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Hello, I am Brony who likes more than just My Little Pony. I also like trains, classic tv shows, action flicks, WWII history and technology, and lots more.

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Nice to see it finally up!

For some reason, the title made me laugh

I suppose because if the "little" in the title

I mean, she isn't that little, is she?

Done with the first chapter and I'm looking forward for more. :twilightsmile:

About time somepony did a a story on saveing private Ryan:pinkiehappy:

"They might dissect her or run experiments on her!" added in Stans. "You really think a little girl deserves that?!"

At the time this story is set, the Americans did not know of the human experimentation being carried out in the concentration camps.

This is one of the better WW2 stories out there. I would have cited the entire 'Civil War started because of racism' bit, but I'll let it slide as that's a soldier expressing his opinion.

I'm glad you think so.

And I admit I could've done better on the Civil War bit

It's not an easy thing to write about.

You're telling me.

And I'm in the progress of the next chapter

awesome chapter keep it up cant wait for the next story:pinkiehappy:

You're welcome! Keep up the good work!

You've done your research, and it shows. I know this is based on Saving Private Ryan, but is there any chance a certain Sherman will turn up?

I know the conversation is done but the sherman firefly (the tank from fury) is brittish not American
But I think seeing a sherman crocodile would be cool.
Edit re-watched it's a sherman m1a1 if my tank knowledge is correct?

M1a1 is a m4 sherman is has a 76mm cannon on it instead of the 75mm one.
Don't think about it's weird

Fury is a Sherman 'Easy 8', which was fitted with a 105mm main gun. Fury is not a Sherman Firefly, which was used excusively by Commonwealth troops and featured a 17-pdr gun as its primary armament.


I believe you are referring to the M4 Sherman, which carried a 75mm gun and coaxial machine gun as standard, with the option for pintle mounted Browning M2.


The M1A1 is a variation on the M1 Garand.

The m1a1 is a main armament turret for the m4 sherman.
The U.S.A again has weird naming convention for military things.
thank you for correcting me, I mostly study ww1.

Too many things named using the same shorthands!

You can say that again.
I mean "M1" has been used too many times!

Similar to how people muddle up the 88mm and 8,8cm.

It's been a fun discussion, this.

Nice start! Please continue to update! If you ran out of ideas, you can get some from some of my stories.

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