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This is a collection of different short stories written by some of the many writers of the Fallout Equestria

Each writter have been given a subject and a random letter to write a story from, and this is their stories for you to enjoy.

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Initially this was going to be called "Civil War" and have a darker ending with the Cassiopeia having to fire on the Serendipity to defend the city (Colonel Tenet was going to fake a severe engine malfunction and convince the Screamin' Firehawk to assist them back to port). The Cassiopeia was going to win, but with a severe blow to their consciences. Ultimately, I cut it due to word length and I honestly think that this is a better ending. Everyone expects a big triumphant battle of good and evil, but sometimes you win the battle by never fighting in the first place.

This was a blast to write. Helped get me out of a rut and get back on track for my other story, and I might even continue the story of Captain Flier and the Cassiopeia in a future story covering the Enclave civil war.


I might even continue the story of Captain Flier and the Cassiopeia in a future story covering the Enclave civil war.

Do it.




track for my other story

I hope that means Sweet Child of Mine will get updates.

This one was good. Couple grammar errors (a "you're" that should've been "your" and a "ladder" that should've been "latter") but it didn't detract from the story. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for its continuation.

10403055 :raritywink:

This was great! After just reading the Thunderhead arc of Project Horizons a couple days ago with the Raptors, this was a cool little taste of what could have happened after Sunshine and what the Enclave and Pegasi were up to then. Definitely love Captain Flier's character, and will keep a look out for the Cassiopeia in the future! :yay:

Yeah, I had a plan for this being two or three times longer that what it was originally, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to put it in an ABC specifically for the Enclave. Sky Bliss is eventually going to be a main character in my Fo:E story, but I'd like to finish up her 1st person story here before I get to her in that. I'll probably make an expansion to this story soon, so you can have a little more backstory for Sky and, of course, find out what happens to Detachment Bliss.

Thanks Doomande for putting this cool project together. First time I've ever done anything like it before, but this was loads of fun! And of course, can't wait to read the rest of the submissions!

This one needed some major proofreading, but it was good nonetheless.

Did what I could, but I am rusty and my head is poop lately


This one needed some major proofreading

Sorry about that, guys.

Hey we do all start somewhere, and once long time ago when I tried to submit a story of my own to fimfic did it take me 3 attempts to get it uploaded since they said it needed polishing/proofreading.

I have to agree with the others, while it could use done proofreading overall a good story.

My only complaint is that they're called "Magazines" not "Clips," common misconception among gun-shy folks and not a big deal unless you're a gun-loving grammar nazi like me.

This one was nice, short, and sweet.

I like that she (he?) spared the paralysed Pegasi. It's always nice to see some measure of mercy in the wasteland.

10418869 I read it as being a male, but that's just because I'm probably a sexist. Regardless, it was an interesting touch not killing them.

Does this take place in the Project Horizons canon? Otherwise not sure what the thing is between Thunderhead and Neighvarro.

Salted, yes it does take place in the PH canon. Thank you for asking.

By the way, a question to the native English speakers: aside from the unfortunate grammar slips, did i manage to at least approximately imitate the feeling of an actual military story?

I thought so. I truly enjoyed your story and I liked the connection at the end. When in service I remember we would learn about the past "heros" in part I always believed it was to give us a legacy to follow when hard times and decisions came. I felt you conveyed this very well.

I'd say you capture the feel pretty well. Good pacing in the middle and nice tone in the final scene. My only critique is the brevity in the radio exchanges, but that's only because I am aviation geek. Like instead of "Ground Control, this is Gold Leader" you write "Ground, Gold Leader ...", and then breaking the strict brevity rule becomes an interesting way to explore mood shifts in your characters between military professional and fallible pony.

This one was really good. Loved the World War-esque dogfighting vibes.

I'm surprised you didn't intend for this to be an M-rated story.

Yeah... there might have been a couple scenes that came close, but I figured if it got too mature it would take away from the wholesomeness of the story... or, at least the intended wholesomeness...
...not sure if using wholesomeness correctly.

Glad you liked it! Now, I've got to finish the whole story, cause the ending I have planned for that is-- [REDACTED] :fluttercry:

Oh crap! Zebras have Changeling consorts now!?

Has Slaughter Horse flashbacks

Wow. That twist, sweet Celestia. Thought you forgot which perspective you were writing in, then realized what was happening. Genius! :pinkiegasp:

Very well done. I did not see that twist coming.

Glad folks got a kick out of this one, it was a blast to write!

10549867 Thanks! Initially there was going to be a second twist in which it would be revealed that this was all being viewed as a memory orb either by some future wasteland ponies or Pinkie Pie with the zebra being interrogated, but that just seemed like a bit much so I wound up scrapping it.

10547494 I had hoped that would be a "Wait, what?" or "Oh s:pinkiegasp:t!" moment for readers, glad it worked.

10545580 Yep. This plays into some headcanon I had for the changelings that's mentioned in another FoE group project story I did. The gist of it is that during the war the MoA secretly attacked Chrysalis' hive in an attempt to wipe them out as a defensive measure. Only a few survived including a young queen who would go on to survive the balefire. This led to the changelings siding with the zebras midway through the war, acting as spies, assassins, and saboteurs.

I really like this story. Well done and an excellent job of blending your main character into the original FoE lore.

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