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A Pinch of Vanilla - B_25

Vanilla Beam has been shrunk smaller than small, in a world gentle to everything but him, friends easily able to save him if only they could see him. Will he be able to survive stomping feet and explosions of winds, finding someone able to save him?

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IV - The Tiny and The Giant

~ Part IV ~

The Tiny and The Giant

Vanilla sat in the stadium of sunny skin, warmed by the heat of Sunset's giant hand, doing his best not to yelp at her every step. Every drop of her foot rumbled through her body, vibrating her palm and, thus, the tiny boy. It scared him slightly. Everything did. Though he tried not to express that fact too much.

“Now I know all of this may be a bit much to take in at first,” Sunset's voice thundered from behind her fingers like an angry god in the clouds, shocking his heart despite the kindness in her words, “but I promise the girls will take you in. Just... let me know if you get overwhelmed, alright?”

He turned slightly and struck a thumbs up to her distant face. She chuckled, the base of which was deep enough to startled primal fears in the young boy. Due to their size difference, he was more susceptible to sounds others weren't. Still, a scary perspective of the world only he possessed.

Out of all the littlest fears made real the boy experience, the most damning of all had to be breathing. Yes, breathing. Those mighty—and yet, still cute—nostrils flaring like a vacuum greater than a black hole. The twitches adorable, but the blowing exhaustion of air strong enough to have its winds bite at his skin.

It wasn't quite like being in a room of a vacuum cleaner, though knowing one lurked in the distance, easily able to suck him in as it was able to blow him away. The thought bit underneath his skin. Something like Sunset breathing out slightly too hard through her nose could blow him into the skin; Sunset inhaling too sharply was strong enough to suck him off her palm and into her nostrils.

She wouldn't be aware of if either. Just a sniff and the tiny boy is gone. Would she even know he entered her? Caught within her nose and bound by her hair? Trapped as currents of wind sucked and blow in great successions?

Vanilla ignored such thoughts as they entered the building together, and after his giant put away her shoes and entered the kitchen, she found a slew of giants gathered around a table. They all turned like guests waiting for an announcement.

Sunset must have let them know during the ride here. Vanilla wasn't sure if he was supposed to feel happy or hurt by this, only that, it was probably best to give the girls warning before revealing a tiny person. They all look so big... and friendly... and scary...

“Omigosh! It's true, it's true! It really is you!” Pinkie shouts fired louder than motors with the winds of her words stirring the air greater than any storm. She stomped over at once, quaking the world each time—moving far too quick for someone of her size. “You're always in the halls once classes are over—but you weren't today! Well, actually, I guess you were but not like how you usually were, huh?”

Each word. Every exhale. Stronger and louder and forcing the small boy into a bind. The cupped hands of gold held him out on display, like an actor on a miniature stage, allowing a perfect view of all the girls to see him. Only now, the whole of Pinkie's face consumed his vision—and the excitable girl didn't know her power.

Vanilla yelped. Harsh winds blew from the distant lips, each giant and robust, blowing sweeping winds against the field of yellow. His hair swept back, and his hand gripped the globes of skin tighter—holding on lest the winds blow him all the way back.

But the sound! Her voice too loud to fit inside his heat, force the canal to enlarge for more of her voice to enter. It was painful, and there was nothing the poor boy could do. Finally, however, when her words rang too loud, his body acted on his own. His palms pressed against his ears, and at once, the winds rolled him back.

“Pinkie! Will you knock off the wild talk?” There came a massive fist over the Pinkie's head, slamming down as the girl cried. With her mouth closed and hands covering her head, she allowed herself to be moved out of the way as another giant shifted before the miniature stage. “Sorry about that, sugarcube. Hehehe, n-not because you're small like one.”

Each drop of laughter scared the tiny boy. Thrown onto his stomach from before, all he could see in the distance was the tall, rising throat of orange. How it quivered and clenched, billowing out laughter with its immense size. It could easily take him. Powerful things expelled from inside of it.

“The poor little thing!” A meteorite of plush white struck and meshed against the side of Applejack's cheek, the two soft masses meshing into one, though now two monolithic faces gaze down at the tiny boy. Their breathing. Out through their noses. Little touches of their breezes against his skin. “Such an adorable thing should be placed in better care at once! Those little bruises wound my heart worse than you could ever knoooow!”

