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I'm am an autistic brony, looking to write fantasy and everyday life novels for my kind. I became a brony when I related well with applejack and twlight, and I love the show.


So after seeing 22 short stories about Springfield, I thought why something like it. The goal: have these stories connect, but stand alone enough that they can enjoyed on their own too if anyone wanted to try a dramatic reading.
Updated twice a week, for sure every Friday, in the air what the second day will be, pre-readers welcomed, and feel free to throw suggestions for a story idea between these two 🎶

Cover art by https://www.deviantart.com/scs-g3-n17/art/Request-from-flyingcentar3-Octavia-and-Sonata-859670467

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Sooooo, according to the story's short description, this is:

A series of short story’s on why Octavia X Sonata can be more OTP than OctyScrath.



So, ignoring for a moment that "more OTP" is an inherently ridiculous phrase - it's like talking about "Strawberries being more "favourite food" than chocolate"; it's all a matter of taste and preference and one can only have one favourite anyway - I'm going to assume, and certainly hope, that this description means you're trying to get across why you and those who similarly ship the pair like it, as opposed to trying to convince us your ship is better.

The problem is that it does not sound like that at all. Rather, it sounds like exactly the kind of petty, childish, "Your OTP is trash, mine is way better" sniping that plagues so much of shipping culture. Again, that may well be an unintended implication, but it seems to be there nevertheless.

Generally speaking, I find that when you're trying to advertise or pitch a pairing, it's a bad idea to explicitly mention an alternative, "opposing" ship in relation to it and certain don't bring it up in a way that looks like you're trying to show yours is "better". Even if it's meant as an innocent reference or a little nod, it's hard to shake the sense of that kind of... well, the best term I can come up with for it is "oneupman-shipping".

For the record, while I like Vinyl and Octavia just fine as a pairing and have read some great stories about it, I'm by no means a devotee of it and I'm perfectly willing to accept alternatives, but this? This description really doesn't get me interested in this alternative.

Alright, I shall work on something more appropriate. Thank you for your feedback 💜


Not a problem. Thank you for taking it so well.

22 short stories about Springfield

I don't remember that episode of The Simpsons. What season was that in?

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