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Shining Armor secretly planned to ask Cadence to marry him, but Princess Celestia calls him to her chambers and expresses her... concerns. This belongs to my before-mentioned Harmonyverse AU. Pre-season 2 of the show, headcanons are brimming per usual; one of them being that Celestia is Cadence's adoptive mother.

Warning! Shadowed as spoiler as not to trigger anyone. Mentions of transphobia; racism (perpetrated by unicorns towards pegasi); (non-romantic type) love spells; bullying.

Edit: Any more transphobic hate comments posted on this work will be immediately deleted and you will be blocked. I don't have to compile a list for why I see these characters as trans, I just do. Besides, these headcanons do nothing to affect your life unless you're just plain transphobic, so chill.

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Comment posted by morion87 deleted February 6th

...you know, I'm totally on board with this headcanon, Cadence being Trans I mean. Like, uh, I can see it. And despite what some people say, it doesn't feel added for the sake of adding it. It feels like a very natural thing, another worry for Celestia and a reason for her to grill her son in law.

That's the point. Cadence's actions isn't supposed to be justified, it was something I say she did out of impulse and anger that, as Celestia says "in that moment", blinded her.

Contrary to popular belief, nobody needs to "justify" having a queer headcanon for a character. Sometimes you look at a character and interpret them one way or another for little to no reason. Trans people just exist, whether them being trans adds anything to any story or not, we still deserve to see ourselves represented in media; and if we can't get that in the stuff we like, then that's what AUs and headcanons are for. I don't need to come up with a reason why Cadence feels like a transmare to me. She simply does, and that's enough for any headcanon.

I specifically mention in the long description that this isn't just headcanons that flow in tune with the pre-established world, it's a full AU. It's an alternate universe from the show's version. Thus, I can do whatever I want, and I will be transing everyone's genders and polying everyone's amory and making everycreature rainbow as all Tartarus and I'll force ADHD on any character I get my grubby, grubby non-binary hands on.

Anyways, thank you for your comment! It means a lot :)

Thank you!! Cadence being trans is really important to me and I cannot wait to make every character I write trans and rainbow as heck <33

I love this comment! Preach! Though I personally dont do Polly. Mad respect people who make it work!

thank you for being awesome and thank you for your lovely story!

....I will go read it now lol!

Ps. Have a lovely evening!

Not a bad little bit of fic. Not sure why it's getting so many downvotes. Only possible reason are transphoes seeing trans and insta-downvoting or something.

Comment posted by fanreader999999 deleted February 6th

Yeah, hopefully that doesn't become a pattern with my fics... otherwise I'll have to make everybody I feature in all my mlp fics for all eternity trans-er than ever before, just to make 'em mad (I mean, I'll probably do that anyways regardless). Thanks for the support!! <3

My apologies! Forgot I could tag that instead of saying it in the long description.

I find it really sad that whenever stories such as this appear a lot of people emerge from the woodwork of our allegedly 'tolerant' community and then proceed to downvote bomb anything with gay or trans characters in it (this seems to happen every year during Pride Month, for instance). I, for one, liked this story.

Thank you!! I was scared I was alone in this and that it was actually the fic that caused so many downvotes, but it makes me feel like it's less my fault to know that this is unfortunately heard of. I guess I'll just have to smack that negativity with as much trans fics as I can write! <3

That's the spirit. I'll also pull my proposed LyraBon fic out of storage.

Comment posted by AzureShade deleted February 6th

I don't think it's a bad thing that I defend myself against transphobes. They're the ones downvoting the story purely because of a character's status as trans being briefly mentioned. If you think me standing up against transphobia means I'm the one in the wrong, then you're transphobic. Deconstruct your feelings and be better, dude.

I wasn’t aware ‘God’ existed in the MLP universe, but never mind. :raritywink:


I'll just have to smack that negativity with as much trans fics as I can write!

Great plan. I love it.

Really nice story! I do hate how people downvote just because there's mention of trans people, like what??

Quick thing "As a trans woman in a school of rich bullies"
Wouldn't that be trans mare? Admittedly I'm not sure how'd the words would work for ponies.
I look forward to more stories!

I like it, decent story

Kalum #21 · February 6th · · 3 ·

Well considering all these downvoters have not even bothered to comment on what they didn't like about the fic, I think it's not an overreaction to say that the people down voting this story are only doing this because of the content (aka. they're transphobes/homophobes/scum)

Here's a quick message to those people: You're cowards. You hide behind a dislike button because you know that if you were to try and explain your pathetic opinion, the morally decent and logically thinking people would call you out for being the disgusting creatures you are. You have no spines, you have no brains, you people are not worth the air you breathe. So downvote this comment all you like, I already know you people won't say anything!