Vanilla sat up nearly to fall back again. Rarity's enormous face had pushed the other giant out of the way, freeing up the little boy to stare up at her greatness alone. Without any shame, the hill of her chin rested on the sprawled fingers in the distant.

What should he do? His hand fell backward and onto the skin, holding up his weight as his body leaned. The giant face of the lady inched closer on those fingers, growing, her face all he could see. Her lips exhaled a breath, one minty and fresh, enough to fill his lungs entirely and chill at his skin.

“I-I think you may be getting a b-bit too close, Rarity.” The giant face of white backed away, as did the wall of heat it pushed forward as another giant stepped before the stage. While she didn't look at him, the waterfall of her pink hair slammed down onto the palm, sliding across it like a thick, dangerous vine. “I've cared for critters the same size as him before. It always takes time for them to grow comfortable with, w-well, how big we are!”

Vanilla found it ironic how she could say such a thing, when strands of pink hair slammed onto the palm, slithering across it slowly, so easily able to sweep him up and drag him off. Not only that, but she wouldn't notice either. Walking and going on with her day, totally unaware of the tiny boy entangled in her strands.

Not because of ill-intent, but rather, an inability to feel his size.

“Fluttershy's right!” Twilight stepped to the group of friends now gather a few feet away from the cupped hand. It was hard seeing so many blurry giants standing together, their faces the only thing not hazy, oceans worth of eyes laid upon his meagre form. “We should give our new friend some time to adjust to everything before we do anything. At least, that's the way we would want to be treated if the same thing happened to us, right?”

But out of all the giants, the one supposed to be the loudest, boldest of them all... kept oddly silent. Spheres of pink glowing softly in the distance, contrasting gently against the miles of blue, smooth skin. Beautiful in a way unique to herself.

Rainbow Dash, despite towering and immense, staggering in height and size and weight, froze the poor boy not because she was a giant... but because of who she was. Giant or regular, her effect on him was the same. The way their eyes locked, despite their size, a connection of the souls subtle to anyone but them.

Rainbow Dash had been the only one to not introduce herself as the night, and the slumber party continued on.

It'd taken some used to being around the giants to feel like they wouldn't hurt him... outright. Vanilla didn't have the guts to speak of his current terrors. The fears they washed upon him by their gentle acts. All except one.

The girl that currently held him now.

“Guess it must have all been pretty scary, hey?” Rainbow laid back on the couch as her body spanned acres of cushions, her legs sprawling into the distance and disappearing into blurriness. She currently cupped the tiny boy above her chest, her head against the armrest all he could see. “You've got guts. More than your appearance lets on.”

Vanilla found it hard to even exist on Rainbow's hand. The stadium of blue skin was all a part of her, the woman he loved and, being blanketed in so much of her nearly made his heart explode. It hurt him in such a wonderful way. “Y-You think?”

“Not many who could endure what you have and keep chipper about it—you'll have to give me the full story of your adventures later, though.” Rainbow's eyebrow rose for a second, its mighty arch intensifying the suspicion her eyes cast upon him. Vanilla had omitted to tell of the pond his love had made for him. “But not only does the world still scare you—and for a good reason—but you're keeping all that in because you care for the girls.”

Vanilla laughed, blushing, scratching his golden hair. “Is that it? Just... feels wrong to say something now.”

“You're a good guy, Vanilla.” Rainbow Dash smiled. Not grinned or smirked or anything like that. But a genuine smiled. One made by and for him. Something which barely fit from the corners of his vision. “Just a shame we all didn't become friends sooner. Always seen you around, but... it always seemed like you needed time to come closer. That, and other things.”

Maybe if he'd been normal size he would have missed it. But here, so close and so tiny, he saw the rising of pink from underneath the cheeks of blue. Warmth had hugged his body though, within moments, it was built into a steady heat.

“J-Just what do you mean by that?”

“Only that my tiny friend is hiiiiiding something from me.”

Vanilla wasn't sure what to make do with those words, that was, until his center of gravity shifted. The palm turned, rolling him to its top before becoming straight. Long fingers curled around him, locking in place, squeezing him in the epicentre of her fist.

