• Published 25th Jan 2022
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Not The Way It Was Before - SpiritOfDancingFlames

Sunset Shimmer, defeated by Princess Twilight Sparkle, runs away to regroup and figure out a new plan. Accept friendship? Why would anyone do a silly thing like that?

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Chapter 1

The gentle tapping of rain on glass wasn't what woke Sunset Shimmer, nor the faint scent of gasoline and stale air. Instead, that which disturbed her sleep was the voice of a very irate man standing over her, arms crossed and expression somewhere between annoyed and worried. "Young lady, this is the last stop for the night," he gruffly informs. "You need to exit the bus."

Sunset stirs and blinks herself awake, the bright lights overhead stabbing into her eyes; she raises a hand to block them out while she brings herself to sit upright. "Last stop?" she questions groggily. "Hang on, what time is it?"

"It's ten in the evening."

"Oh." That woke her up. "Oh, no. Shit," she hisses, squinting out of the rain-soaked window into the darkness, trying to pick out any familiar details. "Where am I?" Only the muted reflection of the bus lights greeted her from the glass of the covered bus stop to her right; she could see little past the looming driver to her left, but it was clear that the two were the sole remaining occupants of the vehicle.

"Hollow Falls," he informs. "Just on the outskirts, east side." He steps back, gesturing towards the exit in an exaggerated manner. "Your chariot has run its course."

"Alright, alright," she growls, picking up the backpack that had served as her pillow for the ride. She scoots out of the seat, slinging the bag over one shoulder and stepping past the man, who still held the sarcastic pose. "I'm going. Chill the fuck out, old man."

"I've been 'chill' for the last few hours, I'll have you know," comes the response. "Normally we don't allow people to use the bus as their personal naptime nook, but you looked like you could use a break. With that kind of attitude, however, I don't think I'll be lending that courtesy again."

Sunset snorts quietly. "Whatever." Making her way forward and down the stairs, she steps out of the bus, with immediate regret hitting just as swiftly as the rain sweeps away the warmth of the bus, the cold and wet sinking into her in the few hurried steps between the open bus door and the covered stop. She couldn't help but shiver at the sudden difference in temperature.

The man glances out at her from the open door, then continues on. A moment after taking his seat at the front, the interior of the bus goes dark, and the door closes. With a rumble, the bus hurries along on its way, leaving Sunset alone.

A dozen yards away, opposite of the lonely bus stop, the falling rain is brought into sharp view, illuminated by the first in a long line of street lamps, their light revealing rows and rows of small, cramped houses with high fences separating postage-stamp yards. In the distance, Sunset could pick out the rain-blurred lights of an 8-Twelve as the only sign of real civilization. "Great. Just great. Last stop, Middle of Fucking Nowhere. Thanks for nothing, asswipe." She grunts, slipping the other strap of her backpack on. Time to figure out where I'll be sleeping for the night.

Sunset grimaces and ventures into the rain, the lack of a hood and the gaping holes in the back muting her worn leather jacket's efforts to keep her warm and dry as she takes hurried steps down the street, her eyes drifting from one darkened home to the next. It's going to be hard to find anything that's abandoned for sure at this time of night. I guess I could see if there's a shelter in this fucking nowhere town, if by a miracle it isn't hours of walking away. A breath of wind sends a deeper chill into her. I wouldn't make it. It's so fucking cold. At least it's not snowing, I guess, she bitterly scowls.

She walks on, passing house after house in her journey. The pitter-patter of the rain and the gentle sploosh of boots on wet sidewalk being the only sounds filling the silence, Sunset quietly seethes. Goddess damn that pony princess prick. I was SO CLOSE! I almost had it all. I mean, sure, my plan had its flaws and I was winging a good bit of it to pardon the term, she reflexively winces. Ugh, I'm sorry, Heather, she idly projects her thoughts to her somewhat destroyed faithful jacket. Those stupid wings put holes right through you. Remind me to find a good place to get you fixed once we get settled in, alright?

Her thoughts settling to mostly quiet fuming, her eyes pass from poor target to poor target until her gaze lands on a mailbox that is full to bursting - enough soggy envelopes and advertisements to keep the front from closing properly. A-ha, here's a possibility. Unless this person is just really lazy. ...Worth a shot.

She takes a look at her possible prize; a tiny grey-toned house practically no different from any other that she had passed on her way here; no car in the drive and all the windows shuttered and dark. With a quick glance around to make sure she wasn't being watched, she steps closer, out of the light of the streetlamp. A careful look around the front reveals some potted plants decorating the covered porch, clearly beginning to wilt. This would be so stupid. She carefully tips a few of them, checking beneath for a key. On her fifth pot, a small glint rewards her for her efforts; a quick poke at it confirms that it is, indeed, a key. Okay, yeah, that's stupid.

She circles the darkened home, looking for signs of life. Finding the fence circling the backyard to be unlocked, she slips in as quietly as the thankfully not-very-creaky gate would allow. With the yard as dark as her own sins, she creeps forward, almost blind as she heads for the back door she can just barely make out. A few steps away from it, however, her foot catches on something. Stifling a yelp as she falls to her knees, she freezes as the sound of a shattering pot fills the air. Panic gripping her chest, she scrambles to get herself upright. Nope, fuck this, I am not getting caught here. She rushes back to the gate, opening it as quickly but quietly as she can, letting herself out and returning to the sidewalk, trying to keep her pace looking as natural as possible.

Well, that went fantastic, she curses to herself. Whatever, the middle of a neighborhood is a little too conspicuous anyway. She looks down the street to the distant 8-Twelve. I need to get out of the rain, even just for a little while, and have something hot to eat. That'll have to do, I guess. She heaves an annoyed sigh and once more her footsteps carry her on.

Author's Note:

I've been almost exclusively reading Sunset Shimmer stories for the past few months and I couldn't help myself - I'm making my own, with blackjack and hookers*.
*Might not contain blackjack or hookers.