An Innocent Glow:A School Raze Rewrite

by CozyGlow57

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What if Cozy Glow was innocent?What if someone else was making all of the magic disappear?

What if Cozy Glow was innocent? What if someone else was making all of the magic disappear?


A "Cozy Glow isn't the villian" School Raze AU.

An Innocent Glow:The Prologue

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At the School of Friendship Derpy is delivering mail but she bumps into the sign and drops the mail . Cozy Glow picks the mail up .

" Thank you for the mail delivery . Have a wonderful day ! "

In the School of Friendship she picks up an empty juice box and throws the box in the recycle and the straw in the trash . Then she notices a filly having trouble with a map .

" You're new here, right? " Cozy asks .The fily nods.

" I'm Cozy Glow , Proffesor Sparkle's friendship assistant . " Cozy Glow said " Welcome to our school ! Your first class is just down that hall . "

The filly walked away happily as Cozy headed towards the libary . She flew in and noticed Silverstream stumped on a crossword puzzle .

" A seven letter word for "teamwork". Have you tried "synergy" ? " Cozy asked her .

" That's it ! Thanks, Cozy ! " Silverstream said .

" What are friends for ? " Cozy replied .

Then Cozy Glow flew into Twilight's Office .

" Good morning,Proffesor Sparkle " Cozy said as she handed Twilight the mail .

" The mail's here already ! What time is it ? I'm late for my class's trip to Cloudsdale " Twilight panicked .

" Don't worry " Cozy reassured her "I asked Proffesor Rainbow Dash to cover for you "

" And she said yes ? " Twilight asked her .

" Uh-huh . I told her how busy you are and how much her loyalty meant to you . I also color coded your teaching Schedule by friendship element and catalouged all the magical artifacts in the school . " Cozy said " I hope that's okay . "

"Okay ? Cozy, that is amazing ! You're like my right hoof mare ! I don't know what I'd do without you . "

" It's like you taught me . Helping others is what friendship is all about . "

" Exactly. And hopefully my class is learning that on their field trip right now "

" I heard they might do some sightseeing first " Cozy Glow said .

" Proffesor Sparkle ? " Cozy asked Twilight .

" Yes , Cozy ? " Twilight replied .

" While I was cataloging the artifacts I thought I saw Chancellor Neighsay for a moment " Cozy admitted .

" I'm sure you were just imagining things , Cozy " Twilight reassured her " If Chancellor Neighsay was in my school , I would know about it . "

Meanwhile , In Cloudsdale

" Ta-da ! The Pegasus Weather Factory ! " Rainbow Dash said " Every drop of rain or flake of snow comes from there . "

The students awed.

" I know , right ? " Rainbow said " Hey ! The cool stuff's over here ! "

"Wow ! I've never stood on a cloud before . " Ocellus exclaimed .

" You can't normally. But for our trip I cast a spell that lets us walk like pegasi " Starlight explianed .

" Hey Yona ! Come check out this view ! " Gallus said " Unless you're too scared . "

" Yona not scared " Yona said . All of a sudden Yona fell through the cloud .

" Now Yona scared ! "

The others looked shocked as the other non pegasi fell through the clouds .

" Come on " Rainbow Dash said " We gotta catch 'em "
The non pegasi screamed but they all got caught . Yona started screaming but she got caught by Ocellus and Gallus .

"Gotcha ! " Gallus said .

" It's okay,Yona. " Ocellus said " You like flying ,remember ? "

" Flying, not falling " Yolla replies as Ocellus and Gallus put her on the ground with a "thud". Yona starts kissing the floor .

" I don't understand " Starlight said " It's like my spell stopped working . That's … never happened before . "

Chapter 1:The Magic Starts Vanishing

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At the School of Friendship,Starlight Glimmer and Rainbow Dash entered Twilight's Office...

" We have an emergency! " Starlight said.

" The students dropped out of the sky ! " Rainbow exclaimed .

"W-What ? Are they okay ? " Cozy Glow asked , concerned for her fellow students safety .

" Slow down " Twilight said " What happened ? "

" I cast a spell for our field trip to Cloudsdale " Starlight said " But my spell just failed ! "

" We barely caught them in time " Rainbow Dash exclaimed .

"But you caught them , right Proffesor Rainbow Dash ? " Cozy asked , still concerned about her classmates .

" Of course we did " Rainbow said. This seemed to satisfy Cozy's worries about her classmates safety .

" I'm glad you're all okay , but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about , Starlight " Twilight said " Maybe you did your spell wrong. Let's take a look . "

Twilight tries to take a book from a shelf but it drops to the ground .

" I didn't drop that book " Twilight said .

" Maybe you did your spell wrong " Starlight said , sarcastically, obviously bothered by Twilight's comment from earlier .

Then they hear a thud from outside .

" Ow ! " Rarity exclaimed .

The door opens and Fluttershy and Rarity come in .

" Rarity ran into the door " Fluttershy said .

" Proffesor Rarity ,are you okay ? " Cozy Glow asked .

" No ! My magic is go-o-one ! " Rarity said , sobbing " I even had to use my hooves to coil my tail ! "

" Still think there's nothing to worry about ? " Rainbow Dash asked Twilight .

" That that doesn't make any sense " Twilight said " Magic can't just disappear . Something has to be causing this . "

" Um ,didn't we learn in class about a creature that eats magic ? Ter,Tee….Tir- something ? " Cozy Glow said .

Fluttershy gasped " Tirek ! "

" Isn't he trapped in Tartarus ? " Rainbow Dash asked .

The door opens and Spike runs in , gagging . Cozy sends him a concerned look while Rarity helps him get the letter out .

" Spike , what's wrong ? " Twilight asked .