“Talk about hand holding, eh?” Rainbow smirked down at the tiny boy in her fist, enjoying how his hands pressed against her fingers. Regardless of how hard he pushed, all he managed to do was tickle her skin. “Feels nice to have a tiny boy I can hold like this. Relaxing on the couch, I'm able to control his whole world like this.”

Vanilla groaned. The pressure of her massive finger had been burdensome, sure, but that constant support, their feminine shape circling around him warmed him with a strange delight. To be held like this, while the giant relaxed on the couch. Something about this situation, of how the two, despite their difference in size, found a way to chill unique only to them... Vanilla enjoyed it greatly.

“What's this?” Rainbow long shoulders rose with great movement and then dropped, like buildings lifted from the ground, then suddenly collapsed. “Is it me, or did it suddenly get chilly in here?”

“C-Chilly? But...”

Words died in his throat. The clenched fist drew him closer to the massive girl's lips, which smiled upon his approach. They were soft and long, plush and plenty there for him to sink against. They then puckered close, blowing hard, brisk winds onto the small boy.

“But, man.” Rainbow drew the tiny boy only an inch away. She seemed drunk over the power she held onto him. That this little boy in her hold had to endure her amusements. It was the little things that tittered her. Being able to change his world by simply blowing on his body while lying back on a couch. “Did you put on some cologne before you shrunk down? Because you still. Smell. Good.”

Vanilla's hands laid flatly on the fingers rolled over him as the looming face of the giant girl grew within seconds. It was a good thing she'd made a tight fist for, when her nostrils flared, the suction from her inhale nearly gripped him as powerfully. Slowly, he slid up, inch by inch, the seconds ticking by before he would be plucked up entirely.

“How can someone so small also smell so good!” Rainbow's billowed out the worlds as they exploded gently into his ears, keeping him but inches from her lips. The proximity killed him for more than one reason as her giant eyes looked all the way down at him. “Y-You know, if my ears don't tell me something I want to hear... I may be inclined to a second sniff.”

Vanilla dropped his gaze. So that's what she wanted, huh? His face burned scarlet as his golden locks covered his eyes for a moment. This day had tested him, made him endured troubles making him more at its end than what he was at its start. Everything that had happened had built toward his one moment of courage.

Not him reacting to the world of giants, but rather, him doing something about it.

The tiny boy leaned forward from the curled fingers, enough to lay his face against those plush lips and sink into their blue softness, feeling them welly over his body. Then he kissed them. The most minuscule action his body could produce on the giant girl.

And now, for once, it worked.

Rainbow Dash felt his kiss, enveloping his body without any effort. They kissed, the hostile differences between them set in the past. They kissed. And once it was done, they both backed away, each blushing as if they were normal kids.

There are some things in the world that are equal, between all, regardless of size or mass.

“Glad we finally got that out of the way.” Rainbow Dash giggled in earnest, both the drop of her laughter blearing in his ears while the rumble of her giggles vibrated through the fist holding him tightly. Instead of bringing the boy over her chest once more, she instead brought him close, right over her ear and beneath the tidal fall of her hair. “It's getting quite late, and I don't trust my new boyfriend to wander off in such a scary world where he can get lost.”

Her other hand lifted into the scene, plucking the small boy and pushing him into her prismatic strands—tying him tightly into a bed soft enough to comfort him. Once he was sufficiently tied up, the fingers fell away, and the hair fell back over the side of her head—hiding him from the rest of the world, but also keeping him close to his love.

“Why don't you stay with your big and strong girlfriend?” Rainbow slid herself down the couch more, enough to sweep her arms over the back of her head. “I don't move much in my sleep, so why don't we spend the night together... my... tiny Vanilla...

Morning came quicker than Vanilla had ever hoped for, after being tangled in perfect hair of his giant lover, he found it hard to sleep when she had already done so. Sure. She snored. Loudly but cutely. Her giant face sometimes contorting ways beyond adorable. Watching Rainbow Dash sleep had been perfect for the tiny boy.

That was, until morning had come, and his lover had woken up.

