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Scootaloo is bummed by the fact that she seems to be the only single girl in Ponyville during Hearts and Hoofs day.

And all because she is unable to confess her feelings to her crush, fearing rejection.

Can her friends help her come up with the courage to confess before the day is over? or will she give up and remain single the rest of her life.

This story was requested by superfun

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This was definitely as adorable and sweet as I was expecting

“The way you are acting; I was the same way back on my teen years, I was afraid of confessing my feelings to Rarity, because, I kept telling myself, that there too many differences between us, specially, raze, she being a unicorn, and me being a dragon… I was something that you hadn’t seen in a long time,” said Spike

ok raze mean destroy do you mean race?

Whoops didn't see that, thanks

“I didn’t tell Spike what I felt, because it was too late for me, he had already gone all the way with my sister, not to mention, he knocked her up,” said Sweetie Belle

*spits out drink*

Oh, boy that must’ve been fun for everyone that day especially twilight

Seriously... 2 years, and you are the first to notice this particular line!!! MAD RESPECTS

Hey if no one else was, someone has too.

P.S. if you do a story of that day they find out then I wouldn’t mind. Besides it would be…

Wait how old was spike when he got rarity pregnant?

They were the same age 20/21

By the way like the cover art

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