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Discord’s life was perfect. Celestia had finally retired, Equestria was safe from any and all threats, and most importantly, he’d been reunited with his long lost daughter, Screwball. So, naturally, something absolutely, positively terrible had to happen.

King Sombra, former king of the Crystal Empire, and Discord’s ex-coltfriend, is returned from the dead, and it’s up to Discord to reform him. Found family mishaps, kissing, and unsolicited marriage counseling ensue.
Trigger warnings for: Suicide mentions, mild homophobia, sex mentions, and gay horses in love.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

There are a lot grammar mistakes

Would you mind showing me some examples so I know what to avoid? :twilightsmile:

I’m not sure if I can do it

You said there were a lot of grammar mistakes in my story, would you mind showing me at least one?


ait, Screwball-” Suddenly, a scroll popped out of nowhere and hit him on the nose. He unfurled it and began to read allowed. “You are hereby requested... Princess Lovebutt... Royal Summons... Wha-” In a bright flash of light, Discord was no longer in his living room. All that remained of him there was a collection of sorrows and unspoken words in the shape of a leather-bound storybook, resting upon an armchair.

There should be said

Where? I noticed a spelling error, but there’s nowhere in that sentence I need the word said.

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