• Published 5th Jul 2019
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An Innocent Glow:A School Raze Rewrite - CozyGlow57

What if Cozy Glow was innocent?What if someone else was making all of the magic disappear?

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Chapter 2:The Journey To Tartarus Begins

Later,At The School of Friendship

"Ok.I left you my lesson plan,all my student files andmy annotated syllabus notes." Twilight said"If anything goes wrong,get Celestia."

"Got it!"Starlight replied.

"Maybe I should just close the school and send my students home."Twilight said .

"Don't worry,Twilight.I'll keep the students safe."Starlight reassured her.

"I'm sure you'll be an excellent temporary headmare ,Starlight" Cozy Glow said.

"Plus,she'll have you to help her."Twilight added.

"Oh,golly,yes! I promise I'll be the best assistant ever!"Cozy said.

Starlight smiled at Cozy then turned towards Twilight.

"Would you go save Equestria already?" Starlight said .

"Okay.Cozy packed us all up for a trip to bad guy central ." Spike said.

"Don't forget the sandwiches.I marked whose is whose,just in case." Cozy Glow replied .

"That is do sweet of you,Cozy!" Starlight said.

"If you want we can start working on your subsitute headmare plans right now." Cozy said.

"OKay." Starilght replied.Cozy ,Starlight and The Mane 5 walk away leaving Twilight and Spike behind.

"See? Nothing to worry about."Twilight said "Tell me there is nothing to worry about."

The next morning ,at the School of Friendship Cozy Glow was flying through the coridors,looking very stressed.The Young Six noticed this and decided to ask her about it.

"Good morning Cozy!" Silverstream said "Are you okay? "

"What's wrong Cozy ?" Ocellus asked.

"I'm looking for Starlight.I haven't seen her since yesterday!"Cozy Glow said "Did any of you see her this morning?"

"No,we haven't." The Young Six replied .Then Patty Peppermint runs in ,holding a letter with her mouth.She gives the letter to Cozy Glow and runs off.Cozy Glow opens it and reads it out loud:

"I have to go.Twilight needs my help.I know the school is in good hooves with you,Cozy"

"Why did she change her mind? Why did Starlight write a letter instead of saying goodbye to us herself? It doesn't make any sense." Smoulder said.

"I know but she might have left in a hurry." Cozy replied."I guess I am the temporary headmare now..."

"I'm sure you'll be a great temporary headmare,Cozy" Silverstream said.The rest of the Young 6 nodded in agreement.

"Thank you!"Cozy Glow said.

2 hours later,Cozy Glow was adressing the students of the School of Friendship.

"Good morning, friendship students! We all know that Proffesor Sparkle left Starlight Glimmer in charge so I'm sure most of you were shocked when you couldn't see her anywhere.I was shocked too until I recieved a letter from Starlight adressed to me two hours ago"Cozy said.Then she started reading the letter out loud "I have to go.Twilight needs my help.I know the school is in good hooves with you,Cozy"

"You all are such good friends. And I'm grateful because it will be awfully hard running a whole school alone." Cozy continued her speech" Can I count on each of you to help me? "
The students started cheering.
"Thank you so much!" Cozy Glow said "It's just like our professors taught us. Together, we can get through anything!"

Elsewhere,Twilight and her friends were traveling to Tartarus…
" I have had it with these horrible flies!" Rarity whined "I miss my magic! "
"Have you tried using your tail to shoo them away?" Twilight said.
"Bite your tongue!"Rarity said "It's for decorative purposes only!"
"Hey!I didn't know we packed green cupcakes." Pinkie said.
"Um, we didn't."Fluttershy said. "They must've gone bad without magic to keep them cold."
" "Magic" this, "magic" that. We don't need magic to go on a little hike! " Rainbow Dash complained.
Then it started to rain...
" You were saying? " Rarity asked her.
" You just need to think more like Earth ponies, y'all."Applejack said "Granny's "Apple Core No-Bite-No-More"! That'll keep the flies off."
Everyone put on some of the apple fat in disgust.
"Ugh!"Pinkie Pie said "It smells just like it looks!"
"Even if our food's spoiled, these blueberries are still good to eat." Fluttershy said .
"Too bad we can't do anything about the rainstorm." Spike said.
"I can't stop that storm by myself, but I can still help!" Rainbow Dash said.Then,she brought down some clouds to shelter them.
"I think we have all the magic we need right here." Twilight said "Not that I don't want to get it back. Heh. Let's go!"

Author's Note:

Hope you all enjoyed this chapter!

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