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After Gallus admits the prank on Heart's Warming Eve. Ocellus wants to know why all of her friends thought that it was her. So Twilight has her speak with a friend that has gone though the very same thing

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Ignoring the grammatical mistakes, this is very interesting... Do go on

Grammar has never been my best subject

Interesting, like to see how you handle the Miss Anon a Miss story here.

Get a Beta reader.

Dude, get an editor. Bad grammar just makes a story hard to read.

Comment posted by Witchrblizzad deleted Last Monday

Where do I get one of those?

After Gallus admits to the prank on hearts worming eve. Ocellus want to know why all of her friends taught that it was her. So Twilight has her speak with a friend that has gown though the very same thing.

admits to the: admits the
hearts worming eve: Hearth's Warming Eve (because worming would be more related to those animals, the worms)
want: wants
taught that: erase the word that and change taught for thought.
has: I would put makes.
gown though: gone through

To those that like this story I just didn't like the way CH2 was done redoing it .

Comment posted by RockstarRaccoon deleted Yesterday

Okay, your plot is interesting, legitimately something I think needs to be explored more, but it's just too hard to get through for me. I keep having to stop to figure out what you meant by things, and all the emotion and Intrigue of it falls flat when I either notice a huge spelling mistake or have to stop to reread something.

You really need to work on these spelling, grammatical, and structural errors. As I just said, you need to go through and read this aloud so you can catch those mistakes before you post it, and if that doesn't work, go get a proofreader. There are multiple groups entirely dedicated to helping authors find proofreaders.

Also, you're never going to get better if you delete people's feedback.

I like this story. I'll gladly beta read/ edit this story for you. Just send me your chapters, I'll fix them up, then I'll send them back for you to publish.

There in looking of an editor.

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