" Thanks , Rarity . I've never had a letter get stuck before . " Spike said " It's from Princess Celestia ! We've all been called to an emergency meeting in Canterlot ! Look ! "

Twilight tries to levitate the scroll but her spell fails .

" I'm pretty sure I know what it is about " Twilight said .

Later , In Canterlot

" Throughout our city, ponies have been reporting tales of their magic failing . " Princess Celestia said " Spells going wrong . Potions not working . "

" Even raising the moon has become difficult . Are there similar troubles in Ponyville ? " Princess Luna asked Twilight .

" Yes . We experienced it first hoof . " Twilight replied.

" It's the same in my kingdom . " Princess Cadance said " The Crystal Heart seems safe for now , but I worry if this continues . "

Then the door opened and a mail pony came in with a letter .

" Letter for the princess from Star Swirl the Bearded ! " The mail pony said .

"Ah ! It is even more terrible than we feared ! " Princess Celestia exclaimed " Magic is disappearing all across Equestria ! "

The ponies gasped .

" Star Swirl believes the power will drain from our land in three days . " Princess Celestia said " First , unicorn magic and spells will fail . "

" That's what's happening now ! " Starlight exclaimed .

" On the second day,creatures will lose their magical abilities " Princess Celestia continued .

Fluttershy gasped . " Oh no ! "

" But why is this happening now ? " Princess Cadance asked .

" That's the worst part " Princess Luna said " We have no idea "

" Has anypony checked on Tirek ? " Twilight asked .

" You mean the big, red, scary centaur who eats magic ? " Pinkie Pie asked her " Why would we wa— Ohhhh . Riiiiight . "

" If he has found some way to escape his prison or work from within it, he could be responsible for this " Princess Celestia said.

" That is the best explanation so far . " Princess Luna said " Somepony should investigate "

" We'll go . " Twilight said .

" Oh, no-no-no-no-no-no . " Rarity said " Not without us , you wo— Wait . Did you say "we" ? "

" I've finally learned that it's okay to count on your friends for help . " Twilight said " Um , you do want to come , right ? "

" Uh, duh ! " Rainbow Dash exclaimed .

" Thank you all . " Princess Celestia said " We will search for ways to protect Equestria in your absence . "

" Be careful . Tartarus has changed since you were there ." Princess Luna said " It now holds many dangerous creatures, and you won't be able to rely on your magic . "

" With her friends by her side , she won't have to . " Applejack said .

Chapter 2:The Journey To Tartarus Begins

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Later,At The School of Friendship

"Ok.I left you my lesson plan,all my student files andmy annotated syllabus notes." Twilight said"If anything goes wrong,get Celestia."

"Got it!"Starlight replied.

"Maybe I should just close the school and send my students home."Twilight said .

"Don't worry,Twilight.I'll keep the students safe."Starlight reassured her.

"I'm sure you'll be an excellent temporary headmare ,Starlight" Cozy Glow said.

"Plus,she'll have you to help her."Twilight added.

"Oh,golly,yes! I promise I'll be the best assistant ever!"Cozy said.

Starlight smiled at Cozy then turned towards Twilight.

"Would you go save Equestria already?" Starlight said .

"Okay.Cozy packed us all up for a trip to bad guy central ." Spike said.

"Don't forget the sandwiches.I marked whose is whose,just in case." Cozy Glow replied .

"That is do sweet of you,Cozy!" Starlight said.

"If you want we can start working on your subsitute headmare plans right now." Cozy said.

"OKay." Starilght replied.Cozy ,Starlight and The Mane 5 walk away leaving Twilight and Spike behind.

"See? Nothing to worry about."Twilight said "Tell me there is nothing to worry about."

The next morning ,at the School of Friendship Cozy Glow was flying through the coridors,looking very stressed.The Young Six noticed this and decided to ask her about it.

"Good morning Cozy!" Silverstream said "Are you okay? "

"What's wrong Cozy ?" Ocellus asked.

"I'm looking for Starlight.I haven't seen her since yesterday!"Cozy Glow said "Did any of you see her this morning?"

"No,we haven't." The Young Six replied .Then Patty Peppermint runs in ,holding a letter with her mouth.She gives the letter to Cozy Glow and runs off.Cozy Glow opens it and reads it out loud:

"I have to go.Twilight needs my help.I know the school is in good hooves with you,Cozy"

"Why did she change her mind? Why did Starlight write a letter instead of saying goodbye to us herself? It doesn't make any sense." Smoulder said.

"I know but she might have left in a hurry." Cozy replied."I guess I am the temporary headmare now..."

"I'm sure you'll be a great temporary headmare,Cozy" Silverstream said.The rest of the Young 6 nodded in agreement.

"Thank you!"Cozy Glow said.

2 hours later,Cozy Glow was adressing the students of the School of Friendship.

"Good morning, friendship students! We all know that Proffesor Sparkle left Starlight Glimmer in charge so I'm sure most of you were shocked when you couldn't see her anywhere.I was shocked too until I recieved a letter from Starlight adressed to me two hours ago"Cozy said.Then she started reading the letter out loud "I have to go.Twilight needs my help.I know the school is in good hooves with you,Cozy"

"You all are such good friends. And I'm grateful because it will be awfully hard running a whole school alone." Cozy continued her speech" Can I count on each of you to help me? "
The students started cheering.
"Thank you so much!" Cozy Glow said "It's just like our professors taught us. Together, we can get through anything!"

