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missing some sort of resolution


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"A decent bastard.


You don't see that ef-very daey."

This is fucking art and I love everything about it. You're still mantaining an impeccable degree of... it's not formulaic. There's a lot of different things it feels like you could be leaning into but you rise above that and manage something compelling and sincere and memorable, and I really appreciate it.

Also it's hot.

I love this...the display of emotions and characterization is well done and well paced...there's no one who is totally bad and or totally good, each character has a dark side but also displays a good side as well.

I like twilight's dilemma and her motivations make sense for her hurt and misguided mental state. i like that boots is martyring his beliefs, health and emotional standing to try and help twilight get better...

i even like how Doublemint is not such a prude that he isn't above admiring his fellow colleagues and their assets.

This was genius, i also like the use of bisexuality in there...can never have enough of that rarity ;)

Is it healthy I more concerned about Boot-Twi relationship that my own? Hah, of course it is.

He’s been training to take down his fellow Guards.

I hope this means that, eventually, this series will end with a happy ending.

I never realized how much I liked the corny lovey endings until I read something that just keeps making my chest feel hollow and heavy.

This series is fascinating, in a way. I hope this gets continued; I'm really curious about Spirit/Boot's relationship onwards, as well as Twilight's friends view on her hatred of guards.

Right? I always used to shame corny love endings...

Now, despite this story having everything that flicks my switches in it just makes me long for a sappy happy ending...

I'm extremely curious about whether Twilight's friends know anything about her love life..

What a fucking train wreck. Please keep going, Concordion, I have to know how this ends.

I don't really see how this could possibly have a happy ending. But I want to believe.

Thank you! I doubt I'll ever write something sappy or corny, but there's plenty of room for a resolution of some sorts.

They have to be aware of this, right? Twilight's a lot less subtle than she thinks.

Everyone's got a soft spot for something.


Fucking art? Thank you! What sort of things could I be leaning into, that you're glad I haven't? Tell me more.

Exuno #11 · Sep 3rd, 2019 · · 4 ·

Well, there's the obvious corny love story that people are clamoring for, obviously. Spirit could just be the perfect stallion, who fills all the needs Twilight doesn't even know she has, and manages to build up her confidence until she truly is the ideal perfect waifu.

And that would be... really gross. Spirit's fundamental motivation, to save Twilight, is so utterly disrespectful and immature, so I can't root for any kind of 'happy' ending that naturally follows.

That said, you're also not just writing this as hollow-soul'd misery smut - the end to each of the stories has every character still trying and having idealistic hopes, and even if they aren't 100% right, they (at least don't feel like) they're just a big stack of dominos you're getting ready to tip over so we can watch them all crash.

I have faith Spirit can learn that Twilight has given things thought, and she's smart and knows what she wants, and needs... someone to tell her she's fine that way, not that 'this isn't her only option' and imply she should be guilty about the way things are. But right now he doesn't have the confidence or perspective to really do either!

I really doubt he can develop in a way that he and Twi can have an actual romantic relationship – there's already a fucked up amount of baggage there – but I don't think that means that he's just going to be pressured into submitting to his darkest whims and just being the barracks' backup slut (even though that would be super super hot to read).

And then that's just talking about our two central characters! Doublemint's fascinatingly uninvolved here, and he works as an amazing foil for Twilight and Spirit in knowing exactly what he wants and taking charge of his own life. Even if the actual results he achieves aren't as admirable, the way the series is structured it casts a positive light and presents a philosophy without ever spelling it out. Art.

I love your prose, too. When I started reading, I'll admit I felt like it was oddly stiff and dry, but even that's a hell of a step above being unmemorable. But. Fuck. When you can match the pace of sex, and demonstrate the terseness and and immediacy by literally puncuating full sentences with the word "Fuck" by itself, you are doing something very right.

All of this is just so fucked up.


Like I said on a previous story already, it's also rather excellent.

This so fucked Cleopatra is rolling in her grave

What was the protagonist's full name again?

This was an enjoyable read.


I hope to see a conclusion to this someday. And the hopeless romantic in me does want it to be happy – or at least, more sweet than bitter; maybe not have Twilight be completely “fixed”, but just less self-damaging and attached enough to Spirit that she truly wants to make it work – but I’ll take whatever you give.

I do have one quibble though. At the end of the original story, Spirit clearly tells Twilight her name; yet here she’s completely forgotten it. Was she just not listening then? (For most of the fic I thought Twilight was deliberately pretending not to know Boot and Spirit are the same pony, as a way to mentally/emotionally separate Spirit the stallion she’s dating from Boot the guard, but her genuine shock at the “revelation” dispelled that.)

Also, she recognizes Boot just because of an added helmet? Clark Kent’s glasses strike again!


I too yearn for a conclusion. But writing is hard, and I've got four other unfinished clopfics and there are other events that need to happen before I can come back to Spirit.

As for his name . . . At the end of How to Love Your Princess, Spirit does indeed tell her his name, but you can imagine that she doesn't care enough to listen. To her, the Castle Guards do not have names. Perhaps she deliberately avoids learning their names or recognizing their faces or voices or whatever.

Thanks for the comment!

I hate relating to the guards, one side being the hopeless romantic, the other finding what makes people tick and flipping their switches repeatedly for my own enjoyment.

Regardless, I were enthralled in the story, the world building off pastel ponies without lust or sin where friendship is magic and corrupting it full 180.
*Also I promised my girlfriend's husband a Nintendo switch if he got a vasectomy.

*I'm joking, relax. I can't afford a Switch.

It's very lonely during the backstreet boys reunion tour, I needed a light chuckle from my own meme.

I, too, would welcome some kind of resolution.

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