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I am a one-shot writer who loves Slice of Life tales and hearing from readers who enjoy my stories. Click on my blogs for an MLP poem.


Fancy Pants stops by a perfume shop in search of a gift for his most beloved Fleur de Lis. But the question is 'will she like the present he chooses for her?'

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I love it, chance this is my new favourite Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis story now, good work.

No worry, I hope your next story is going to good as this one.:twilightsheepish:

A cute little romance fic. Through I have my criticisms. Although the story intended to focus on Fancy, the beginning half seem to primary focus on the shop pony that sold the perfumes before the second half focused back to Fancy.

The perspectives shifted, yes, but I felt that would be the most impactful, given the story's events. We get to see Lilac Essence and get a sense that she is very passionate about creating and helping customers find the perfect perfume, then we get to see the final culmination of her efforts when Fancy gives Fleur his purchase. :pinkiehappy: Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

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