Elsewhere,Twilight and her friends were traveling to Tartarus…
" I have had it with these horrible flies!" Rarity whined "I miss my magic! "
"Have you tried using your tail to shoo them away?" Twilight said.
"Bite your tongue!"Rarity said "It's for decorative purposes only!"
"Hey!I didn't know we packed green cupcakes." Pinkie said.
"Um, we didn't."Fluttershy said. "They must've gone bad without magic to keep them cold."
" "Magic" this, "magic" that. We don't need magic to go on a little hike! " Rainbow Dash complained.
Then it started to rain...
" You were saying? " Rarity asked her.
" You just need to think more like Earth ponies, y'all."Applejack said "Granny's "Apple Core No-Bite-No-More"! That'll keep the flies off."
Everyone put on some of the apple fat in disgust.
"Ugh!"Pinkie Pie said "It smells just like it looks!"
"Even if our food's spoiled, these blueberries are still good to eat." Fluttershy said .
"Too bad we can't do anything about the rainstorm." Spike said.
"I can't stop that storm by myself, but I can still help!" Rainbow Dash said.Then,she brought down some clouds to shelter them.
"I think we have all the magic we need right here." Twilight said "Not that I don't want to get it back. Heh. Let's go!"

Chapter 3:The Key of Unfettered Entrance

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In the evening ,At the School of Friendship Sandbar was walking towards the libary to meet his friends when he overheard some mares talking amongst themselves.

"Cozy Glow baked our class cupcakes today!" The first one (Citrine Spark) said.

"And she made all of us friendship bracelets! "The third one (Patty Peppermint) said,a few seconds later.

"She's the nicest pony I've ever met."The second one said." I'm so glad she's headmare!"
"Uh, temporary headmare? Right, guys?" Sandbar said.

" Oh, oh, of course.But if Twilight takes her time coming back, I won't mind." Citrine Spark answered.

All three of them started laughing,Sandbar noticed that Patty started laughing a bit later then the others.The he arrived at the libary and opened the door.

" Finally! We thought you forgot about study club." Silverstream said.

" Sorry I'm late." Sandbar said "Cozy Glow gave our class tickets to a Sapphire Shores concert in Ponyville tonight."

" You get the feeling Cozy's trying too hard to make us like her?" Gallus asked.

" Or maybe she just wants to help us keep our minds off of how scary it is that magic's disappearing."Ocellus said.

All of them nodded in agreement.Then they noticed that Cozy Glow was in the libary too,organizing a few books.

"Why Cozy pony in the libary so late at night?" Yona asked

"Let's go ask her"Gallus said.Before they could approach her,Cozy flew out of the libary towards Twilight's Office and the Young Six started following her.

Meanwhile,Twilight and her friends had reached the gates of Tartarus.

"This is the only door to Tartarus."Twilight said "The good news is the seal isn't broken, so we know Tirek didn't escape."

"Let me guess." Applejack said "You got bad news, too?"

"Last time I was here, I had to use magic to get in." Twilight said "And according to Star Swirl, all unicorn magic was gone by yesterday's sunset."

"Maybe he was wrong." Rainbow Dash said.Twilight tried to open the door but failed.

"Don't worry, Twilight. I got this."Pinkie Pie said,then she knocked on the door."Free pizza delivery!"

After a moment of silence,Pinkie Pie spoke.

"Huh. Always worked before." Pinkie said "Oh, well."

"Did any of y'all pack somethin' that could actually help?" Applejack asked.

"These all do magic, but not the kind we're looking for, I'm afraid."Rarity asked.

"How about this?" Spike asked.

"The Key of Unfettered Entrance!" Twilight exclaimed " Where did you find this, Spike?"

"In your bag." Spike answered "Cozy Glow must've packed it for you."

"She really did think of everything." Twilight said.

"Um, what does it do?" Fluttershy asked.

"It can magically open any door." Twilight said "And since artifacts like this haven't lost their power yet... "

Twilight put the key in then it opened the door.Twilight tried to put it in her bag with her mouth put she accidentally dropped it to the ground and then the key shattered

"Oops" Twilight said as they all got in.The door closed behind them.

Chapter 4:Chancellor Neighsay Arrives

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Cozy Glow walked into Twilight's Office while the Young 6 watched and found Chancellor Neighsay sitting in Twilight's chair,much to the suprise of her and the Young 6.

"So this is who Starlight left in charge in her place before she joined Twilight and her friends ?"Chancellor Neighsay said.

"Yes but how do you know about that?" Cozy Glow said.

"I had some inside help." Chancellor Neighsay said.

" there anything I can do for you?" Cozy asked.

"That won't be necessary. Twilight's folly stops here."Chancellor Neighsay said "As of now, I am headstallion. And I have quite a few changes to make."

Meanwhile,In Tartarus

"If all these monsters lost their magic, then getting past Cerberus should be easy-peasy!" Pinkie Pie said.She turned a monster's frown into a smile but it turned into a frown again.

"Look out!"Rainbow Dash exclaimed. Then Cerberus ran past them and they all got out of the way.

"I'll talk to him."Fluttershy said.Cerberus growled.

"Um, excuse me, puppy?"Fluttershy asked.Cerberus snorted.You're a very good guard dog. Yes, you are. But, um, we were wondering if we could get by to check on Tirek."

Cerberus slurped.

"That looks like a yes." Applejack said.

"I'll get you a towel, darling." Rarity said.Fluttershy giggled.The Main 6 and Spike approached Tirek.

"The Princess of Friendship here for a visit." Tirek said "What have I done to earn the honor of your company?"

"We want answers, Tirek." Twilight said "Magic is disappearing from Equestria."

"I know." Tirek said "What a waste of such...delicious power."

"So you are behind this! " Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

"Silly filly, if I had all of that magic, you think I'd still be locked up in here?" Lord Tirek asked her "But I might know something about it..."

Meanwhile,At the School of Friendship,In Twilight's Office Chancellor Neighsay threw the student records of the Young 6 in the trash.

"What are you doing?!" Cozy Glow exclaimed "Those are Twilight's student files!"

