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Princess Twilight Sparkle is far more than just a household name. She's defeated countless villains, brought the magic of friendship to Equestria, and traveled across dimensions to make her mark on more than one universe.

Twilight Sparkle's daughter knows all of this, and when the time comes for her to take the next step in her own life, she begins to worry what legacy she'll leave behind.

Rated T for mild profanity and proofread by the awesome AShadowOfCygnus.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Beautiful so beautiful. It does make me think just what the kids of the Mane 6 are going to think of their mothers but what is going to be expected of them.

Congrats, dude! And thanks for having me on-board to edit. :twilightsmile:

This story really highlights how hard the Elements as parents would be hard to measure up to

I love the concept here, but the execution could use some work. The style here is just too telly, and there is very little left to subtext.

Thanks for the feedback! Many people agree, and it'll be something I look to work on in future stories :pinkiehappy:

I wish them all the best.

I swear that if This Twilight's dad is Big Mac, I will downvote this into oblivion. Would be nice if you said who it was.

Unless I missed it.

I did not say who it was, but it is definitely not him. Twilight Jr. mentions specifically that she has a lime green coat, which she got from her father.

Is that any named character I honestly don't know. Glad it's not that other one.

I did not have anyone in mind when I wrote it. I did imply who Prism’s father was in this story, but I did not want Twilight Jr.’s to be important so it is not any named pony.

Touching. This was a great read:

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