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Autumn Blaze finds herself in a creative slump. In her quest for some fresh tea leaves, she ventures deep into the forests of the Peaks of Peril. But old tales speak of strange things happening in the shadows of the forest...

Inspired by the cover art used made by the talented Yakovlev-vad.

A thank you to Flashgen for proofreading and editing before publshing.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 3 )

For a second I swore those were Breezies. Still could be.

Also I like the cardboard box callback!

Ah, be sure to tell me if anyone ever finds another Heart's Fire!!

But this is a lovely story, atmospheric and and evoking of hygge all the way through. Of course, a story with Autumn Blaze is always a welcome one, and the fair folk were a delight! All-in-all, a wonderful story of the much-needed little wonders of Kirin quotidian life.

These larger projects aside, she’d been coming up with enough sappy poems about love that she’d be able to use them for syrup on her flapjacks and honey in her tea.

(As an afternote, this line is fantastic and you should be very proud of it.)

Now that's some mystical writing I love in a story. The Kirin lack attention, and this brings me a little faith that more fics regarding Autumn Blaze will happen. I'm a huge fan of stories that could be happening in Equestria at anytime, anywhere-
also I knew the perfect soundtrack to listen to:

The Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess
|Ordon Village| & |Song of Healing|

I just knew the background music would go perfectly with this:twilightsmile:

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