"These aren't. Not anymore." Chancellor Neighsay said "With Equestria under attack, ponies must stand together. Twilight has endangered us all by skipping off on friendship trips while these disgusting creatures run loose."

"Take that back!" Cozy Glow exclaimed "They aren't disgusting!"

"Yes they are.I'll make sure to rid this school of these monsters and there is nothing you can do about it unless you want to be kicked out of the school."

The Young 6 started talking from the doorway giving away their positions.

"Did you hear something?" Chancellor Neighsay asked Cozy Glow.

" Nope!" Cozy Glow replied,realizing who was behind the door.Chancellor Neighsay opened the door to reveal the Young 6.The Young 6 grunted as Cozy Glow panicked,worried about what Chancellor Neighsay would do to the Young 6.

"You again.As I suspected" Chancellor Neighsay said.

"Chancellor Neighsay please don't do anything to them.They didn't do anything wrong." Cozy Glow said,shutting up once Chancellor Neighsay shot her a threatining glare after chaining the Young 6.

Later Chancellor Neighsay opened the door of and threw the Young 6 into a dorm room.

" You disgusting creatures will stay here while I summon your guardians to take you home." Chancellor Neighsay said.

"Wait! You were right about them from the beginning, Chancellor." Sandbar said "I see that now."

"What are you saying?!" Smolder exclaimed.

"Sandbar?!" Silverstream said.

"I don't want anything to do with these disgusting creatures! " Sandbar said.Gallus and Samolder glared at him while Yona,Ocellus and Sİlverstream stared at him in shock.

"Wisely put, colt." Chancellor Neighsay said.Then he disabled the chains and the ponies left the room.

"Everypony will come to their senses eventually." Chancellor Neighsay said before Sandbar closed the door.

At Sweet Apple Acres,Sandbar was throwing apples at Apple Bloom's window.She opened the window to see a watering can getting thrown at her.

"What in tarnation?!" Apple Bloom exclaimed.

"Sorry. I ran out of apples. I need the Cutie Mark Crusaders." Sandbar said "My friends are in trouble. Chancellor Neighsay locked them up."

"Huh? I thought Cozy Glow was in charge." Apple Bloom said

"Not anymore. But you guys are good buddies." Sandbar said "If you can convince her to distract Neighsay, I can break out my friends. Will you help me?"

"Do mulberries have seeds?" Apple Bloom said,then left. Apple Bloom returned two seconds later.

"That's a yes" Apple Bloom clarified.

Chapter 5:The Pony Behind It All...

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In Tartarus,with The Main 6 and Spike…

"Where is Equestria's magic going, Tirek?" Twilight Sparkle said "What's making it disappear?"

" If you let me out, I'm sure it will jog my memory. " Lord Tirek said "What do you say? I scratch your back, you scratch mine?"
"How about you tell us what you know or you'll be stuck here forever, because we're out of magic keys and nopony can open the door?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Oh, dear." Rarity said "I hadn't thought of that."

"We're just as trapped as Tirek?" Spike asked,worried.Tirek chuckled.

"What a pity. Well, for you." Lord Tirek said "Sweet revenge for me. It look like my protégé's plan worked after all."

The Mane Six and Spike gasped.

" Which protégé?" Applejack asked,shocked.

"Oh, we've never met. We're pen pals." Lord Tirek said "Each letter had so many questions about draining magic."

"And you answered them?!" Pinkie Pie said.

"I was bored." Tirek said "So I simply pointed my pen pal in the right direction."

"Can't you just tell us your pen pal's name?" Fluttershy asked him "I mean, since we're stuck here anyway?"

"Oh, why not? The irony is too perfect." Lord Tirek said "Their name is..."

At the School of Friendship,Cozy Glow was heading towards the catacombs while Sandbar and The Cutie Mark Cursaders were trying to keep up with her.

"Hey Cozy! Wait up!" Sandbar exclaimed.Cozy Glow stopped and turned towards them.

"Hi Cozy.What are you doing?"Apple Bloom asked.

"Hi everypony! I'm following Patty Peppermint. She has been acting very suspicious lately and I am trying to find out what she is up to." Cozy Glow said "I saw her heading towards the catacombs so I followed her here. I was about to go down the caves when you guys arrived ."

"Do you want us to come with you?" Sweetie Belle asked her.

"Sure !" Cozy Glow said .

"Come on everypony let's go!" Scootaloo said.

They all went down the crystal caves and looked in shock to see Starlight Glimmer trapped in a barrier with six artifacts surrounding it in a magic circle.

"Enjoying yourself in there, Starlight? I'm sorry I had to push you in." Patty Peppermint said "But what else could I do? You were going to ruin all of our plans."

Sandbar,The Cutie Mark Crusaders and Cozy Glow gasped.

"You might get some company soon, if I can't get that annoying Neighsay to back off! " Patty Peppermint said,she inhaled then exhaled . "All this magic needs time to drain from Equestria before my vortex sucks it to another realm."

Then Patty Peppermint giggled .

"Three days can sure seem like forever, huh? You know, you ponies got it all wrong ." Patty Peppermint said "Friendship isn't magic. Friendship is power! With Twilight and her lackeys out of my way, all of Equestria will bow to me! The future Empress of Friendship! "

Then Patty Peppermint laughed evilly as Sandbar,The Cutie Mark Cursaders and Cozy Glow looked at her in shock .

Chapter 6:The Young 6 Reunion

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Meanwhile in Tartarus…

"Patty Peppermint is behind all of this?!" Twilight Sparkle exclaimed

"Who's that?" Spike asked her.

"She is a student in the School of Friendship." Twilight told him. Tirek laughed.

"I'm not usually a fan of ponies, but draining your precious world of magic so she could trap the six of you was inspiring!" Lord Tirek said.

