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This story is a sequel to Wonderbolt Trials and Tribulations

Dreams. For most, they are just that. But a lucky few can make it reality.

Four years have passed since Rainbow Dash became a Wonderbolt. Also marking four years since she began her relationship with Soarin. With her lifelong dreams accomplished, life couldn’t seem better.

However, all golden ages must come to an end sooner or later.

A shift in power in the Griffon Kingdom once again drags Equestria into its fifth Equesto-Griffon war. Rainbow Dash always accepted that getting militarized was just part of the job, but she never imagined actually going to war during her lifetime. Frankly, nopony in Equestria did.

When Soarin and Rainbow Dash get separated during this conflict, they start seeing it through different perspectives. Turns out things aren’t ever as clear-cut as they seem, leading to some questionable decisions…

Will they survive? If so, will they emerge on the correct side of history? And perhaps most importantly, will their relationship remain strong throughout the conflict?

(I started writing this series during season 4, so this story only takes into mind cannon up to the end of season 4. Although that's not to say some elements of future seasons may make their way into the story at some point.)

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I come from the prequel and I loved it, I have seen the way Soarindash develops in other fics, some successful and others forced, it is difficult for a couple like this to have a development as well done and credible as you, since in the series The word xd is barely covered, but it provides enough fuel to create various scenarios where you can be very good friends or something else, too bad I stick with applejack in the series :(, but I'll always pick this ship as my own favorites from the series, I hope that with this sequel it has the same quality and structure as the first part, it does not matter if you are late as long as you do not miss the beat well xD, I hope for the next chapter, since I definitely like the way you see the soarindash and the prequel comes out on top of this ship's best fics.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :twilightsmile:

omg this just got INTENSE 0_0 i'm so exciteddd

Heheh, you ain't seen nothin' yet :raritywink:

Will Scootaloo, Gilda, Lightning Dust appear in this story? especially gilda, and oh my god I didn't think the conflict would come so soon, and that cliffhanger ... I want part 3

Without giving away too many spoilers...

From a military person i love it its got a steam punk/ww2 feel to it i wonder if theres firearms. Definitely artillery lol thanks for the awesome story its great to read while my base is locked down at the moment *bright salutes you* keep up the great work man

Without spoiling it too much...well, let's just say the sci-fi tag is there for a reason :raritywink:

Sweet man what do you do? I'm sort-of military too. Exactly what I do is classified...but I work for an RAF research facility...

I mean i have somestuff i can say but i am a small arms artillery repairman at the moment

“Will you marry me, Rainbow Dash?” He said to himself, half-sarcastically half-angrily. He gritted his teeth, stood up and drew his hoof back with the velvet box in it…

Awweeee, i feel so bad for him omh :fluttershysad:

It's terrible timing from the Griffons part. I wonder if he'll get another chance? :trollestia:

dude he better get another chance or i'm throwing these hands:raritydespair:

Maybe they should cause a hurricane over Griffondom..

poor soarin, on the one hand it is good that I have not proposed marriage yet, I say I would love it to be later, as in the end of the story, if they survive :(, on the other hand I want to see from now on the publication of the chapters, good job anyway)

Hmmm like is it an invasion force or just bombing run hmmm

I haven't read Chapter 4 yet, but before I do, I wanted to ask your opinion about this Rd x Soarin fanfic: https: //www.fimfiction.net/story/194448/piercing-the-heavens

DASHIEEEEEEE:fluttershysad: Great Chapter as always:pinkiehappy:

I'm a few chapters behind, but I've been enjoying it.

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Ooo This is amazing!! I’m already looking forward to the next chapter!! :twilightsmile:

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Почему я никогда не смотрю на статус работы? Это играет со мной плохую шутку.
Мне очень понравилось как вы создаёте атмосферу.
В любом случае теперь я агрессивно жду продолжения

Why do I never look at my job status? This is playing a bad joke on me.
I really liked the way you create the atmosphere.
In any case I am now aggressively waiting for the sequel

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