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Midnight Affection started reading the WEBTOON comic Lore Olympus and came across a particular triggering moment in one chapter. As she continues reading, she sees nothing is being done about it. So she decides to enter the world of the comic and take matters into her own hooves - erm - hands.

(Kinda inspired by the latest chapter of Lore Olympus....if you aren’t reading, I - gently -suggest you read it to get a full picture. Also, I did it to relieve a little anger myself)

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Comments ( 4 )

I knew you would write this eventually

What exactly about the latest chapter of Lore Olympus was so bad?

Without spoiling anything, nothing was bad about it. It's just a tease for a hopeful conclusion to a certain moment. You'd have to read it to see what I'm talking about

To be honest, I think we all wanted to murder Apollo after that chapter xD He's a dingdong jerk of a god.

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