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Genki Griffon

"If it's cute, it's evil!" Procrastinating writer in dire need of aspiration. Be patient with me, I'm trying. I enjoy stories with happy endings, no matter how much suffering was caused to get it!


You are Ditzy Doo. A middle-aged mare who is her own boss working in your own postal service company. You forget what it's called from time to time but that's okay. You hear voices in your head that give you wisdom. Most of the time it's just garbage that makes you do stupid stuff but you listen to them because you have no sense of awareness. But that's okay because you're Ditzy Doo and you can Doo whatever you want...within the law of course...and within reason.

"Is that you Anon? Wha-what your in my hea"-
Hell no muffin stuffer shhh shhhh stay silent, your queue isn't up.

A "Tell your own Tale" Writing Game where I, the dominant voice in Derpy's head, tell her what to do based on the lesser voices, you people in the comments. Let's work together to make this the most boring, most awesome, most dumbest crap this website has ever seen. I have already given up HAZZAH! I haven't felt an emotion in yeeeears!

(Will be Updated Regularly)
First, MLP, Story. Wanted to break y'all in before I unleash darker stuff. What better way with laughs and community interaction.

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So does the most said answer win, or the the most liked answer?

The answer I like the most WINS
Equal to that regard, The most LIKED Comment is also HIGHLY recommended!

I am the Conductor, and everyone is the caboose!
I won't update the story if nobody comments I will be true to that too. No Comment, No Update!
If the story gains traction I may have to make more rules, but for now, lets all just have fun making Derpy do things.

Too derpy from landon
"You should hire a pony like dash but smart like twilight so the don't mess up"!

Mah favorite background character got a new story. Yay.

I say let berry crash on the couch until she sobers up because she might be close to passing out

Ditzy should give her a sleep pill muffin, and THEN deliver the package! :derpyderp1:

Or, just completely ignore her and grab the package.

Voices by the hundreds are clambering for your attention, but it's your 'job' to weed them out! Ditzy Doo can't be too crazy after all! One [self-proclai-(all proclaimed!)] COOL voice to rule them all, and he, it, she, me, you is definitely the one to do so.

"You can't just forget about Rainbow Dash! You ARE more Awesomer than her!"

"Well I don't think we should cau-"


"You are all being irrational, see what 'he, it, she, me, you' have to put up with to keep Ditzy Doo, Dooing as she Doo?"

"I think we should seduc-"

"-Help, Drinking Daniel over here... Was that her name? I'm not scrolling up to find out."

"Why aren't we getting Dinky to handle this? She's apparently pretty smart."

"If you're so in looooove with her-"

"-Are you the same voice as before, you know you're annoying right?"

"Agreed" "Agreed" "Agreed" "Agreed" "Agreed" etc x99999


"Ditzy deceives Dinky dubiously, dooming drunkards during daily delivery."

"Then she can politely inform Rainbow that she's better than her. Don't want to get her upset..."

"Wouldn't that do that exactly?"


"No, because she won't be able to have a comeback! Yelling at Ditzy? Won't work, that's rude. Berate her? Won't work, that's mean. Be slient? She'll have too! What is going to used her calm intellect to calmly tell her that she can't say those kinds of things, it'll offend them?"

"All choices lead to Prome!"

"Roads*. And Prome? Seriously?"

"Give her some aspirin and water."


"Berry Punch. It'll help her recover from her hangover."

"Maybe she could help with the business?"

"Wait I'm lost are we just abandoning the other idea?"

"Well you should help those who need help..."

"But we were really on to something!"

"I was skimming and I just want to say, the author didn't write that she asked for help. Just that she was drunk. Thanks bye."

"What'll come of saying she's better than Rainbow Dash? Won't Twilight just come over and solve the situation?"

"We need separate threads for this."
[Yeah I'm shutting this down]
"We're we going to smooch Berry or not?"

By Jove these are all excellent ideas! Why they are so excellent that I am proud that I thought of them all, aaaaaall by myse-ourself and in no way shape or form were there a third party in our head.
YAY me, go me, we rule! HELL YEAH!

I'll be sure to add some of these in the next update! -I mean response because this is all in her head, and not a story written by someon-I mean somepony who has not given up on Derpy!

This Story is currently on Hold. Focusing on bigger writing projects. This was mostly a shits and giggles story to laugh at myself. It will have its chance to be written upon again...one day.

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