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an amazing balance between feelings and emotions and incredibly hot M-scenes

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Love the changes you made! The story is still really good. You have such an interesting writing style that I wish I could emulate, and it really works for this.

I don't get the end? But good story

AWWWWWW THAT WAS SO SWEET YES! I'm sorry lol, just, I really wanted him to have that happy ending. That excitement to be there for her and yet be displaced to watch it from the sidelines. The distrust of himself and yet the self-awareness to see that he'd do that. It was realistic, sad and sweet. The idea of seeing your future being bright and happy is great and we wish we could all have that safety in mind, but that inner thought of why it couldn't have happened sooner... it sends a somber message. Something that brings me great sadness to think how he and her were ripped from two others. He wanted the best for her and decided not just his future self but he, as a whole, was not worthy of the sweetness he knew was inside of her.

Truly a fine stallion that deserved the best, because even knowing that they would meet, that he loved her in every sense of the word. He gave himself up, and the future him didn't.

It speaks volumes, sure the M tag was certainly nice as a reward for being invested in their progress but the simple beauty of this story could not be under-sold.

You, dear author, have acquired an eternally grateful follower.

Thank you for giving Filigree a shinning future.

This was greaaaaat. In a weird warm mushy way, honestly, capturing a lot more of the weird feelings I really appreciated in the How To series than some of your smuttier works. As an entirely digital age young'un, it's really nice to see genuine character drama around long distance relationships and less historical methods of interacting with each other. Both Fils are super hot and cute and it's nice to both of their development together — and heh, a Twilight who's sincere and cute and a bit more in control of her problems than your usual take.

I'm honestly a little surprised you played the ending as straight as you did. I spent a long while wondering what horny/dark/weird twist might happen at the end of a set up like this; but I think you did an excellent job undercutting those expectations and giving a satisfying, mature resolution. Still sort of wonder if Filigree spent six years getting more and more addicted to being cucked and watching his girlfriend get fucked how interesting it would be when he wasn't able to live up to himself.

(The cheerleader scene was fucking hot, though, mmph.)

Glad to see you writing again, congrats on the turnaround on this. I know how great that feels — at least by proxy, mainly, heh.

Fucking awesome. Write more 😅

You have no idea how much I've been waiting for you to come back. And the wait was worth it... This is an incredible story! So bright and sweet that it is impossible to tear yourself away from reading until the very end. Of course, this is also helped by your truly unique writing style. Such an amazing balance between feelings and emotions and incredibly hot M-scenes. A personal favorite is the scene with the cheerleader's "training", and the subsequent clarification about Phil's defeat in the next match. A small but precise detail that makes the narrative even more complex. My only hope is that you will stay with us for a few more incredible stories, for which I personally go to the fimfication. Thank you for your work!

Wierd as hell. Cool premise but the cuckhold porn kinda ruined it for me.

That was amazing! A unique take on a romance/sex fic!

I'm not a fan of fanfic romance since it tends to feel sappy and forced in most stories, but this is a wonderful exception.
I love it! :heart:

this was perfect! you could end it here and I'd be happy. So cute twilight freaking out, Fil worrying for her safety etc etc. I adore this.

Despite being years apart, neither of them is surprised when they begin to fall in love.

Hmm, this doesn't sound like your usual work my friend...

But they didn't expect to start fucking.

And There we go...

Great story, i like that it both has elements of your previous themes and works but manages to be its own thing.


I was half expecting a much darker turn to try and break the loop, but I see there's a different flavour of time travel fuckery afoot with that last letter. Or they invent photoshop somewhere in the next five years...

The "younger him" is Filigree's baby boy. More metaphorical than literal.

Thanks! I could never write a normal romance. I'm not nearly skilled enough.

I'm glad I could give Filigree a good, happy ending, and even gladder he didn't have to have an easy time getting there.

I was going to make this smuttier, but it wound up being a little more diluted, somehow. I had considered having older Filigree and Twilight start seducing the other Mane 6, one by one, but it started getting weird and boring.

You know, I'm glad I was able to theme the cheerleader scene to fit with Filigree's initial sport and his view of himself as a jock. Otherwise it wouldn't've been any better than a random fetish scene. Making FIligree a buckball player from the start was a lucky, fortuitous coincidence.

I'm glad to have developed a reputation.

Huh... I'd mentally written off the younger being their child from that initial description, as under five would be notably much younger and would have inherited some appearances from his mother, no? Very happy ending if I'm less paranoid about it though :twilightsheepish:

But was he still worried about corrupting Twilight like he was when he was younger? Did he still send those same videos back to his younger self or did he change anything about them? Would that cause some kind of time paradox? So many questions.
I absolutely love the emotion you always put into your stories. There's just something about the way you write, it always seems to hit me like a truck, I just can't stop reading.

This seems to be fairly early Twilight. The reason I say that is the wording. "I'm the NEW librarian" instead of "I'm the librarian" and "I have made a few friends" instead of "I have good/great friends". But it also seems to take place after going through at least Nightmare Moon and maybe a couple minor villains/events since she mentions saving the world.

The reason I bring this up, is Filigree is speaking to still very bookish and in her shell Twilight. The main conflict here seems to be that he feels that future him is corrupting Twilight because all he knows at this point is this very reserved version of her. The reality is that meeting Filigree in the future opens up her horizons when it comes to both relationships an sexual awakening. On past Filigrees' part, he is only getting the messages that involve sex and making out, the messages don't include what is going on relationship wise and Twilights study times outside of this. They aren't sending back full day journals after all. So he is feeling that his future self is changing her for the worse, when he is in fact changing her for the better. (Not in the sense that he is actively changing her like a project, but his presence is changing her to be a more well rounded pony)

In the end I would like to think that nothing changes, and things go exactly how they happened in the videos and letters, but now in the present, he can see that the sex was just a smaller aspect of their relationship as a whole.

This was suprisingly consensual, especially compared to some of your other fics! Obviously, it's still porn and the mailbox itself is just going to be the vehicle/excuse to write said porn, but (like any of your stories) it's more than just The Sex. I see it more as an interesting premise, but instead of it being a bland Slice of Life fic, this goes a different direction which if you ask me: this works much better.

Oh yeah and what Sex is there is also fffffffffffucking well done.

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