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So a cool guy goes to Equestria and becomes the opposite of cool?

Have you read All Star Batman and Robin? This is as close as you can get to it without stealing Frank Miller's work.

So yes to your question.

Wait, you're being serious? I thought this was a mock fic considering the name.

Yeah. That's one way of putting it.

I have not read ASBAR although I intend to add it is coming in the mail.

*reads description*

So someone turned into Crazy Steve? Yeah, no.

I find it interesting that people are drawing parallels between Jonah and ASBAR Batman ("Crazy Steve") as that is entirely unintentional. I haven't even read ASBAR yet.

Well what else will you expect me to say? He's a fan of ASBAR and was Displaced. Who else would he become?

Not to mention this guy is clearly insane even before he went to Equestria. He wanted a copy of ASBAR for crying out loud. No sane person would do that unless they wanted to bash it online. Like Linkara.



Yeah. Fair enough. Can't argue with that.

If I've ever find this story's universe, I will hakai it because I can't even read this story at all. It's that bad.

Is this due to general Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy or Jonah being a Designated Hero? I'm curious as to why you hated the story enough to put it in a separate group just for stories you hate. What specifically irked you?


If I came across as angry, I apologise. I was genuinely asking from a place of curiosity. I appreciate your reaction and, to be honest, it's pretty understandable.

My brain is malfunctioning trying to think of a way to convey my confusion...that’s how confusing this Fic is to me.

I agree. How come Nightmare Moon comes back when Luna was shot dead in chapter one?
What the hell was that ending?
The ponies seemed aware of how evil their actions were so how deep did the mind control go?
Why was Melchior Obama?
This fic does leave a lot of questions unanswered.

I would downvote, but I laughed the entire time I read this... It's a pretty funny parody of bad Displaced fics.

Edit: Fuckit. Upvote. This whole site is dying, might as well go to hell in a blaze of dadaist glory...

In life,you must take what you need, even if it means fingering ponies in the butthole."

I laughed my ass off at this line.

Edit: Wait... Cthulhu meets Displaced? My inner narcissist says you're making fun of me. I approve.

Suddenly, a US helicopter backed up by several spaceships and Garfield

Shit. You and your Garfield bullshit...

"Oh shit! I've ingested food that isn't lasagna!" cried Garfield.

This line is even better when you read it in his half bored voice from the cartoon...

Can we get this story to fifty dislikes?

This should had been a one-shot story.

In retrospect, yeah. it's not that long and breaking it up into chapters needlessly breaks up the experience.

That's some good stuff right there.

The three ponies obliged with gusto and soon they had six chickens to take back to their village. That means they fingered her butthole 18 times. In rotation of course. Jonah wasn't an animal. After having exercised his righteous will over the populace once again, Jonah did a little jig. And then Cthulu popped out of the broom closet.

Gay cthulu

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