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Hey all, just another brony looking to post up some fan fiction. Hope everyone enjoys.


Set after "My Old Apple Acre Home". When an opportunity to make a dream come true opens for Rainbow Dash, Applejack wants to go with her and give her support. However, she knows they can't take thier young daughter Apple Blitz with them. When Twilight Sparkle steps up to take care of the filly in their abscence, will it prove to be too much for the purple unicorn to take? More of a light-comedy tag, as it's not really reliant on jokes.

To really understand everything going on you should read the first fic, My Old Apple Acre Home. It'll really help. Special thanks to Zev, for another great cover image!

Chapters (5)
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Famous last words, twilight:twilightsheepish:



I agree. in all of fan fiction History noting good happens after some saying “Besides, “How hard can it be?”

Do you think Rarity will brush Twilight's mane after Twilight gos Crazy.... again.

Nicly done! a sweet and heart felt Good by to the little one,

OH CRAP!!! I think I know what will happen next....

:rainbowkiss: gosh she's just so adorable :rainbowkiss:

Pore AB. she misses her mommies

"I can’t imagine things getting worse from here!”
Famous last words. Have fun with all the puke she's about to spew due to the cake!

Rarity should never be aloud to be around children alone. How did Sweetie belle make it so long?

Pinkie is messed up and just killed Twilight's night lol

Mommy and mommy will be some soon

I see that the status reads "Cancelled". I must now ask why?

138080 I may change that with an update after all, but to be completely honest, I've been having a lot of trouble writing the last chapter, and I also find that despite it being somewhat of a sequel to my rpevious fic, that the show did this concept better in the most recent episode. Hope that helps.

Glad you posted this, thanks for the story! :pinkiesmile:

Err...sorry if I woke the foal...:twilightsheepish:

The effects are already showing... dear Celestia Twilight how are you going to survive?

Just finished this and your other one "My old apple acre home" and was quite impressed. Looking forward to future stories by you.

Yay. This was a nice ending, I wish Twilight got her nap, she needed it, but she should still kill Pinkie for giving the baby cake!

“Fluttershy…of course! She could use the stare on her, and then she’d never cry or whine or be a little cyan monster ever again!” Twilight chuckled strangely. (I feel over with this one)

"And that’s when Pinkie Pie showed up."

As famous last words go, this ranks right up there with "What could possibly go wrong?" and "How bad could it be?"

twi watch and learn how badly this will end for u

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