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Hi, I'm a noobile gamer and an even more hopeless writer. Please enjoy my garbage, I worked hard on it. My Discord is Switchlock#3854


I'm yet another victim of the string of incidents in our world. I knew about the Displaced beforehand, but I wasn't clever enough to avoid no them. Now, I'm an alien on a horse covered planet. And may God help me to stop what's coming our way.

Crossovers will be open after chapter 3.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 6 )

is there gonna be any Avali showing up?

You may want to include a status in your story's description about cross-overs with other displaced or if you plan to keep your story pure.

I wonder what the status of your ship is? Is S.A.I.L. still operationaly? Did the ruin track you? Is there a gate on equis? So many questions.

I look forward for more this is great

*Clasps Hands loudly* All right people I'm glad I got on tonight

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