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Sorry if I'm slow to upload. I'm more of a reader than a writer.

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"That's a troubling thought. But… I suppose you're right. Grogar, Tirek, all of them… they never deserved to live. Especially since they chose not to reform when given the choice." Luna said with a sigh.

She didn't mention how these villains that supposedly can't be reformed were close to being reformed if not for Discord wanting them to be final bosses for Twilight to beat up.

They never even tried to learn why they become villains.
Also, you can't try reforming every villain ,using the same method and expecting the same results.

You can't help a drug addict or thief the same way. Hell, you can't even sometimes help drug addict the same way as with another drug addict, because of how many reasons there can be

There was even a Nightmare Rarity in the comics."

Also, she mentioned comics but didn't even mention what Amore did to Sombra in the comics,didn't help him when crystal heart was torturing him when he was a child

Is this a rewrite? If so, you’ve outdone yourself.

Amazing chapter.

Can’t wait for the next one.

Glad to see you back in the game my friend.

Yep! Thanks, I really pushed this to be better than it was.

Alternate universe, and brevity. I chose to gloss over details because they didn't matter as much as the Ruin soon will.

..Did you reboot this story?

These details will be impprtant when these villains will want to join and leave the planet with them

feels rushed but i like it so far

Aunque este den todo de golpe se sienta algo rápido aún así es un buen trabajo

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