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Twilight Sparkle has modernized Cheerilee's classroom by providing tablet phones for everypony, and now as a further advancement toward the future of Equestria she wants, she proudly welcomes a griffon into the class.

It's a shame some chud chose this time to come in and complain about griffon on griffon crime.

I really did mean to write a cute fluff story for the Pride and Positivity event, but I just couldn't get into the mood until I vented. I considered keeping this private, but enough people liked it for me to share it with you all. This won't be in the Pride and Positivity group, to be clear.

Also, this is the very first Pony Life fic on the site, it seems. (EDIT: Second)

The goal of this fic was to vent, and to make the people who also have to spend time arguing against these people happy, and I decided allowing comments wasn't conducive to this.

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