Just Another Ditzy Routine

by Genki Griffon

First published

A "Tell your own Tale" Writing Game where comments may determine what Derpy will do throughout the story within reason.

You are Ditzy Doo. A middle-aged mare who is her own boss working in your own postal service company. You forget what it's called from time to time but that's okay. You hear voices in your head that give you wisdom. Most of the time it's just garbage that makes you do stupid stuff but you listen to them because you have no sense of awareness. But that's okay because you're Ditzy Doo and you can Doo whatever you want...within the law of course...and within reason.

"Is that you Anon? Wha-what your in my hea"-
Hell no muffin stuffer shhh shhhh stay silent, your queue isn't up.

A "Tell your own Tale" Writing Game where I, the dominant voice in Derpy's head, tell her what to do based on the lesser voices, you people in the comments. Let's work together to make this the most boring, most awesome, most dumbest crap this website has ever seen. I have already given up HAZZAH! I haven't felt an emotion in yeeeears!

(Will be Updated Regularly)
First, MLP, Story. Wanted to break y'all in before I unleash darker stuff. What better way with laughs and community interaction.

Um...Where's My Subconscious, Anon?

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You are Ditzy Doo, a middle-aged postmare who makes a living delivering mail all across Equestria. You are the boss, oh yes you are, the MVP of your own establishment! The Ditzy Doo Postal Servi- Ditzy Doo Express- The-the- Postal...Doo-Doo.you deliver mail, that’s all you need to know. YES! And you have an illness that you never told anypony before. It’s the type of illness that makes you question if you may be schizophrenic or just borderline nuts, coco-loco in the head-o. It’s called “4th Wall Awareness” as to who was the doctor that ever thought of this term you have no idea but that’s what your friend Pinkie Pie calls it. Yeah, she has it too, she is nuts, hell yeah she is!

Now let’s clear one thing up, you’re not an idiot, it’s just because of this illness it makes you do stupid shit-I mean poo-poo. Like, think that geese fly north...or was is west? South...wait which way do geese fly in the winter? Ok nevermind, you may be a little special but it’s not your fault it’s most likely the voices in your head that are at fault and definitely not yours. You didn’t ask for this, you didn’t ask to be aware of-of freaking aliens projecting thoughts into your head! That’s right the voices in your head because of your illness you hear many voices in your head that tell you to do certain things that you wouldn’t normally do. Cause you’re a smart pony or you used to be, or maybe you still are and nopony knows it yet. However, they help guide you every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, of every- well you get the point. What were we talking about? Oh, yea this story in your head that’s apparently being spoken directly into your head as we speak-you-as YOU speak. You don’t know why the voices in your head are saying all this stuff though. Must be one of those types who think they’re funny, kinda sounds like anonymous. We got ourselves a wise guy, hell you already know that you don’t sound like this in your head. You question where even is your subconscious. I mean honeslty, where is it……?

Let’s go back to the fact that you own your own business as a postmare working in your own post office. You have no employees cause you’re not quite there yet. You sware one day that you will be ready to take on the responsibility as the best boss in Equestria one day...or at least in Ponyville, but hey a pony can dream. Anyways, the sun is coming up, time to open shop. Oh, wait! But Dinky works with you but it’s not child labour cause she’s your daughter. That makes this a family business, bonus muffin points goes to you! She works for you every day after school. Sits in the back to do her homework then helps you with paperwork and sorts all the mailing files. She can do things you wish you could do, by Celestia you’re so proud of that filly. Sometimes you just want to give that little filly a ferocious belly rub then boop that snoot of hers…
What’s that look for?
You know you want to boop that cute little snoot I know I wanna boop that snoot, put my hand-hoof on that little flank-brush that mane...okay I’m making you angry let's move on, hell yeah!

“Mommy I’m cold and tired, I wanna go back to sleep”
“I do too sweetie but you know what they say, “the early bird gets the muffin” and we all need to pull our own weight. In Ponyville we all play our part.”

“Do we have to play our part so early?”

“Absolutely! Ours is arguably the most important part in all of Ponyville!”


“Mmmmhm! Weeee don’t aaaall have access to a magical dragon that sends a letter just by burning them...I tried and I had to dock my own pay...to myself. Ponies rely on Ditzy Dooooo and her little pride and joy Dinkyyy.” You give your little sunshine some deep muzzle snuggles, do please continue.

“Wow mommy I didn’t know how important we are, does that make us awesome?”

“Yes, we are tots awesome little Dinky.”

“Even more awesome then Rainbow Dash!?”

You start to feel sweat coming down your brow and your collar seems to feel unusually tight. “Pfft- I mean, well, c’mon...maybe-I-I”- You feign into coughing as you open up shop, smoooooth. Giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done, you successfully opened up your shop like the boss you are. While completely and utterly dodging a yes or no question on if you’re more awesome than Rainbow Dash. You dare not contemplate. You can feel her presence, you feel her competitive nature crawl on your back, the hairs on your fur perk up. NOPE let’s not talk about it.

Now you wait for customers to stop by requesting packages to be delivered or some shit like that. Honestly who the fuck cares about this damn story about a stupid pony delivering mail. Maybe I should go transfer my conscience to Twi-


“EEP” Startled poor Dinky teeny tiny ponk pone ahahah.

WHOA WHOA HEEEY! You get mad at your mind for cursing, we ain’t gonna do that in her house, NOPE, not in her brain we aren’t. We are strictly PG Family Friendly. Noooo cursing. You scoff, honestly where has your brain been picking up such vulgar language? Stupid stupid brain, when will you learn? When will you learn that your actions have consequences!

Oh hey look grey muffin ponk pony, another tiny pony approaches with a letter, sweet! Work, future bits for the taken...taken 2. Why it’s none other than the tooooown drunkered Berry...Berry Winemmmm-something? Hang on let me google it...Berry PUNCH that was her name, as if you could ever forget about Berry Punch. Oh look she’s drunk too, she has a letter, good, BUT she’s drunk. Drunker than a mofo. How on Equestria should you deal with this problem? It’s not like you hate her, on the contrary, you think she is swelling...on the rare chances, you find her sober. You think really hard, a smile creeps onto your face as suggestions start to flood your mind….

(Help Ditzy Doo think of what to do in order to progress the story...what on Equestria should Ditzy Doo do to confront or avoid this problem. It’s an anything-goes satire story with an autho- I mean dominate voice in her head that doesn't give any quarters. Please leave suggestions, I’m eager to see where this story can possibly lead in the future thanks to your words of wisdom. Within reason please…)