS.

This is really good so far! I like Sunset’s characterisation

Mmmmm, I'm liking this. Can't wait to see where you take things.

Hey, I like this idea. Is it just going to be original characters, or does the gang meet up at some point?

Yes! I love stories about resentful Sunset. I always thought it was retarded she turned good after one loss from a bullshit magafin item.

I strongly considered writing a very similar story where Sunset struggled between the demon and the effects of the Rainbow Beam of Do Good Things, having to fight to be herself while each side tried its hardest to more or less possess her. The idea struck me because of just what you said - It seemed unnatural that she turned good after being defeated because she was a prick before she got her hands on magic; It would make sense if the RBoDGT was messing with her head.

I just realized something. Sunset had to have known she wouldn’t survive without resources and the little money she had. So why run away? Is her ego that big? Is her pride showing and getting in the way?

Man, this is grimly realistic and compelling! As much of a jerk as Sunset is here, I feel bad for her. She’s alone in an unknown area, and she rejected her best chance at salvation back home. It’ll be interesting to see what she does next.

What did Sunset have in this story before she moved away? Did she have an apartment, job, nothing and mooched off the school?

All good questions that will be answered in time.

Nah, this is set right after the first movie.

Ok thanks for responding 🦊👍

I like it its interesting

Next chapter still coming?

Yeah, sorry. Life's been eh lately and I'm rarely not burned out. I'll try to pick it back up soon.

No pressure lol. Hope things get better IRL for you.

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