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Sunset Shimmer has made many mistakes. She's been rude to others. She's been completely oblivious to the power that friendship has. And she's turned into a massive, flaming demon of rage and attempted to enslave a small group of teenage students.

Sunset's had plenty of time to learn from her mistakes in the human world, but home is where the heart is, and Sunset Shimmer is ready to see it again.

Now with a Sequel!

Rated T for mild profanity.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 157 )

oooh, this is good.:pinkiegasp::raritystarry:

"You are not a guard of this palace. What were you doing in my wife's bedroom?"

:pinkiegasp:Oooh! Shots fired!!!
Though he does raise a very good point...:trixieshiftright:

Starlight Shimmer,

Ah the name game... Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer....:derpyderp2: Moondancer dodged a bullet...:trixieshiftleft: Probably because Moon Shine is an alcoholic drink



Also, now that I've become one of the most powerful beings on the planet, I can eat whatever I want and not get fat.

You cheat!!!:flutterrage: Suffer with the rest of us!!


I see what you did there. And I approve.

More please?:twilightblush:

Really good story but that comment about Spike was pretty mean :/

Home is where your friends are, ask Twilight Sparkle.


Thanks! I'll get that fixed immediatly.


The story of how Twilight's parents met was adorable. I loved it.

This sounds good so far. I can't wait to read more.

Oh, wow. That was surprisingly heartfelt, and I can easily imagine this happening.

While I'm just getting started on this, I'm definitely going to look into the rest of this.

Okay, this was cute. I have to admit, I like how you had Twilight steadily analyzing little bits Sunset revealed about her personality.

Now that I'm a ways in, I definitely want to know where you take this. Although, I would like to see how this Sunset dealt with leaving behind her friends in the Human world. That would have been...tough, to say the least.


You'll definitely get some of that coming up, because it is certainly something Sunset would have a hard time doing.

The next chapter is almost finished, just gotta make a few revisions. Thanks for reading!

Awww, I wanna know what happened to the general.

This was a sweet chapter. The thought that Nightmare Moon actually claimed lives, though... that's frightening.

Even if Nightmare Moon never raised a hoof to strike someone indirectly, the loss of the sun would have devastated Equestria. Crop failures, supply shortages, and the bitter cold could well have killed hundreds or thousands. Add to that the disaster bringing out the worst in ponies, you can count on riots, vandalism, and worse. And the Nightmare would be responsible for ALL of it.

If Equiis is a sphere like Earth, the side opposing the moon would have rapidly become a broiling hellhole as the sun never moved from mid-sky. How many would have died there?

It's a good interpretation of Nightmare Moon. I approve. Have an up vote and a moustache. Again, if I did so before!

6947488 Oh, I'm not saying there wouldn't be chaos and upheaval, and that lives wouldn't be lost on account of that. I just interpreted the story as saying that Nightmare Moon took lives directly. As in, you know, personally killing ponies.

6947488 Except we were shown that Princess Luna blotted out the sun with her moon, so it would be night time across the entire planet. Covering the sun with the moon was Luna's last act before becoming Nightmare Moon, so any deaths from that are on Princess Luna's hooves, not Nightmare's.


I like to think that Luna was Nightmare Moon at this point in all but the looks; the spirit of Nightmare Moon was in the process of taking her at this point.

"Well, I could like with Twilight for the time being," I stated.



Fixed! Don't know how I didn't catch that one. Thanks!

Why and how is she writing to Celestia? Twilight has the other book, not Celestia. Why does it say "Dear Celestia" and not "Dear Twilight"?

Definitely started touching on a very real issue Sunset's going to have. She was best friends with alternate universe versions of the Mane 6, but the problem is she doesn't actually know the pony versions. For all her insight into her friendships, it might as well be useless here.

Other than that, I liked the bit of worldbuilding regarding alicorns here, and it's something that seemingly makes sense.

Well, I'm definitely looking forward to how the dinner party goes, and overall I'm still loving this story.

oh joy one of these stories where friendship is only magic if it involved ponies who cares about sunsets friends in the human world they dont count who cares about the fact sunset has shown no desire to return home and clearly is happy in the human world


There was a deleted scene in Friendship Games where Twilight and Sunset were eating at a diner and Sunset tells Twilight she's homesick; that's where the idea for the story arose.

7047893 Wish that stayed in the movie. Would have been nice to see her struggling about staying or not, instead of just focusing on the Friendship games

So who is Rarity fitting? I get the feeling that by the end of the day Sunset will have bumped into all of her old friends. It is going to be a long day for her.

Is it Brony/Pegasister analyst "Sweetie Bloom"?

I'm curious about Rarity's client myself, but that necklace is rather suggestive...

You know...I'd do the exact same thing. Still, Sunset's going to have to get over that or things will be hilariously awkward.

Who am I kidding?

They're going to be awkward.:pinkiehappy:

Awesomely well written story! Can't wait for more!

So when do the ghosts appear?

7054922 if there is a reference you are making I fear it has sailed over my head :twilightsmile:

Who do you think Rarity's client is?

Firefly or Locket. That was all I could find from the Wiki about Canon/Background character from the shows. So if not them, then an OC from a different Fic, at which case the chances are very low that someone read both that fic and this one out of all the fics on Fimfiction lol.

7056881 It's an OC who's name was mentioned in "4th and Goal"

Wow so the former equalist has the dirtiest mind when it comes to jokes. Why do I feel that it is totally appropriate?

"Atlas is a mythological figure here in the human world, from a place called Greece. He is said to be doomed to hold the world upon his shoulders for eternity, as punishment for siding against the gods of Greece during a great conflict."

Ummm. not quite... He was ordered to hold up the sky for all eternity, until some passing hero took pity on him and turned him to stone with the head of Medusa. His now stone body became known as the Atlas mountains.
The "holding up the world" thing was from the artwork on the front cover of a book of maps (that's where we get "Atlas" as a book of maps).

7062546 Thank you for clearing that up! It shall be corrected :pinkiehappy:

Nice. I can't wait for Sunset to meet a free Discord.

I dunno who, but someone channelled Sans.

This shall be fun!

I am rather worried about what happens when/if sunset meets discord.
Aw who am I kidding? that'll be awesome.

And enter discord, master of driving everybody insane while still making perfect(discordant) sense.

7072130 Honestly, if he's not doing this no matter the setting something has or will shortly go horribly wrong.

And another great chapter that poses some...troubling questions. Celestia has practically trained Twilight to be her replacement should the need ever arise, and while Discord is messing with Sunset here for kicks and giggles, there's probably an element of truth there. If Celestia is ready or preparing to cede her throne in the coming years, that raises the interesting question of why. Is she tired of being Equestria's ruler after a thousand years of it? Or is it something more, something along the lines of being tired of life in general? Both are equally plausible, in my opinion, and the latter, while dark, wouldn't surprise me because she's been alive an incredibly long time (compared to humans) and won't die unless something causes it or she herself instigates it.

Still, food for thought. Can't wait to see more.

Oh dear. What's Discord up to now?

hmm first comment? what to say what to say? Well this was an interesting chapter. You know I bet Twilight must feel at least a little bit better now that she has got that off her chest.

I actually thought that Celestia overheard the ENTIRE conversataion, and have a speech about it. And Twi telling her frustarations to someone who understands *Sunset* is intresting. Have a Spikestache.:moustache:

Friendship Games supposed to have scenes when Sunset thought about going back to Equestria. But in the end they never included into final version.
And... home is home. You could life all comfortable in another country, have a lost of friends, have fun and still miss your home.

Oh, I've got a bad feeling the next chapter is going to be bittersweet, but at least this was a nice reunion.

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