• Published 5th Jul 2019
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An Innocent Glow:A School Raze Rewrite - CozyGlow57

What if Cozy Glow was innocent?What if someone else was making all of the magic disappear?

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Chapter 11:The Epilogue

The next morning Princess Celestia,Princess Twilight,Cozy Glow and Chancellor Neighsay were walking down the hallway at the School of Friendship

"I'm glad you're back in charge of the school,Headmare Twilight." Cozy Glow said.Then Chancellor Neighsay opened the door with magic.

"I'm glad too ." Chancellor Neighsay "It's clear to me now that there isn't anypony better suited for the job."

"What's going on?" Twilight Sparkle asked the Student 6 and Spike.

"Hi, Headmare Twilight!" Silverstream "We're just practicing for graduation!"

"Graduation?" Twilight Sparkle said.

"Now that we've saved Equestria, we figure we're done with school." Gallus said.

Twilight Sparkle and Chancellor Neighsay laughed.

"Saving Equestria is nice, but I'm afraid it'll take more than one semester to learn all there is to know about friendship." Twilight said.

"I told you,didn't I?" Spike said to the Young 6.

"Awwww…" The Young 6 said.

"Your headmare is right." Chancellor Neighsay said "I thought friendship was something only ponies should share with each other. But you all taught me how wrong I was. I suppose true friendship can take a lifetime to understand."

"If it were easy to learn, we wouldn't need a school." Cozy Glow said.Then the Cutie Mark Cursader finally got out of the closet Patty Peppermint had locked them in.

"We held her off as long as we could!"Apple Bloom said.

"But she locked us in this closet!" Scootaloo said.

"What happened?! Is everything all right?! Where's Patty Peppermint?!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed.Everyone except the Cutie Mark Cursaders laughed.

"Relax ,everything's okay." Cozy Glow reassured them.

"Yeah,everything worked out just fine." Twilight said

"As for Patty Peppermint, I can assure you — where she's going, she won't be causing any more trouble." Princess Celestia said.

Meanwhile in Tartarus,Cerbereus whimpered.

"Of course it's boring here now!" Lord Tirek said "But at least you're not in a cage!"

Then a portal opened.Princess Luna and two royal guards came out of it.Then they locked Patty Peppermint in a cage and left.

"Hey, neighbor. Wanna be friends?" Patty Peppermint said.

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