• Published 5th Jul 2019
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An Innocent Glow:A School Raze Rewrite - CozyGlow57

What if Cozy Glow was innocent?What if someone else was making all of the magic disappear?

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Chapter 5:The Pony Behind It All...

In Tartarus,with The Main 6 and Spike…

"Where is Equestria's magic going, Tirek?" Twilight Sparkle said "What's making it disappear?"

" If you let me out, I'm sure it will jog my memory. " Lord Tirek said "What do you say? I scratch your back, you scratch mine?"
"How about you tell us what you know or you'll be stuck here forever, because we're out of magic keys and nopony can open the door?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Oh, dear." Rarity said "I hadn't thought of that."

"We're just as trapped as Tirek?" Spike asked,worried.Tirek chuckled.

"What a pity. Well, for you." Lord Tirek said "Sweet revenge for me. It look like my protégé's plan worked after all."

The Mane Six and Spike gasped.

" Which protégé?" Applejack asked,shocked.

"Oh, we've never met. We're pen pals." Lord Tirek said "Each letter had so many questions about draining magic."

"And you answered them?!" Pinkie Pie said.

"I was bored." Tirek said "So I simply pointed my pen pal in the right direction."

"Can't you just tell us your pen pal's name?" Fluttershy asked him "I mean, since we're stuck here anyway?"

"Oh, why not? The irony is too perfect." Lord Tirek said "Their name is..."

At the School of Friendship,Cozy Glow was heading towards the catacombs while Sandbar and The Cutie Mark Cursaders were trying to keep up with her.

"Hey Cozy! Wait up!" Sandbar exclaimed.Cozy Glow stopped and turned towards them.

"Hi Cozy.What are you doing?"Apple Bloom asked.

"Hi everypony! I'm following Patty Peppermint. She has been acting very suspicious lately and I am trying to find out what she is up to." Cozy Glow said "I saw her heading towards the catacombs so I followed her here. I was about to go down the caves when you guys arrived ."

"Do you want us to come with you?" Sweetie Belle asked her.

"Sure !" Cozy Glow said .

"Come on everypony let's go!" Scootaloo said.

They all went down the crystal caves and looked in shock to see Starlight Glimmer trapped in a barrier with six artifacts surrounding it in a magic circle.

"Enjoying yourself in there, Starlight? I'm sorry I had to push you in." Patty Peppermint said "But what else could I do? You were going to ruin all of our plans."

Sandbar,The Cutie Mark Crusaders and Cozy Glow gasped.

"You might get some company soon, if I can't get that annoying Neighsay to back off! " Patty Peppermint said,she inhaled then exhaled . "All this magic needs time to drain from Equestria before my vortex sucks it to another realm."

Then Patty Peppermint giggled .

"Three days can sure seem like forever, huh? You know, you ponies got it all wrong ." Patty Peppermint said "Friendship isn't magic. Friendship is power! With Twilight and her lackeys out of my way, all of Equestria will bow to me! The future Empress of Friendship! "

Then Patty Peppermint laughed evilly as Sandbar,The Cutie Mark Cursaders and Cozy Glow looked at her in shock .

Author's Note:

Suprise! If you are wondering who Patty Pepermint is,she is a background character from the show.I was stuck between Chancellor Neighsay and Patty Pepermint for the main villian but I decided to go for Patty Pepermint in the end.

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