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After many years of trying, Rainbow Dash finally gets the opportunity she's been waiting for all her life; an invite to a Wonderbolts trial with the prize being admittance into their unit. She presumes that it'll be easy now that she's got her hoof in the door, but she couldn't be more wrong. Battles will be fought, rivalries will be made, some settled, some not, all for the big prize. And to top it all off, love has its way of throwing in further complications to the mix. Will she prevail?

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New Soarindash fic and awesome writing :pinkiehappy: sign me up
Oh and btw is it just me or are some of these personalities familiar :unsuresweetie:
You sir have just earned a follow and a thumbs up :scootangel:

I know my writings not that great, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

What do you mean your writting is not great? This was awesome!!!:rainbowkiss:

You developed your characters so good and your writting style is reaalllyyy good!!!:raritystarry:

I hope I see more of this and keep up the good work!!!!:pinkiehappy:

I love it that was an awesome beginning :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy: I'm favouriting this right now

#Bookmarked. Welcome aboard the bandwagon my friend! :pinkiehappy:


Aww, you guys are too kind. I guess I'm my own worst critic, huh?

Loved the chapter!!:rainbowkiss:

I hope to see more soarindash fluffyness!!!:rainbowkiss:


It'll come. Eventually. It's just taking its time. Wouldn't want to rush into things too quickly now would we? :raritywink:

I wonder what spits has planned for the first test hmm…:moustache:



I did kinda hint at it in the conversation between Rainbow Dash and Soarin, but I like to keep you thinking :raritywink:


I'm going as fast as I can, but I glad you like it :twilightsheepish:

Soarindash, way too cute, I need to go jump up and down and squeal
:ajsleepy: Even if they are just friends for now...
Oh and btw how often you gonna be updating :fluttershysad: if you don't mind me asking that is


Yeah, they are just friends...for now...but it's only a matter of time... :pinkiecrazy:

My IRL schedule is quite packed, and tends to be a little erratic, so...they will vary a lot from chapter to chapter. I would like to say no longer than 2-3 weeks per chapter though, depending on the length of the chapter obviously.

EH.... NEED... MOAR *dies*

I swear I can sense a bit of calm winds series in here... If so, BRAVO! I'm only on chapter 3 of PTH doe... Ehhhhhhh

5920652 wow... you're in for some excitement, im waitin for chapter 84 :rainbowlaugh:


I guess we both follow similar lines of conflict during Wonderbolts tryouts etc etc.

I'll try and resuscitate you with the next chapter...... Although I do like to tease :raritywink: :pinkiecrazy:

i loved this chapter. Keep it up!

The first test was great perfect for something basic keep it up!


That was something I was thinking about as I wrote this chapter. How "basic" should I be going? I think this was just right. :twilightsmile:

I love these long chapters it gets me hooked even more! :pinkiehappy:


I actually try to shorten the chapters, but I never can XD

Amazing as always :pinkiehappy: one thing I don't like, your making them short! :raritycry::fluttercry: but after that PERFECT!!!


Well, the theory behind the shortening of the chapters is that I will be able to update more frequently, providing the real life doesn't get in the way. XD

That was great as usual, I see ur point in making them shorter and updating more frequently, smart


I'll see how it goes. It was literally just a random idea that popped into my head whilst I was bored at work yesterday. XD

“Um, I’m here for the Wonderbolts tryouts.” She said, 

tryouts," she said,

“Names Rainbow Dash.”


 ‘What the hell is up with these guys?’

'What the hell is up with was up with these guys?' or if you meant "What the hell is up with that guys?"

“It’s what happens when you’ve got the best duo in the world right here right here!”

Is it supposed to be right here twice?

we’re gonna knock this one outta the park


“Hey there,” said in the friendly tone.

a friendly tone.

“My names Rainbow Dash.

"My name is

“Yeah, how ‘bout no.”


It takes two to tango.” 


“Uh, my names Rainbow Dash,”

name is

“A book.” Was all that Rainbow Dash got in response.

book," was all

she looked over at the bed opposite hers.

of hers.

“how do you know Spitfire so well? 


I like the story so far, and I really hope this helps!:twilightsmile: It's just some small errors I found while reading.


Thanks for the help! I'll make the changes when I get home from work.

6028359 No problem, I'm happy to help!:twilightsmile:

I question Soarin being 2nd in command considering Rainbow falls. and he's white fured not light blue.

that dating plan could back fire on him

Derpy shouldn't even be there to being with. She does well with her issues but Woinderbolt material. Please.


Looking at it now, I guess he is closer to white than blue. I think it still has a slightly bluish tint to it, but you're right, it's closer to white.


It's not really a dating thing, it's just him hanging out with the recruits more to get to know them more personally, to discover more about their character to see if they're suitable for the Wonderbolts.

I would like to comment on this, but that would be a spoiler :raritywink:

Awwww poor bright skies:fluttershysad:
Soarindash fluff :raritystarry:
I'm soooo lookin forward to the next test :rainbowdetermined2:

surprised Derpy wasn't on the list.

SoarinDash fluff is best fluff :3

I hate to give out spoliers, but...she's not gonna be on there for long...or maybe she will be?...ya never know... :pinkiecrazy:

Le feels!! :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry: :yay:

Ooooo iam loveing this story :raritystarry:





Sorry, I tend to overreact over things like that. I don't mean to be rude, but he's actually light blue furred. I know this doesn't matter at all, but, like I said, I overreact about this stuff. Look up a picture of him without his wonder bolt suit on.

6127644 that's white with a tint of blue. Rainbow is light blue

Loving this story

Awesome as always! I saw a few typos though.

I think the next test is definitely about racing (I think but it seems likely :P) maybe racing against Fleetfoot?
An who the next chapter should be great ;)
Poor Strider :fluttershysad:


I did write half of it on a phone, so I thought I'd have a couple. I'll probably go back through and correct it at some point.

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