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After an awkward incident with Twilight at Sunday brunch, Fluttershy notices something strange happening to her garden.

Written for the Barcasts' "Halloween in April" contest. Preread by AShadowOfCygnus.

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Hi there, thanks for entering this. I look forward to reading.

I guess one nightmare is all it takes. I wonder if Fluttershy will ever get over it.

Concise and effectively creepy.

Author Interviewer

Oh damn, that was good.

Thank you! I was pretty proud of this one, I've been wanting to write a horror story on here for a while now.

Very good, very spoopy.

I was convinced that Twilight had Kevin Uxbridge’d the ladybugs out of existence, Husnok style.

"It's a force of habit. I have a thing with ladybugs."

Yeah, every time one pops up in the show, drastic physical transformations and portals are involved. Nopony tryna deal with that during brunch.

Appreciative whistle. That was nasty, I loved it.
My grandma's favorite insect is the ladybug. She says it brings her good luck. I'll beg the differ.

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