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I started writing went I started college, I continued writing then.


Nurse Elethea Redheart is an earth pony mare that has worked for many years in the emergency room of the Ponyville hospital in Friendship kingdom doing her job. She has witnessed life and death at the hospital, but that what is expected being an emergency room nurse at the only busy hospital in Ponyville. That all changed went she received a phone call from Mr. Russell Merriweather offering her a temporary job as a living-in nurse in the City of West Applewood in Coltifornia in his estate. Till he finds a more permanent living in nurse in Coltifornia.

At first, Nurse Elethea Redheart was suspicious of the job offer from an ex-resident of ponyville. But she soon changed her mind went Mr. Russell Merriweather offer paid her more than the going price of permanent living in a nurse position and more than what she gets paid at the Ponyville hospital as an Emergency Room nurse. With that, Miss Elethea Redheart put-in for some vacation time from the hospital as it has been very quiet in Ponyville of late.

The source will take you to my artist page on deviantart

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New story and a new start to another case

Thank you daba zaba. :twilightblush:

Very intriguing

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