“Mmhmm.” Rainbow's eyes slowly cracked open the world, lost at first to the one stuck in her air... until her gaze lifted to him. “M-Morning you. Enjoy your stay inside my hair?”

“Certainly better than any hotel,” Vanilla said while blue fingers rose to retrieve him. “T-Thank you for letting me spend the night with you.”

“Heh.” Rainbow undid the knots binding his tiny limbs, freeing his body to drop into her awaiting palm. She then brought him her lips, kissing all his frame without even having to pucker her lips. That power at doing nothing, but being everything, seemed to be working her body into warmth again. “That's not exactly something you have to thank me for—especially when we'll be spending plenty of more nights together.”

Vanilla hadn't expected to be warmed up so quickly from his sleep when the first wave of breath escaped the girl's lips. It swept over him, gently but still with force like steam from a hot shower he no longer had to take. “I'm... very excited for that, Rainbow Dash.”

“I... also have something else you may be getting excited about.” Rainbow Dash sat up and turned on the couch, letting her feet slam into the ground far below. Even though the distance was too far to be seen from over the edge of her palm—the force of its thud against the air reached his ears loud and clear. “But first. I think we may have overslept our welcome.”

The lack of other giants in the house supported this case as, most likely, they had already gone to the mall without her. “They just left you like that?”

“Knowing those girls, they probably thought we were enjoying ourselves as we were.” Rainbow Dash then stood up from the couch, her strides making the giant world blur around them. Rising high and dipping low; nothing to her and yet a roller coaster to him. “Besides, last time they tried to wake me from a nap, I... might have given them hell. Y'know, more than once.”

Vanilla laughed at that. “I guess I can see that. S-So... what are you and me going to do?”

“Thinking about us already? Maybe you're too much of a good guy for me, after all.” Rainbow Dash giggled as her throat caged those great sounds. It looked scary at first, but the more he glanced at it, the more he enjoyed the smoothness of the blue skin coating it. “But it's probably best if we get back to my place soon. Figure out how we should go about things from there. After that, we'll have to talk to Twilight about somehow getting you back to normal size.”

Vanilla nodded his head. He sat forward in her palm again. This giant girl carrying him around on a stage while he watched the world pass him by. There was a strange feeling to all of it. From being carried with her. He felt safe, protected even. But more than that—Vanilla felt intently close to the woman he loved.

“You... think it's possible?”

“If something was able to shrink you,” Rainbow said without hesitance and full of support, “then it's not so hard to believe something can grow you right back.” Something large and soft stroked down the back of his head, a giant nail scratching his hair for all but a moment. “And worst case? Your girlfriend doesn't mind taking care of aaaalllll of your needs until that happens.”

Rainbow then laughed upon zipping the top of her sweater down, revealing the tops of her blue breasts, supple and soft, ample and like mountains contained within the cloth. Slowly she lowered him, right into the cleavage tightly held by the short sweater. “So long as you don't mind taking care of a few of mine.”

Vanilla made no complaint upon lowering into the budding breasts, so tightly packed together as to slightly spilling over the opening of her top. His legs sunk into the crevice easily enough—the same true of the rest of his body up to his shoulders.

“Those girls should hug you tightly for the rest of our trip back home.” Rainbow gazed down at him from above, no doubt eating up the fact of how her chest was big enough to store another person. Especially one she liked... a lot. “Now I'm going to zip you up, however. It may get dark and... wobbly in there. But nothing you can't handle, right?”

Vanilla wasn't sure what to feel upon feeling the giant zipper fly over his head, sealing himself into a darkness that was dim. Light filtered through the fabric. Enough to illuminate the slope of her breasts and the chest behind him.

“Nice and comfy, Vanilla?” Rainbow Dash's voice thundered from above and beyond, but without a doubt, she had to be starting at her zipped sweater and loving how a little guy was trapped inside her top. “Because this is only the start of our story together.”

And with that, the two left together, the tiny finally found by the giant, with the two in love.

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That was a very sweet ending to a very harrowing situation. Nicely done, B!

What a heartwarming story.

I absolutely LOVE this! I love how it turned out, and your writing skills are on point. It really feels like I'm being shaken up and held warmly. I'll definitely be back for more ^^

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