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I am just an ordinary brony who love writing Fanfictions. My profile picture is the one of my new personal OC, Sunlight Blaze.


The extraordinary adventure of Sunlight and Sunset in the world of Pokemon continue!! After a series of epic battles, each of them finally got the fourth badge from the Gym Leader Ramos. Now, they have to pass on the second half of their quest: Collecting the last 4 badges, then compete at the Kalos Pokemon League Tournament. Who will win in the end? Will that be Sunlight, or will it be Sunset?

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I wanna see Sunset's outfit. I bet she'll fit in with the Rockers.

Well, the description of her Outfit was inspired by the FIM episode "It isn't the Mane thing about you" (In which Rarity's hairs got messed up because she used the wrong cleaning product Zecora made at her demand. She have a depression but, at the end, she turn her hair catastrophy to her advantage, going for a "Punk Rock" look ( Purple, Green and Yellow Spiked Mane and a black, spiked leather Jacket) to her friends and everyone in Ponyville. Well, imagine Sunset with the same haircut, and a Punk outfit, then swap the Purple stripes for Blue ones. There is probably fanart of Punk Rock Sunset on google, derpibooru, and Deviantart...In fact, someone probably made a "Punk" version of every major female mlp character.


In that case, Sunlight better have boxing gloves, because he's gonna be punching every boy who trys to hit on his sister.


Sunlight is not THAT overprotective toward her. He won't throw from the top of a cliff every guy or girl who hit on her and try to seduce her.
Like every brother does, he just want the best for his sister. He won't mind someone dating her, as long the person is not a villain, or a mean person, or someone he just doesn't have trust in. And in the end, this is her choice to choose who she want to date and Sunlight will just have to respect it.

However, if someone HIT her, This is another story.

Like someone said, there is fates worse than death...I'll let it to your imagination.


The story about Sunset shimmer and Sunlight Blaze going to Pokemon Kalls region has inspired me to keep Pokemon X Again. Does that sound wrong to you?


I have a Better question for you:
Does it sound wrong to YOU to keep this game?


If a person likes it so much then no. Besides you can return when you feel like it.


There are other My Little Pony and Pokemon Crossovers in Fimfiction. Names like Pokemon Eclipse, Pokemon Cosmos and Ultra Cosmos, What's your Favorite Pokemon, Etc.

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