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"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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I like it so far. Keep up the good work!

"Dinner or you...? So hard to... choose..."

I have seen enough H to know where this is going!!!!

We all do "would you like dinner?, Or takes bath? Or ...me?"

Eager to see more!

There will be more.

The Great and Power Trixie is part of the haywatcher club!!

What's the Haywatcher club?

Weight Watchers, but since they eat mostly hay

Ah. We all gotta watch our weight.

This is a interesting story for sure. But isn't the biggest issue that Spike just might not be gay. I mean honestly Starlight I think should have asked or at least looked into what Spike's sexuality is before trying to force a pairing and all. And I mean by his history alone it shows that he likes mares. Even tho Thorax IS a changling so I get the strong feeling gender wouldn't be a big thing to his kind so if Spike was into girls I can see him changing his gender to be a match for Spike's taste.

Come on man, in both Mythology, Science Fiction and Fantasy Dragons are pretty much known for being the horniest beings known, besides the succubi. Why do you think they have different subspecies? Can we not give Spike the benefit of doubt?

Yea he might be super horny or at least come from of a species with a large sex drive. But that still doesn't mean he is gay or has a interest in males. And I just used the history of sexual attraction we have seen from him and they all have been targeted to females. I am not saying he can't have one but no one has asked him, talked to him, or seen what he likes. But I would just find it 'lucky' that Spike is interested in guys as well. I think he would be flattered he is interested but can't return those feelings

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