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Many bronies were upset or even angry about the immortality, especially the S9E26,some of fans considered it was a bad ending. However, with the official settings unchanged,I found a way out and I wanted to share with you here.

This story was written in Chinese and it came from fimtale.com,a Chinese fiction website for MLP. The original address is here.

I ‘m the original author and also the translator. Co-translator:Sunrise_Shimmer.

This stroy (Chinese version) was completed on November 2019. But the translating work costed us a lot of time.

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Comments ( 7 )


Why would you even use that image as cover art. WHY!!!!!!!!


Was that something wrong with the cover image???:derpyderp2:

I just hate the whole Season 9 arc. It's so stupid. -_-


At first,I also hated S9,especially the S9E26 and the immortality. But I just found another way out, no more tragedy ever. Actually, the immortality of Twilight was not the offical setting,Jim Miler never admitted the immortality, so it's not true. I don't understand why so many bronies believe it. That‘s why I shared this story.

It's a popular fan theory. One there since the beginning of the fandom. Many people still want to cling to it.


I still don‘t understand why they would rather accept such a tragedy than find another way out. Do sadness can make them feel better?Do they prefer tragedies rather than heartwarming stories?:facehoof:

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