"Um, there's seven of us." Spike told him.

"I knew we shouldn't have left!" Twilight said.

"But Starlight's in charge at the school and Cozy Glow is helping her." Applejack "If anypony can stop Patty Peppermint, it's them."

"She's outsmarted the six of you."Lord Tirek said "I doubt this Starlight and Cozy stand a chance!"

"We have to get out of here." Twilight said "Our students can't handle Patty on their own."

"Then I guess we'll just have to bust our way out!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.She tried to break the door but she failed.

"That didn't work." Rainbow Dash said.

"Not everything can be solved with brute force." Rarity said "We need magic to escape."

"Maybe there's a way to get out without magic. " Pinkie Pie said "Like a secret lever or a secret button or a secret admirer who knows a secret about you but is all, "Your secret's safe with me because I put it in Tartarus and I have a key!" "

"I'm afraid not." Twilight said "The most powerful villains and monsters of all time are trapped here. And without our magic, so are we."

Cerberus whimpered and slurped which gave Twilight an idea.

"Unless... These creatures might be losing their magical powers, but there's still a magic that makes up what they are. Maybe we can borrow some of that. " Twilight Sparkle said.The cockatrice hissedç

At The School of Friendship,Patty Peppermint entered "Headstallion" Neighsay's Office.

"Uh, excuse me? Um, Chancellor Neighsay?" Patty Peppermint said.

"You might as well get used to calling me Headstallion Neighsay." Chancellor Neighsay said " I plan to be here for quite some time."

"Gee, it sure is a relief to have somepony in charge, what with the magical crisis going on." Patty Peppermint said "And we're all so grateful to you for taking care of those... non-ponies. But doesn't the EEA need you?"

"What the EEA needs is somepony to protect this school from the threats at Equestria's borders instead of gallivanting off on adventures beyond them." Chancellor Neighsay said.

"Twilight didn't just run off willy-nilly. She left Starlight in charge, who decided to leave Cozy Glow in charge when she left to help Twilight and her friends." Patty Peppermint said " I'm sure Cozy Glow can handle all of this by herself."

"Another in a long list of mistakes the Princess of Friendship has made. " Chancellor Neighsay said "Rest assured, from now on, this school shall be run according to strict EEA guidelines."

Patty Peppermint opened the door.

"The way it always should've been." Chancellor Neighsay continued.

"Well, that sounds just peachy" Patty Peppermint said,then she closed the door " ...Headstallion Neighsay."

Meanwhile,with Sandbar,The CMC's and Cozy Glow.

"Patty Peppermint did all of this? How? Why?" Sweetie Belle exclaimed.

" I don't know." Cozy Glow said " I wish I had questioned her when she gave me that letter! "

"It's okay,Cozy." Scootaloo said "You couldn't have known."

"Come on, y'all." Apple Bloom said " We gotta get Starlight out of there before she comes back. "

The Cursaders and Cozy Glow headed towards the magical barrier.

"Wait!" Sandbar exclaimed.Sweetie Belle nearly got sucked in by the magic.

"Sweetie Belle! " Scootaloo exclaimed.

"Help!" Sweetie Belle said.Then they got Sweetie Belle out.

"That's gotta be what's suckin' up all the magic in Equestria." Apple Bloom said.

"But if that's true, then Twilight and the others went to Tartarus for nothing." Cozy Glow said,sad that she had indirectly helped Patty Peppermint.

"And if all of Equestria's magic's getting sucked up in there, there's no way for them to get back!" Sandbar exclaimed.

"We need to get help!" Scootaloo said.

"But Starlight's trapped here, and there's no way to get word to Celestia or anypony else!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed

"I guess we're on our own." Apple Bloom said.

"Not exactly!" Cozy Glow said.

Meanwhile in the student dorm ,Gallus tried to opened the door but failed.

"Still locked, huh?" Smolder said.

"We gotta at least try to get out." Gallus said

" Why? If Sandbar's turned his back on us, every other pony probably has, too." Ocellus said.

"Sandbar not turn his back!" Yona exclaimed. "Sandbar is our friend!"

"Uh, did you miss the part where he said he didn't want anything to do with us?" Smolder asked her.

"Maybe he just said that so one of us could be free to snoop around and figure out what's going on. " Silverstream said.

The lock unlatched revealing Sandbar,Cozy Glow and the CMC.

"I dunno. That sounds too clever for a pony to come up with." Sandbar said.Yona happily pounced on Sandbar.

"Yona knew Sandbar was still our friend!" Yona exclaimed.

"We all are." Sweetie Belle said.

"Except for Patty Peppermint." Scootaloo said.

"That pony is not who we thought she was" Cozy Glow said.

"She's the one draining magic out of Equestria!" Apple Bloom exclaimed.

"What?!" exclaimed the Young 6 besides Sandbar.

"We'll explain on the way." Sandbar said "But right now, we gotta get to get to Chancellor Neighsay."

"Huh?" Gallus said.

"I know he doesn't like non-ponies." Sandbar said "But if we tell him what's going on, he'll help."

Chapter 7:The Students Turn Against Chancellor Neighsay

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At the School of Friendship ,an assembly was being held…

"I am sure you are all concerned about the magic situation. But I want to assure you that this institution is safe, despite the absence of your headmare."Chancellor Neighsay said "As your new headstallion, let me be the first to say that the reign of Princess Twilight is over! From now on, this school will adhere to EEA doctrine, as it should have from the start!"

The students started talking amongst themselves.Patty Peppermint clapped.

"Thank you, Chancellor Neighsay, for that rousing speech. I know you're a stallion who truly believes what you say." Patty Peppermint said.Then she stood with the other students and continued "And when you say this school will be run according to EEA doctrine, I know you mean it. And when you say there won't be any more lessons from the Princess of Friendship at the School of Friendship, I guess you mean that, too. "

"That's not exactly what— " Chancellor Neighsay started saying but he got cut off.

