• Published 5th Jul 2019
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An Innocent Glow:A School Raze Rewrite - CozyGlow57

What if Cozy Glow was innocent?What if someone else was making all of the magic disappear?

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Chapter 7:The Students Turn Against Chancellor Neighsay

At the School of Friendship ,an assembly was being held…

"I am sure you are all concerned about the magic situation. But I want to assure you that this institution is safe, despite the absence of your headmare."Chancellor Neighsay said "As your new headstallion, let me be the first to say that the reign of Princess Twilight is over! From now on, this school will adhere to EEA doctrine, as it should have from the start!"

The students started talking amongst themselves.Patty Peppermint clapped.

"Thank you, Chancellor Neighsay, for that rousing speech. I know you're a stallion who truly believes what you say." Patty Peppermint said.Then she stood with the other students and continued "And when you say this school will be run according to EEA doctrine, I know you mean it. And when you say there won't be any more lessons from the Princess of Friendship at the School of Friendship, I guess you mean that, too. "

"That's not exactly what— " Chancellor Neighsay started saying but he got cut off.

"But Twilight decided to run her school outside of the EEA guidelines." Patty continued " And even though you tried to stop her, Princesses Celestia and Luna trusted her enough to support her."

"Well, I-I wouldn't say that—" Chancellor Neighsay started saying but got cut off again

"So, since I know you mean what you say, my question is really for the students." Patty Peppermint said "Are we going to give the pony who already tried to wreck Twilight's school once another chance to do it? "

The students glared at Chancellor Neighsay.

"I guess things will have to stay the way Twilight wants them." Patty said. The students tackled Chancellor Neighsay and took him to Twilight's Office.The Young 6, The Cutie Mark Cursaders and Cozy Glow were hidding in a closet.

"Okay. So maybe we need a new plan." Sandbar said and the others looked at him in worry.

Inside Twilight's Office the students had chained Chancellor Neighsay to Twilight's Chair.

"Oh, oh, not too tight." Patty Peppermint said "We don't want to hurt the Chancellor."

Patty Peppermint put on a padlock.

"I'm sure Twilight will know what to do with him when she gets back." Patty Peppermint said "Now, back to class, everyone. We let the EEA disrupt our friendship studies long enough."

She closed the door and smirked evilly at Chancellor Neighsay.

"Why are you doing this?" Chancellor Neighsay said "I thought you wanted to have somepony in charge of the school."

"Oh, I do. You just aren't the pony I had in mind." Patty Peppermint said as she threw Chancellor Neighsay's seal into the thrash and put down a box of personal belongings on the desk.

"I can't very well have the EEA running the school if I want to run it myself. Of course, this is just the beginning." Patty Peppermint said "You see, if there's one thing I've learned here, it's that friendship is the most powerful thing there is. And as headmare of the School of Friendship, nopony will have more friends than me! Making me the most powerful pony in Equestria!"

Patty Peppermint laughed evilly as Chancellor Neighsay gullped.

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