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Im pretty much an average guy with alot of time to read fanfiction, Sunset Shimmer is best pony/Human.


Waking up in the morning isn't particularly anything special. However, waking up in the morning next to the girl of your dreams with the tranquil hum of the early day is a different story entirely, one hard to believe in.

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Just wished you had tagged this right. If it's a reader POV, tag it as a Reader POV.

Not to be a stickler but how exactly would I tag it like that? I didn't see any options for it unless you mean I should've just mentioned it in the description. (I don't make to many stories so I wouldn't be surprised if I missed something.)

Just tag it as Second Person, that implies it's a reader insert even if it's written in first person. And if it wasn't meant to be a reader insert, then tag it as OC instead of Other

Thank you for this, I apologize for not adding the artist originally. Kind of forgot who made it after all this time so I appreciate it.

Alright, well I fixed the tags. I kinda just assumed "Second person" literally meant the definition version as in referring to the audience. Either way hopefully It's not as confusing, thanks for the input.

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From the tag help page:
Second Person: Stories where the reader is the protagonist of the story and referenced directly by the narration and use of a second person point of view, using the appropriate pronouns to reference the reader/protagonist. “You go on a date with Twilight” — that sort of thing.

Second person specifically refers to use of “you” to refer to the viewpoint character. “I” and “me” are first person; “he”, “she”, and corresponding forms are third person.

Yes, but as I said, it's the only way to tag reader insert. A reader insert could be first or second person, but still needs to be tagged appropriately.

Wait who was the other person with Sunset most of this story confused me despite I just read bits of it.

Honestly it isn't meant to be anyone specific, but if I we're to describe him I somewhat based him off a bit of myself. The more I think about it maybe I should've tagged it under self insert in that case, I really wasn't sure how to tag something like this to begin with. The story was kind of based from an idea I had floating around for awhile.

Bruh, this was so good.

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