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Just a guy who loves cars, boats, planes, and basically anything with an engine. Oh, and I write stories about pastel-coloured horses and stuff.

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The following story takes places in the Equestria At War Universe. This story was written for the Fourth Annual Equestria at War Writing Contest, of which the theme was "A normal being's point of view and life amidst global events."

Peach Stone was just a normal teenage mare. Or at least as normal as it got nowadays, living in Manehatten under Changeling occupation. Much like millions of other ponies living across Equestria, her life had been devastated by the war. She had lost her family. Whispers of rebellion travelled through the streets and alleyways of Manehatten every day, but Peach didn't care. She had no reason to live. That is, until she rescues a stallion...

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The following story takes place in the Equestria at War universe.

For some, the memory of the Great War against the Changelings was just that; a distant memory. But nopony can deny that, despite a victory, the repurcussions that followed have resulted in a dark time in the worlds history. God-Empress Daybreaker now rules across the Equestrian continent with an iron hoof, and has ruled uncontested for over two decades.

Even her protégé, Sunrise Sparkle, is starting to doubt her superiors' decisions. But given that nopony ever questions the God-Empress and lives to tell the tale, she simply kept her thoughts to herself. That is until a certain thought to be dead Princess of the Night visits her in a dream...

Cover art by Neither
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This was written for AzureKeres as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

Hearth's Warming Eve should be a time of excitment, of joy, of frantic last-minute shopping. But for Suri, it was business as usual. She planned on spending it by herself, like she does every year. That is, until she bumps into her ex-assistant on her travels and she gets some unusual feelings. Would things be different this year?

Cover art by Koviry

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Set in the Equestria At War Universe.

September 1010. Having already defeated the Kingdom of Olenia, the Changeling Lands is at the height of its power. Now with growing tensions at the border, Queen Chrysalis has her sights set on Equestria. The world as we know it is about to be plunged into a great war...

Kobalt Stardust is a Unicorn stallion from Wittenland living in Equestria. With nothing but a passion for aircraft and engineering, he enlists in the Equestrian Royal Air Force. This is the story of him and his brothers in arms.

A story of camaraderie, courage, love, loss, and never giving up no matter the odds.

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This story is a sequel to Wonderbolt Trials and Tribulations

Dreams. For most, they are just that. But a lucky few can make it reality.

Four years have passed since Rainbow Dash became a Wonderbolt. Also marking four years since she began her relationship with Soarin. With her lifelong dreams accomplished, life couldn’t seem better.

However, all golden ages must come to an end sooner or later.

A shift in power in the Griffon Kingdom once again drags Equestria into its fifth Equesto-Griffon war. Rainbow Dash always accepted that getting militarized was just part of the job, but she never imagined actually going to war during her lifetime. Frankly, nopony in Equestria did.

When Soarin and Rainbow Dash get separated during this conflict, they start seeing it through different perspectives. Turns out things aren’t ever as clear-cut as they seem, leading to some questionable decisions…

Will they survive? If so, will they emerge on the correct side of history? And perhaps most importantly, will their relationship remain strong throughout the conflict?

(I started writing this series during season 4, so this story only takes into mind cannon up to the end of season 4. Although that's not to say some elements of future seasons may make their way into the story at some point.)

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After many years of trying, Rainbow Dash finally gets the opportunity she's been waiting for all her life; an invite to a Wonderbolts trial with the prize being admittance into their unit. She presumes that it'll be easy now that she's got her hoof in the door, but she couldn't be more wrong. Battles will be fought, rivalries will be made, some settled, some not, all for the big prize. And to top it all off, love has its way of throwing in further complications to the mix. Will she prevail?

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