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I fucking love the southpark reference you made :rainbowlaugh:

I'm watching this with interest. Pretty great so far!

so basically the moral of the story is, if you can't get a job turn to drugs to make money 😃

Damn, this shits got me laughing. Hope to see more and more!

Comment posted by Dragons_creed69 deleted January 11th

FINALLY!!! A genuinely smart filly Anon and one that I'm actually rutting for, thank you, I'll be looking forward to this story

I needs me some more of this serious gourmet shit.

I liked this joke when I first saw it.

drugs make everything better
(for legal reasons this is a joke)

i think you meant "root" because rutting isnt something you want to do to a filly

I'm from Brasil gimme a break!

Anon has Spy from Team Fortress 2 powers.

go back to brazil you filthy animal :rainbowlaugh:

Not exactly relevant to your beef with Brazil, but here's a video picking on the french.

On a separate note unrelated to your beef, I'm kinda hoping that anon pulls a Facehugger and scares someone in the story at some point in the story.

no beef, just memes.

Unless there's steaks, because a good cut of steak is something we can all get behind.

All right, fair enough, that makes sense. Although I prefer pork, the fat on beef is just way too chewy. Feels like I'm eating gum I found underneath a crappy fryer in from an even crappier -2 star restaurant. But that's just me.

Is this how g5 starts?

please don't make it so his world domination fails

This is now this version of anon's theme song
You're Gonna Go Far Kid

That happens when it's a poorer cut of beef. If you get something decent the fat will render as you cook and turn soft and juicy. Chewy fat on beef can also be mitigated by cooking slower and not as hot. If you fry the hell out of the steak the fatty parts can get pretty crappy after all, cook them medium-rare with a low and slow heat and it will be a lot better.

Ah yes, back before The Offspring started shilling on behalf of the oligarchs.

Now they're almost as bad as Rage On Behalf of the Machine (Rage Against the Machine).

I have an idea for where this can go

What if anon keeps doing that for a few weeks - months, he has a few close calls about being found out but in the end no one knows it's him, then he tells each group of ponies to capture the alicorns since they wouldn't harm their little ponies who are just being controlled by a masked pony (AKA Anon, but they don't know that) and bring them all together, he makes illusions of himself with the alicorn amulet and rules over each sub species of ponies, when the alicorns are gathered he puts on a show that makes it look like the respective magic of each race goes to a different anon, like all their alicorn earth pony magic goes to earth pony anon and the same thing happens for the rest of his illusions (but in truth he got all the magic), then the alicorns revert back to how they were before they became alicorns ( and flurry heart turns into a pegasus to be with cadence), when that happens the species separate while anon now has the power of all alicorns, the different species barely interacts with each other anymore and when they do it results in a fight, and that goes on for years until we reach gen 5 where each race is ruled by one of anons illusions.

Earth ponies build huge cities and farming communities
Unicorns use their magic to control the weather and earth
Pegasie use their magic to control the weather while some stay on the ground and do farm work
And anon make an illusion of the sun and moon moving on its own but in truth he is the one who does it

I'm not a good story writer, I mostly come up with ideas that would make amazing stories, but since I don't have anyone to write for me I just say my ideas when they come or forget them a few minutes later.

I'd like some opinions on this idea

Well this one is a bop in my opinion and it fits in the story.

I really hope that there is gonna be a sequel.

It a better explanation then we got in the movie

...Well... That happened, I guess... SO! Who's up for Chinese?

I meanwhile have no such reservations


why do i feel there is a alternate chapter where anon fools faust into making her a god

"Well, Annie isn't exactly a name any pony would have, and given your question of a mark, Anonymous suits you well, little filly." Twilight says calmly, doing her absoLUTE best to reflect her mentor right now, after the worm comment.

I actually like the idea of anon being a name given to them instead of them choosing it. Normally it's just because they want to keep themselves secret or because it's supposed to be a y/n story but I like this twist, I'm sure it's been done already but I haven't seen it anywhere else yet.

This is the police, we're robbing you.

When you realize you’re ability is the Spy’s from tf2:moustache:

“Aster, we need to cook. Ponyville needs its ‘cough medicine’!”

11/10 loved this! Short, funny, and made some sense. Great job! :derpytongue2:

haha,how anon would think that she(or he,whatever) had a brother lul, terrific chapter *bits:twilightsmile:

Probably just that the fat wasn't rendered enough. You could alternatively cut out the fat if you wished to, kinda like how Adam Ragusea trims his ribeye steaks.

Yeah, that's what I usually do whenever steak winds up on my plate. I was just voicing my dislike of it.

Googles *how to make drugs*
FBI agent leans in to his screen
“…in Minecraft”
FBI: “Oh, come on!”

Wow. I liked the story but that ending was…meh? It kinda crashed so hard there were no survivors.

To be fair, this story was initially a shitpost of an idea that got a little out of control.

Understand. And not sure what else to do, it’s just kind of jarring in the suddenness of the ending. Not really complaining.

Now I understand what the "random" tag really means :rainbowlaugh:

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