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Genki Griffon

"If it's cute, it's evil!" Procrastinating writer in dire need of aspiration. Be patient with me, I'm trying. I enjoy stories with happy endings, no matter how much suffering was caused to get it!


A Weather Control Pegasi named Heavy Rain, who lives a minimalist life in false content over the way she lives. She has no real ambitions or will to leave her own bubble of security. It is when a life-threatening experience happens to her that she discovers that she hates her life and does everything she can to find her calling. When she starts attending Wonderbolt shows that she realizes that she wants to strive for self-betterment by becoming a Wonderbolt. All in the pursuit of her own happiness.

(Cover Art by: JaneAnDer)

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Question, why was the first chapter re-released? Am confused.

It's been revised. I wasn't happy with how grammatically incorrect it was. So I thought, why not improve the writing a bit more, give it some polishing! I do want to work on chapter 4, where I left off, but since I revised chapter 1 I may as well do 2 and 3 right? Might as well go all the way. You may or may not notice the changes but I do hope they provide a better experience. This is all to help me improve myself as a writer, even if the story isn't finished.

Expect a Chapter 2 revision soon...

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