"But Twilight decided to run her school outside of the EEA guidelines." Patty continued " And even though you tried to stop her, Princesses Celestia and Luna trusted her enough to support her."

"Well, I-I wouldn't say that—" Chancellor Neighsay started saying but got cut off again

"So, since I know you mean what you say, my question is really for the students." Patty Peppermint said "Are we going to give the pony who already tried to wreck Twilight's school once another chance to do it? "

The students glared at Chancellor Neighsay.

"I guess things will have to stay the way Twilight wants them." Patty said. The students tackled Chancellor Neighsay and took him to Twilight's Office.The Young 6, The Cutie Mark Cursaders and Cozy Glow were hidding in a closet.

"Okay. So maybe we need a new plan." Sandbar said and the others looked at him in worry.

Inside Twilight's Office the students had chained Chancellor Neighsay to Twilight's Chair.

"Oh, oh, not too tight." Patty Peppermint said "We don't want to hurt the Chancellor."

Patty Peppermint put on a padlock.

"I'm sure Twilight will know what to do with him when she gets back." Patty Peppermint said "Now, back to class, everyone. We let the EEA disrupt our friendship studies long enough."

She closed the door and smirked evilly at Chancellor Neighsay.

"Why are you doing this?" Chancellor Neighsay said "I thought you wanted to have somepony in charge of the school."

"Oh, I do. You just aren't the pony I had in mind." Patty Peppermint said as she threw Chancellor Neighsay's seal into the thrash and put down a box of personal belongings on the desk.

"I can't very well have the EEA running the school if I want to run it myself. Of course, this is just the beginning." Patty Peppermint said "You see, if there's one thing I've learned here, it's that friendship is the most powerful thing there is. And as headmare of the School of Friendship, nopony will have more friends than me! Making me the most powerful pony in Equestria!"

Patty Peppermint laughed evilly as Chancellor Neighsay gullped.

Chapter 8:The Young 6 and Cozy Glow Free Chancellor Neighsay

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The Cutie Mark Cursaders approached Patty Peppermint,who was giggling evilly.

"Hey, Patty Pepppermint! What's so funny?" Sweetie Belle said.

"Is there anything we can help you with?" Apple Bloom asked her.

"We can hang out with you all day if you want!" Scootaloo exclaimed.

"Actually there is something I need help with." Patty Peppermint said.

Then they all walked down the hall giving the Young 6 and Cozy Glow the chance to sneak into Twilight's Office where they found Chancellor Neighsay trying to break free.

"Oh, wonderful." Chancellor Neighsay said "I suppose you've all come to gloat?"

"Actually, we've come to undo all these chains and free you!" Silverstream exclaimed.

"But... But why?" Chancellor Neighsay asked them

"Now that nasty pony met even nastier pony, maybe nasty pony not be so nasty." Yona said.
Then the Young 6 and Cozy Glow freed Chancellor Neighsay.

"Also, we'd kind of like to stop Patty before she drains all the magic from Equestria." Sandbar said.

"She's behind that as well? I must get word to Celestia and Luna." Chancellor Neighsay saidç

"How will you do that?" Cozy Glow asked Chancellor Neighsay.

"Without magic, it'll take forever to get to them." Sandbar added.

"While it's true that unicorns have lost their ability to cast spells, the most potent magic in Equestria is housed in our... artifacts." Chancellor Neighsay said "The EEA medallion allows me to travel throughout Equestria. Its magic worked when I chained you up. Perhaps it still has enough to send me to the princesses."

"I'll come with you,Chancellor Neighsay." Cozy Glow said "The princesses might understand the situation better if they know all the details and I know much more about this situation then you."

"I guess that makes sense." Chancellor Neighsay said.Then he tapped his medallion and opened a portal.

"Good luck!" Cozy Glow exclaimed to the Young 6.

"Good luck,Cozy!" Silverstream exclaimed.Then Chancellor Neighsay and Cozy Glow stepped into the portal.

"I hope they make it." Ocellus said.

"I hope he doesn't lock us up again when they come back." Smolder said.

"If they come back." Gallus reminded them.

"Everything's gonna be fine!" Silverstream said "Twilight and the others are probably already on their way!"

Meanwhile in Tartarus with the Main 6 and Spike…

"Um, are you sure there's magic in Cerberus?" Fluttershy asked Twilight Sparkle "Clarissa the pig has two tails, and while her singing voice is lovely, I don't think it's magical."

"We need to try everything if we want to get out of here." Twilight said.

"I don't know. Tartarus isn't so bad." Pinkie Pie said,holding up marshmallows to the Chimera "I could hang out here for a while!"
Then the marshmallows got destroyed by the Ram's fire breath.

"Eh. Maybe not forever though." Pinkie Pie said.

"But that is just what it will be!" Lord Tirek said "If my protégé has followed my instructions, by sunset tonight, every last vestige of Equestrian magic will disappear into the ether forever!"

"Have you even thought about what losing magic would mean?" Twilight asked him.

"It means the six of you will be trapped here! Like me!" Tirek said.

"Seven!" Spike exclaimed.

"Exactly. It means you're trapped here. Forever. With us." Twilight said.

"Uhhhh... I hadn't thought of it like that." Lord Tirek admitted.

"So, what do we do, Twilight?" Spike asked.

"Dash and Applejack nearly have Cerberus tired out." Twilight said "If Rarity pitches in, I think they can get him to sit still long enough to try what I have in mind."

" I'm sure I can get the other monsters to help." Fluttershy said,then she whispered to Spike"Besides, I would never call them monsters."

