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Hand it over. That thing, your dark soul.

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The Anon of this story sounds so much like Jay from "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" (if you haven't seen that movie, you should--it's hilarious)...and I love it.

Already off to a great start.

Loving this so far, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Well, you know what they say. The harder the task, the sweeter the reward. :pinkiecrazy:

This interest me. Please continue!:moustache:

Someone going to tells me onerous more of Anon Old conquest still likes him

She stomped her hooves and called them to “Fall in!” The ponies formed into five parade squares, five by eight each, each led by a unicorn carrying a different flag.

Well balls!:twilightoops:
On the plus side. Starlight has a army town!

Nice update!

Well, when Starlight becomes a princess, she'll have her own loyal followers who consider her best princess.

Plus this gives Equestria what it needs. An actual reliable military force. Bring it on, future threats to Equestria.

Oh, hello ceiling fan, I'd like to introduce you to excrement, we're going to have so much fun!

Silver Bell stepped forward. “Today we mark an end to the tyranny of the sun.”

“As you all know, this year’s Festival of the New Sun is very special. For this year our leader, Starlight Glimmer, has returned!”

I presume they have "end of tyranny" annually?

“Twilight has changed Equestria far more than I could ever have dreamed, and she did it by building friendships. By repairing bridges, not incinerating them in torch fire.”

Well, Twilight or Celestia did shit when things were rough for those guys (that's the reason they're pissed in the first place), so that argument is inevitably doomed to sound hollow

Indeed. I wonder for how many years she's given the same speech.

They slept under the stars that night, secure in the knowledge they were thoroughly screwed.

... Genius

Wow, really nice!👏

this story is geting good I meant really moist

oi cut him a bit of slack, Starlight - he did basically save your life after all, and everyone knows public transport is absolute shit

Well, shit! He's either fucked or going to get fucked!

Hell of a cliff. Stay tuned!:moustache:

*<>* could we get a sub chapter explaining how she found them ? plz

99 boops on the wall

Take one down and a pony falls?

*<>* As he adjusted her support, he noticed how springy her butt was. Nice.
Yea he definitely didnt plan to take her back with them .... Shes been following him whilst injured ... She wants that monster D

But... boop means hi...

"For a day of harassment, the fee is a butt grab!" Nice!

Steed Battalion?

Any chance this is a reference to that old Capcom Xbox game with the insane controller?

Game was amazing.
Imperfect, but unlike anything I've ever played.
You get a chance to play it?

Sadly, no. My Xbox was stolen in a burglary, forever cutting me off from that and many other games.

So I'm getting this weird lovecraftian sex god juice vibe. Like behind that door is a weird monster they're extracting "fluids" from like fururama slurm, And it has the side effect of simulating heat-like effects in those that taste it (I'm probably way off this isn't something I usually imagine in my head please don't think I'm weird.). Also shame on Anon for lying.

9479350 Sounded like a Breaking Bad reference to me, only with an aphrodisiac instead of crystal meth.

*<>* shes in early estrus unless Chloride drugged her with a kiss... What is that Blue goo ? Me thinks something sinister going on in th background ...

Well in a turn of events I ended up hooked. Hope you update this soon. Add some more little drama here and there. Anyways, Warhammer chapter when?

Stupid ass, allowing himself to be played like that.

I feel like the next chapter is going need a 'dubious consent' tag on it.

Lovely. Maybe the rust is finally falling from these old fingers. There should be more now that I'm remembering my emotional beats.

The Warhammer chapter is like the clop chapter, a check still to be cashed.


A Warhammer themed clop chapter?

...Now Im even more hooked.

No but in all seriousness, youve got talent mate. Keep at it.

Oh shit. "Rage".
With a title like that, I'm both excited and spooked. Here we go!

Well damn this chapter was a roller coaster in the best possible way. From depression to worry, then world shaking rage, back to depression, then elation. Wonderful work.

She told the faggots to buck off.

See that's why I love your writing, I was super tense and now I'm giggling like an idiot

Beep #49 · Mar 6th, 2019 · · · Rage ·

You. Yooooouuuuu....motherfucker. You couldve well made this chapter hell of a lot longer and more dramatic. I was not expecting the spear, I was expecting kiss transfer and Chloride killing Anon. Not the Glimmy Glam. I am sure as hell going to make art of this, this needs art man. Something better than a meme. I will take upon this righteous quest and do it.

P.S. Ill make Anon ripped as fuck

That's very kind of you, but please don't go out of your way.

Haha, you're right, i could have. But i have to save tension for later too! We're only have way done.

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