• Published 25th Jan 2022
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Not The Way It Was Before - SpiritOfDancingFlames

Sunset Shimmer, defeated by Princess Twilight Sparkle, runs away to regroup and figure out a new plan. Accept friendship? Why would anyone do a silly thing like that?

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Chapter 2

A chime sounds out as Sunset steps through the automatic doors into the painfully bright but thankfully warm interior of the 8-Twelve, her shivering settling slowly from the relief. About her, almost haphazardly, several shelves stand stocked to the brim with candies and crackers and everything in between. Shoved against one wall is a counter, behind which sits a bored-looking attendant. He barely glances up from his phone as Sunset enters.

Sunset takes her time while idly browsing, enjoying the warmth while she still can. It doesn't look like the rain is going to let up anytime soon. Fuck my luck. She scowls at the available selection, finding plenty of empty calories in colorful wrappers but little that would actually satisfy the hunger starting to gnaw at her. Of course. I could blow half of my remaining cash here and barely call it a meal.

Finally settling on a large and equally overpriced bag of Cheez-Thats, she glowers her way on over to the teen and deposits it on the counter before him. Why they fuck are they selling Cheez-Thats in a bag, anyway? What kind of dystopian hell is this place? Is this my comeuppance for daring to seize my life by the horns and take what's mine by force?

-beep- "That'll be seven-oh-six."

Ugh. She digs her cash out from the interior pocket of her jacket, dropping two slightly damp five-dollar bills on the counter.

The cashier gives the bills a resigned look as he picks them up, tapping at the screen on the register before him. "Your change is two-ninety-four," he drones as the till pops open, his hands clumsily stuffing in her bills and retrieving some to give her, along with a number of coins. "Do you want a receipt?"

"Pass." She holds her hand out for the change. Once it's dropped into her grasp, she stuffs it all back in her jacket, the pocket full of currency letting off a muffled jingle. She swipes the bag and turns, leisurely making her way to the exit as she tears the top off the bag and pries open her prize, discarding the strip of plastic in the vague direction of a trash bin by the door. Huh. It's resealable. Alright, you win this one for convenience, you miserable disgrace, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with you.

She stuffs a handful of crispy, cheesy squares in her mouth as she steps through the doors once again, the chime bidding her farewell while the teen returns to his phone. Looking out at the rain from the covered strip in front of the store, Sunset gives it as much of an annoyed look as she could muster whilst chewing a large amount of Cheez-Thats. I guess I have no choice but to check Boogle Maps for somewhere to stay. I have enough for a cheap motel if I really can't find anything but unless I want to fight Teen Wonder back there for his hours, I could only afford about two days before I'm out completely.

She slips off her backpack, unzipping it and reaching inside to dig through - surprise, surprise - slightly damp rolled-up clothes. After a moment of searching, she pulls out her phone. It lights up at the click of a button, the amusingly appropriate background of a sunset greeting her. Pulling up Boogle Maps reveals... A whole lot of residential. Fucker. The nearest anything is another two miles away and the only motel in the city is five out. She closes up the app, stuffing the phone back into its slightly drier hiding spot and zipping the bag up.

Sitting down and leaning up against the wall, Sunset lets out a sigh, torn between the choices of saving or scarfing her small supply of food. Her hands idly make the choice for her as her mind wanders, the crunch failing to drown out the sound of heavy rainfall. So what the hell am I going to do? If I keep walking I'll make it to the motel, but no guarantee they'll even have anything open.[/] She lets out a sigh. Goddess, I need a drink.

Chewing on that thought for a little while as the shivers start to set in again, she makes an executive decision. You know what? I've had one hell of a time, this last twenty-four hours or so. Scrambled on home yesterday with my tail between my fucking legs after getting my shit rocked by that rainbow beam bullshit, of course I'd forgotten my bike in the parking lot, that got keyed and battered to a sad wreck. Couldn't even get it to start after all that they put it through. It's probably going to be hauled off for scrap, or worse, one of the Fantastic Five might claim it for her own. That Rainbow Dash bitch always looked hungry whenever she saw you, Sexy. But I can't do anything about that now, can I?

So here I am now. The mighty Sunset Shimmer, eating Cheez-Thats out of a bag outside an 8-Eleven in the middle of fucking nowhere, only possessions left in this tiny-ass backpack.

Yeah, fuck this.

Sunset kips back up, slipping her Cheeze-Thats into her bag and her bag back over her shoulder and makes her way back into the merciful warmth of the store. She all but stomps forward to the alcohol section and picks out a case of hard ciders. No, scratch that. She grabs a second case and brings them both up to the register.

The teen looks down at the alcohol as he puts his phone in his pocket, raising his gaze back up to give her an unimpressed look. "I'm gonna need to see some ID."

Sunset snorts and pulls her false ID out of her pants pocket, presenting it for the challenging cashier. "Read it and weep."

He raises an eyebrow in disbelief, looking between the ID and its clearly teenaged owner. "Uh huh... Yeah, this is fake, isn't it?"

Sunset glowers at him. "I'm sorry, do you actually care or are you just looking for an excuse to piss someone off?"

The teen considers this for a few moments, then rolls his eyes, seemingly not in the mood to argue. "...Whatever." He scans the alcohol at long last.

Good. I didn't feel like beating up a punk this late anyway. Sunset slaps down the cash at the teen's prompt, not really listening. I'm tired, I'm cold, just shut up and give me the damn booze. With some change slid back to her, she picks up what belongs to her and leaves, returning to sit where she had before. Come to mama. She screws off the top of the first cider and chugs it, not stopping for breath until every drop was consumed. I swear, why is it that no Terran cider compares to Equus's? It's like everything is less vibrant here. She pops open another cider, taking a short drink.

The chime goes off to her side as the door opens. "Hey, lady, you can't drink those here," the teen calls over.

"Oh, for fucks sake," she growls. "You can't just leave things be, can you?" She stares daggers up at him.

He offers little in return but an uncaring shrug. "Just following the rules for a paycheck," he drones. "So either put those away or scram."

"Fuck you and fuck off." She takes another swig.

"I can just call the police if you don't want to listen."

She pauses, bottle half-raised for another drink. She glares over, then back to her bottle. "...Fine." She tips up the bottle to her lips and drains it, shoving the empty back into the case as she rises once more. She lets out a strong belch, raises her middle finger, and steps out into the rain. Well, nowhere left to go but try for the motel, I guess. She huffs in annoyance and continues on her soggy journey, water already finding its way into the holes in the back of her jacket. That kid is going to pay someday. I'll make sure of it, she muses. No, fuck it, not just him.

She allows herself a small, dark chuckle. They'll all pay.

Author's Note:

Seriously, who came up with putting them in a bag?

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I just realized something. Sunset had to have known she wouldn’t survive without resources and the little money she had. So why run away? Is her ego that big? Is her pride showing and getting in the way?

Man, this is grimly realistic and compelling! As much of a jerk as Sunset is here, I feel bad for her. She’s alone in an unknown area, and she rejected her best chance at salvation back home. It’ll be interesting to see what she does next.

What did Sunset have in this story before she moved away? Did she have an apartment, job, nothing and mooched off the school?

All good questions that will be answered in time.

Nah, this is set right after the first movie.

Ok thanks for responding 🦊👍

Next chapter still coming?

Yeah, sorry. Life's been eh lately and I'm rarely not burned out. I'll try to pick it back up soon.

No pressure lol. Hope things get better IRL for you.

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