"What about Tirek? He's probably got some magic, too, right?" Spike said.

"Leave him to me." Pinkie Pie said.

"Down!" Rarity told Cerberus .Cerberus obeyed Rarity.

"Okay, everyone! Time to show Equestria that you aren't monsters!" Fluttershy told the creatures "You're wonderful, mystical creatures!"

"I know it's not your birthday, so
You get a party, even though
We'll sing and dance from one to ten
And then we'll do it all again!
More tea, Princess Pudding Rock? Oh! Don't mind if I do! " Pinkie Pie sang to Tirek.
"I can do this for all of eternity." Pinkie told him.

"Fine! I'll help you leave! Just please stop!" Lord Tirek exclaimed.

"Tirek's in!" Pinkie Pie said.

Elsewhere ,With The Cutie Mark Cursaders and Patty Peppermint…

"So what do you need our help with,Patty?"
"To tell you the truth, the thing I need help with most is cleaning." Patty Peppermint said "I need to clean the entire school but I can't do it by myself."

"Say no more." Sweetie Belle said "Just take us around the school and show us everything you want cleaned!"

" Well, actually, you could start right in here." Patty Peppermint said,opening the door to a closet.

"It looks pretty clean already." Scootaloo said.Patty Peppermint slamed the door to the closet.

"Do you three think you can fool me?!" She exclaimed "I know a diversion when I see it!"

Chapter 9: The Main 6 And Spike Get Out Of Tartarus

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The Young 6 were in the catacombs underneath the school…

"Uh, why pony lead us back down here?" Yona asked.

"We obviously can't handle Patty on our own." Sandbar said "But we can't just sit around and wait for help. So, there's one more prisoner I think we should free."

"Ooh! I guess Starlight!" Silverstream said "Is it Starlight?"

"Counselor pony, come out!" Yona exclaimed "We need help with nasty pony!"

"She can't talk to us from in there." Sandbar said "We'll have to figure a way to get her out."

"Hey! This is just like chapter twelve in "Kanthaka's Facts and Artifacts" from Twilight's class!" Gallus exclaimed.

Everyone looked at him.

"What? I've been studying." Gallus said "Finals are coming up, you know?"

"Actually, I remember that, too!" Ocellus said "Patty must've linked these artifacts to act like a mystical magnet, attracting all the magic in Equestria into that orb."

"So, we can shut it down by yanking one of these things out, right?"Smolder asked.

"Sure, though that would probably cause a magical feedback loop and destroy the whole school!" Ocellus said.

"Destroy the School of Friendship?!" Patty Peppermint said,flying towards them with the rest of the students behind her "Oh, dear! Chancellor Neighsay was wrong about a lot of things, but I guess he was right about all of you!"

Back in Tartarus; the Cockatrice,Chimera,Bugbear and Manticore were all lined up by Fluttershy.

"All right." Twilight Sparkle said "Is everypony ready?"

"Sit! Good!" Rarity told Cerberus ,"I can't say for how much longer." She told Twilight.

"All eternity!" Pinkie Pie told Tirek.

"Yes, by all means, please!" Lord Tirek said "Just get on with it!"

Twilight Sparkle closed her eyes and raised her horn.Then she coughed.

"There's your cue, you evil centaur, you." Pinkie Pie said.Tirek shot out orange magic towards Twilight's horn,who grunted as she recieved it.The Cockatrice,Chimera,Bugbear,Manticore and Cerberus shot out turquoise,green,red and yellow magic towards Twilight's horn.Twilight grunted as she recieved it.

"That's it!" Twilight exclaimed "I think it's working!"

Twilight blasted magic at the doors opening them but she strained in the process.

"Come on!" Twilight exclaimed "I don't know how long I can hold it!"

"Good boy!" Rainbow Dash told Cerberus.She,Applejack and Rarity rushed out.

"Bye, friends." Fluttershy told the creatures,who rushed out "Hopefully, we'll be able to turn you all back into your normal, wonderful selves soon."

Rainbow Dash grabbed Fluttershy and flied out.Spike flied out.

"Thanks for the assist, your redness!" Pinkie Pie told Lord Tirek.

Then Pinkie Pie rushed out.The magic started fadding from Twilight as the door started cosing but she flied out.Twilight landed on the ground outside,exhausted.

"Yay! Twilight did it!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

"I couldn't have done it without all your help." Twilight Sparkle said.

"I'm not sure we did!" Rarity said,pointing towards the sunset.

"No!" Twilight Sparkle exclaimed.

"Tirek said all of Equestria's magic would be gone at sunset." Applejack said.

"Without magic, there's no way we'll get back to the school in time!" Twilight Sparkle exclaimed.

"What does that mean?" Fluttershy asked.

"It means... we've failed!" Twilight said.

Chapter 10:The Return Of The Magic

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Meanwhile ,with the Young 6...

"After everything Twilight's done for you, why would you want to destroy her school?" Patty Peppermint said.

"We don't!" Gallus said "You're the one using these artifacts to drain magic from Equestria!"

"Me?! We all just saw you with your claws all over them!" Patty Peppermint said,then gasped "It all makes sense. These creatures want magic gone from Equestria because it's the only thing ponies have that they don't!"

"Technically, there's a magical component when Silverstream and I transform." Ocellus said.

"And Yona's friends' friendship is magic! Twilight said!" Yona exclaimed.

"And you repay her by sending her to Tartarus on a wild goose chase so you could destroy everything she built!" Patty Peppermint said,then she gasped "They've even trapped Starlight in that-that thing! We have to defend this school!"

The students tried to stop the Young 6.

"No! No, don't listen to her!" Sandbar exclaimed.

