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Im pretty much an average guy with alot of time to read fanfiction, Sunset Shimmer is best pony/Human.


It's been 5 years since Sunset Shimmer graduated from Canterlot high school. Now, she's a 25 year old, responsible, yet overly stressed out young woman working an accounting job with most of her old friends in the city. Life hasn't exactly been good, or really fair to Sunset these past few years. Recently she's plotted and schemed multiple ways to make her own life easier, as of late it involves her finding love. Someone she can marry, be with forever and have cater and provide for her every need. Sunset believes she's found this person in an old high school ex of hers that works in her building. But soon, Sunset will realize that love doesn't solve all of your problems.

This story is inspired by, but not exactly based around, the finale of the first season of Netflix's Aggretsuko. If that happens to be a series you haven't seen fully then this story will probably spoil general parts of the 10th episode. You've been warned. Either way, please enjoy.

This story is also a submission to Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings.

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The synopsis makes it sound like Sunset will actually have difficulty finding a husband. Before I read this, I must know: Why would that be? Who wouldn't want to marry someone like her?

Posh #2 · Last Tuesday · · ·

9778872 Lack of eligible bachelors, no time/opportunity to date and play the field, she has (justifiably) high standards, she's already married to Princess Twilight...

I mean, take your pick.


Hey trust me, In my mind I don't have any doubts that Sunset would have a hard time finding someone special in her life in general. It's just for this story I kind of wanted to paint a picture of what her life might be like in the future when the reality of being an adult hits her, (Theoretically, obviously) like what would happen if her friends weren't around for her for a couple years? How would they feel themselves? What would Sunset do with herself and how would she change as a person going into her mid 20's? Alot can happen between the time of graduating high school and growing up in the working world, and the reality is not all of that time is spent being happy. So when you finally have that happiness and companionship after so long of being lonely and depressed, some would put up with anything just to keep it.

Author Interviewer

I feel like you put a lot of effort into this, and it really shows, but it didn't quite work for me. I hope you keep writing.

When I count to ten, I'll be a happy unicorn.

Okay, but regardless of all else, this is super fucking cute and I love it. :D

9785031 Thank you! I really did, and honestly fair enough. I worked with what I had, thought the concept was solid enough in my head, and it was fun writing it but yeah, can definitely see its faults. Still thought the idea was worth the venture though and I'd say it paid off for what it's worth. Either way I appreciate the time you took to look at it. I'm glad you could still enjoy certain parts:twilightsmile:.

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