• Published 5th Jul 2019
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An Innocent Glow:A School Raze Rewrite - CozyGlow57

What if Cozy Glow was innocent?What if someone else was making all of the magic disappear?

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Chapter 8:The Young 6 and Cozy Glow Free Chancellor Neighsay

The Cutie Mark Cursaders approached Patty Peppermint,who was giggling evilly.

"Hey, Patty Pepppermint! What's so funny?" Sweetie Belle said.

"Is there anything we can help you with?" Apple Bloom asked her.

"We can hang out with you all day if you want!" Scootaloo exclaimed.

"Actually there is something I need help with." Patty Peppermint said.

Then they all walked down the hall giving the Young 6 and Cozy Glow the chance to sneak into Twilight's Office where they found Chancellor Neighsay trying to break free.

"Oh, wonderful." Chancellor Neighsay said "I suppose you've all come to gloat?"

"Actually, we've come to undo all these chains and free you!" Silverstream exclaimed.

"But... But why?" Chancellor Neighsay asked them

"Now that nasty pony met even nastier pony, maybe nasty pony not be so nasty." Yona said.
Then the Young 6 and Cozy Glow freed Chancellor Neighsay.

"Also, we'd kind of like to stop Patty before she drains all the magic from Equestria." Sandbar said.

"She's behind that as well? I must get word to Celestia and Luna." Chancellor Neighsay saidç

"How will you do that?" Cozy Glow asked Chancellor Neighsay.

"Without magic, it'll take forever to get to them." Sandbar added.

"While it's true that unicorns have lost their ability to cast spells, the most potent magic in Equestria is housed in our... artifacts." Chancellor Neighsay said "The EEA medallion allows me to travel throughout Equestria. Its magic worked when I chained you up. Perhaps it still has enough to send me to the princesses."

"I'll come with you,Chancellor Neighsay." Cozy Glow said "The princesses might understand the situation better if they know all the details and I know much more about this situation then you."

"I guess that makes sense." Chancellor Neighsay said.Then he tapped his medallion and opened a portal.

"Good luck!" Cozy Glow exclaimed to the Young 6.

"Good luck,Cozy!" Silverstream exclaimed.Then Chancellor Neighsay and Cozy Glow stepped into the portal.

"I hope they make it." Ocellus said.

"I hope he doesn't lock us up again when they come back." Smolder said.

"If they come back." Gallus reminded them.

"Everything's gonna be fine!" Silverstream said "Twilight and the others are probably already on their way!"

Meanwhile in Tartarus with the Main 6 and Spike…

"Um, are you sure there's magic in Cerberus?" Fluttershy asked Twilight Sparkle "Clarissa the pig has two tails, and while her singing voice is lovely, I don't think it's magical."

"We need to try everything if we want to get out of here." Twilight said.

"I don't know. Tartarus isn't so bad." Pinkie Pie said,holding up marshmallows to the Chimera "I could hang out here for a while!"
Then the marshmallows got destroyed by the Ram's fire breath.

"Eh. Maybe not forever though." Pinkie Pie said.

"But that is just what it will be!" Lord Tirek said "If my protégé has followed my instructions, by sunset tonight, every last vestige of Equestrian magic will disappear into the ether forever!"

"Have you even thought about what losing magic would mean?" Twilight asked him.

"It means the six of you will be trapped here! Like me!" Tirek said.

"Seven!" Spike exclaimed.

"Exactly. It means you're trapped here. Forever. With us." Twilight said.

"Uhhhh... I hadn't thought of it like that." Lord Tirek admitted.

"So, what do we do, Twilight?" Spike asked.

"Dash and Applejack nearly have Cerberus tired out." Twilight said "If Rarity pitches in, I think they can get him to sit still long enough to try what I have in mind."

" I'm sure I can get the other monsters to help." Fluttershy said,then she whispered to Spike"Besides, I would never call them monsters."

"What about Tirek? He's probably got some magic, too, right?" Spike said.

"Leave him to me." Pinkie Pie said.

"Down!" Rarity told Cerberus .Cerberus obeyed Rarity.

"Okay, everyone! Time to show Equestria that you aren't monsters!" Fluttershy told the creatures "You're wonderful, mystical creatures!"

"I know it's not your birthday, so
You get a party, even though
We'll sing and dance from one to ten
And then we'll do it all again!
More tea, Princess Pudding Rock? Oh! Don't mind if I do! " Pinkie Pie sang to Tirek.
"I can do this for all of eternity." Pinkie told him.

"Fine! I'll help you leave! Just please stop!" Lord Tirek exclaimed.

"Tirek's in!" Pinkie Pie said.

Elsewhere ,With The Cutie Mark Cursaders and Patty Peppermint…

"So what do you need our help with,Patty?"
"To tell you the truth, the thing I need help with most is cleaning." Patty Peppermint said "I need to clean the entire school but I can't do it by myself."

"Say no more." Sweetie Belle said "Just take us around the school and show us everything you want cleaned!"

" Well, actually, you could start right in here." Patty Peppermint said,opening the door to a closet.

"It looks pretty clean already." Scootaloo said.Patty Peppermint slamed the door to the closet.

"Do you three think you can fool me?!" She exclaimed "I know a diversion when I see it!"

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