[Young Six and students shouting and grunting]
Gallus: [screams]
Smolder: Gallus!
Rest of Young Six: [grunting]
[vortex swirling]
"They just sacrificed themselves trying to save their friend."One of the students,Citrine Spark said "Professor Dash always said there's nothing more loyal than that. Shouldn't we try to save them?"

"They brought this on themselves." Patty Pepperint said "There's nothing we can do."

"That doesn't seem very generous. Or kind." Another student said.

"Yeah, yeah. The Elements of Harmony are very important." Patty Peppermint said "They're just not applicable in every circumstance. And with magic gone from Equestria, I'm not even sure the Tree of Harmony will be as helpful as it once was."

The Tree of Harmony saved the Young 6.Smolder glowed blue,Yona glowed orange,Silverstream glowed pink,Ocellus glowed White,Sandbar glowed yellow and Gallus glowed purple.

"What's happening?!" Patty Peppermint exclaimed.

"They're glowing like the Elements! I think the Tree of Harmony saved them!" One of the students said.

"Guess our friendship is pretty magical after all." Gallus said.

"Hurry! Grab the artifacts!" Ocellus said.

"Um, didn't you say that could destroy the school?" Silverstream asked.

"But if we don't try, we could lose magic forever!" Ocellus exclaimed.

"You all better get clear!" Smolder said.

The students screamed and started runing away.

"Wait! Where are you going?!" Patty Peppermint exclaimed "Stoooooop!"

Silverstream grabbed Amulet of Aurora,Ocellus grabbed the Talsiman of Mirage,Yona grabbed the Helm of Yksler,Gallus grabbed the Crown of Grover,Smolder grabbed Knuckerbocker's Shell and Sandbar grabbed Clover the Clever's Cloak.All the magic of Equestria got returned to it's rightfull owners.Princess Celestia,Princess Luna,Chancellor Neighsay,Cozy Glow and the royal guards had been walking towards the School of Friendship when they got their magic back.

"Counselor pony!" Yona exclaimed,hugging Starlight Glimmer tightly.

"Uh, it's nice to see you, too." Starlight Glimmer said as she pulled Yona away from her using her magic.

"I guess magic is back." Ocellus said.

"You've ruined everything!" Patty Peppermint exclaimed "Now Twilight and her ridiculous friends can escape from Tartarus!"

The Main 6 and Spike teleported to the School of Friendship and glared at Patty Peppermint.

"I mean... Yay! All my friends are safe!" Patty Peppermint said.

"You can drop the act,Patty Peppermint!" Applejack exclaimed "Your pen pal Tirek told us all about how he helped you suck up all that magic!"

"But I still don't understand why." Twilight Sparkle said.

"Why?! Because friendship is power!" Patty Peppermint said "You might be the Princess of Friendship, but as headmare of this school, I can collect even more friends than you!"

The students started talking amongst themselves.

"You're the one who doesn't get it, Patty." Twilight said "Friendship is powerful, but power isn't why you make friends. I'm sorry I couldn't teach you that."

"Well, you taught us." Gallus said.

"You can't let one bad apple make you think you failed." Silverstream said.

"And we never could've stopped her if we hadn't learned what you taught us about friendship." Sandbar said.

"Honesty? Loyalty? Generosity? Blah-blah-blah!" Patty Peppermint said "I can make more friends without using any of them! And if I can't do it here, I'll do it somewhere else!" She tried to fly away but some of her fellow students blocked her way.

Then she flew in another direction but Chancellor Neighsay,Cozy Glow,Princess Celestia and Princess Luna arrived and blocked her way.

"Yeah...I don't think so!" Cozy Glow exclaimed.Then Patty Peppermint looked at the sky and saw the royal guard,ready to block her if she dared to escape.

Chapter 11:The Epilogue

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The next morning Princess Celestia,Princess Twilight,Cozy Glow and Chancellor Neighsay were walking down the hallway at the School of Friendship

"I'm glad you're back in charge of the school,Headmare Twilight." Cozy Glow said.Then Chancellor Neighsay opened the door with magic.

"I'm glad too ." Chancellor Neighsay "It's clear to me now that there isn't anypony better suited for the job."

"What's going on?" Twilight Sparkle asked the Student 6 and Spike.

"Hi, Headmare Twilight!" Silverstream "We're just practicing for graduation!"

"Graduation?" Twilight Sparkle said.

"Now that we've saved Equestria, we figure we're done with school." Gallus said.

Twilight Sparkle and Chancellor Neighsay laughed.

"Saving Equestria is nice, but I'm afraid it'll take more than one semester to learn all there is to know about friendship." Twilight said.

"I told you,didn't I?" Spike said to the Young 6.

"Awwww…" The Young 6 said.

"Your headmare is right." Chancellor Neighsay said "I thought friendship was something only ponies should share with each other. But you all taught me how wrong I was. I suppose true friendship can take a lifetime to understand."

"If it were easy to learn, we wouldn't need a school." Cozy Glow said.Then the Cutie Mark Cursader finally got out of the closet Patty Peppermint had locked them in.

"We held her off as long as we could!"Apple Bloom said.

"But she locked us in this closet!" Scootaloo said.

"What happened?! Is everything all right?! Where's Patty Peppermint?!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed.Everyone except the Cutie Mark Cursaders laughed.

"Relax ,everything's okay." Cozy Glow reassured them.

"Yeah,everything worked out just fine." Twilight said

"As for Patty Peppermint, I can assure you — where she's going, she won't be causing any more trouble." Princess Celestia said.

Meanwhile in Tartarus,Cerbereus whimpered.

"Of course it's boring here now!" Lord Tirek said "But at least you're not in a cage!"

Then a portal opened.Princess Luna and two royal guards came out of it.Then they locked Patty Peppermint in a cage and left.

"Hey, neighbor. Wanna be friends?" Patty Peppermint said.