Anyway back to the story. Every character here does feel genuine. Honestly, Cadance as a trans pony actually doesn't seem that out of character, and you worked with her in a way that felt believable and interesting compared to a lot of other versions of her that we see on this site! Great Job!

You're clearly a talented writer, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The actual fans will stand up for you when they spot the kind of BS you've been subjected to.

Comment posted by Late_Night deleted February 7th

All I did was ask you people to leave me the fuck alone, since me headcanoning (because that's what HEADCANONS AND AUS ARE FOR) a character as trans has no effect on literally anyone except making trans people feel seen. I'm not being an "asshat" for defending myself or asking people like you to stop attacking me.

Oh finally, actual constructive criticism!! you're totally right I'll have to fix that thank you!! <33

I'm literally about to cry I don't know how to communicate how much this comment means to me other than just,, thank you so much man <33

Sorry to see how your fic is getting treated. All the more reason to explicitly say the characters in my fic are trans from now on.
I'll try to read your story soon; added to Read It Later.

Thank you! i hope you enjoy <3

I liked the dialogue between the two. Nicely done! :twilightsmile:

Shining almost past the door

I think you meant 'passed'

With another swallow of his anxiety


knocked on the door, opening a slight

I think you meant 'opening it slightly'.

but she wasn’t omnipresent, was she?

I believe the word you meant to use was 'omnipotent'.

Your father’s a professor and an astrologist, and your mother’s a writer and a scientist; they’re very likable ponies.

-Princess, why are you telling Shiny about our parents? He knows all of this. :twilightoops:
-Because the audience might want to know. :trollestia:

This belongs to my before-mentioned Harmonyverse AU

This is literally the first line in the story description. Think of book annotations. Your short story description is much better. The long one consists solely from meta-information.

Also, just cut a few words out, and this story could've been seen as a part of canon. With no links to other stories in this AU, it feels hanging in the air. Are there some other works your readers might want to read?

Warning! Mentions of transphobia; racism (perpetrated by unicorns towards pegasi); (non-romantic type) love spells; bullying.

All of that is barely mentioned. I don't think it really warrants a warning. The story is rated 'T', after all.

Edit: Cadence is a transmare. Deal with it, downvoters. You're already lucky I didn't

Word of advice: don't do this. Ever. All this does is pushing decent people away. Stand confident by your work. After all, it is just pony fiction. Have a laugh both at the good and the bad. If someone brakes the rules of the site (i.e. harasses you) - report them and go on with your day.

Raging against 'the haters' does two things:
The trolls see that you are vulnerable for future harassing.
Decent readers might get the idea that you are too sensitive and immature to interact with.

Also, don't lash out against the number of downvotes. If you think people downvoted 'just because', than laugh it off.

But than again, some people could've given this grade in good faith, and, as a writer, it would be irresponsible to ignore such a scenario. A story always can be better than it already is, after all.

P.S. In the AU as a whole Cadance' identity might play a part, but in this story on it's own? I don't see why it matters.

Interesting concept, but most of the story feels like Celestia and Shining "as you know"-ing their way through a quick biography. Talking about all of these incidents rather than letting us see them for ourselves lessens their impact, especially the mass enthrallment. I know it's not the central focus of the story, but you're building an AU. Seems best to let the audience appreciate the divergences from canon firsthand. That goes double when you're dealing with the power of the alicorns; that's one of the most wildly variable details in ponyfic.

You clearly have a strong vision. You just need to show us more of it.

Took your advice and tried my hand at rewriting it until I was truly happy with the result! Thanks for the actual constructive criticism man, it's a really pleasant surprise between all the transphobic and just plain aggressive comments this has been receiving. Again, thanks! <33

Thank you!! I'll try my best. I even edited this a quite! <3

I don't think everypony who criticizes the story or your choice for trans representation is bigoted for disagreeing, but considering the tone of the comments it seems clear that some of what you're seeing here is just straight-up bigotry. I'm sorry for the hate you're dealing with.

And got around to reading this! It was a nice story with a lot of interesting ideas. I think things like Cadance's past bullying and the love spell she cast would have been better if they were shown, rather than just described by Shining and Celestia; and I think Celestia should have just led Shining into a misunderstanding of what she meant rather than outright lying about her desire to not have Shining marry Cadance; but other than that, you did a good job.

Trans Cadance is a headcanon of mine, too, and it's always nice to hear about her pre-series life.

So this was pretty nice and an enjoyable read.

Though I lust say there is a lot of telling and very little showing. It is quite clear that you have some excellent worldbuilding ideas but lost of them gets glossed over in short outburst by Shining and then hardly mentioned again.

Don't get me wrong, it is a nice story, but it could definitely so with either getting fleshed out, exploring Cadence's past and Celestia's secrets. Or it could be slimmed down. This is a good scene, but all the extra worldbuilding and backstory doesn't lead anywhere and could be cut.

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