• Published 9th Dec 2011
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Fillysitting - Sith_Dreamer

When Dash and AJ make an important trip, somepony has to watch their daughter. Can Twilight?

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Day 1

Day 1

It was early in the afternoon by the time Applejack and Rainbow Dash had finished their preparations for the trip to Cloudsdale. Twilight was waiting in the library, a single book open to the spell she’d used so long ago to allow her and her friends to walk amongst the clouds. Rainbow was currently pulling the crib from their small room out into the library, trying to fit it through the doorway so she could take it up to Twilight’s room.

“Was it really this bad the first time?” Dash struggled with the wooden frame, trying not to apply too much force as she pushed.

“Ah think Celestia just teleported it on in the first time, remember Sugarcube?” Applejack chuckled as she replied, making Dash even more frustrated as she tried to slide it through.

Applejack was watching near Twilight, sitting on a fluffy cushion on the floor with Apple Blitz rolling around blissfully next to her. Applejack leaned over and put her hoof under the little filly’s stomach, and lifted her so she was standing on all four hooves, but supported by her mother. Gently, Applejack removed her hoof so the little filly was standing all on her own. This lasted for about two seconds, and Apple Blitz crashed down onto the ground, her front legs sprawling in front of her along with her back legs. She looked up at Applejack, her big green eyes welling with tears. AJ quickly pulled her in close and nuzzled her, calming the little filly down before she could get too upset.

Twilight watched in wonderment at the mother and daughter snuggling on the floor. Twilight couldn’t help but be a little excited. She was sure she would be great at this filly-sitting thing. She’d pulled all the books from the reference section on fillies and parenting, and had been reading them all day. She was sure her best books would provide her with the best knowledge in raising a foal she could ask for.

At the doorway, with a slight creak and a a pop, Dash pushed the crib through the doorway, sliding It loudly across the floor. Apple Blitz’s head popped up quickly, confused by the loud sound that had invaded her little ears.

“Finally,” Dash breathed a sigh of relief and wiped her brow with her foreleg.

With the crib finally out, Dash flew over it, hooking each of her hooves through a bar on
each side and lifting it up Twilight’s steps.She dropped it lightly outside of the door into Twilight’s room. It was more spacious, and Dash had little trouble sliding it inside from there. She carefully maneuvered it next to the purple unicorn’s bed. Afterwards, Dash, fluttered back down to the spot where her lover and their foal were laying.

“Twi?” Applejack looked up from the cyan filly for a moment, “Are ya’ll sure ya can do this?”

“Why of course Applejack! I’ve gotten everything I need to know and much more. She’ll be just fine when you get back,” Twilight closed her eyes and smiled big.

“It’ll be mah first time away from her,” Applejack said sadly, her eyes being drawn back down as the little filly rolled herself over and over in her arms.

“You can stay if you want,” Dash said, clearly afraid Applejack would take her up on the offer and that Dash would have to go back to the competition alone.

“A’course not!” Applejack cried out, “Ah wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

Dash came closer to Applejack and nuzzled her neck, the two mares enjoying the feeling of being so close. They heard a tiny giggle and looked down to see Apple Blitz, once again sprawled on her stomach, looking up happily at the two.

“Awww, don’t be doin’ that hun,” Applejack told her daughter, “Ah ain’t never gonna want ta leave ya.”

Dash pulled away from the two for a moment, and walked over to the window. She could see several of Ponyville’s buildings nearby, and they were all now being cast in the warm glow of Celestia’s setting sun. Dash turned back and nodded when Applejack looked back at her.

“Just let me feed her before we get goin’. I also gotta make up some of them bottles fer Twilight, since she can’t very well feed her like Ah can.” Applejack stood up and lifted Apple Blitz off the ground and on to her back. She trotted back to their room and closed the door behind them.

Twilight meanwhile was left in the library with Rainbow Dash. The two mares still felt a little awkward being alone near each other these days. Many of their problems had been put to rest, but the two still feared that they may still have some lingering affection for one another beyond their friendship. Dash was certainly not willing to chance even giving Applejack a reason to believe that she was doing something behind her back. Finally, Twilight broke the silence.

“Rainbow, are you sure you’re ready for this competition?” she asked the cyan mare , but attempting to not look her directly in the eyes.

“Twilight, have you ever known me to back down from a challenge? Even when I was sure I was going to fail at the Best Young Flyer competition, I still went out there anyway. I’m ready as I’ll ever be!” Dash announced confidently. “And uh…” Dash lowered her voice, “If I could make that awesome Wonderbolt pay, I could rebuild everything and make a new farm for AJ. A place for us to live as a family.”

Twilight smiled. There was a time when Twilight had thought that Rainbow Dash’s loyalty should have been called into question, but Twilight had come to realize that Dash had always been loyal to her loves even more than her friendships, and that anypony can make mistakes even at what they are best at.

“Well that’s very admirable of you Rainbow Dash,” Twilight finally faced her.

She admitted, staring into those violet eyes, she felt a twinge of regret shoot through her heart. It wasn’t that she still loved Rainbow Dash, she was quite happy to be with Rarity when the white unicorn wasn’t so busy, but Twi still wished things hadn’t been such a disaster during their time together. In fact, for all the drama it caused, she still wished she’d never even kissed those cyan lips to begin with. Then she realized that had everything not happened, she likely wouldn’t have been watching one of the cutest fillies she’d ever seen for the next couple days.

“Twilight…Twilight?” Dash waved a hoof in front of her face.

Twilight snapped back to reality. She’d drifted off into her thoughts for several minutes, leaving Dash more than a little confused.

“Oh my, I’m sorry Rainbow Dash. Just thinking, that’s all,” Twi told her, trying to shake off the dreamy feeling that came with her deep thoughts.

“Sometimes I think if I thought as much as you Twilight, my brain would explode. Maybe twice,” Dash joked, getting Twilight to chuckle a bit as well.


Before long Applejack came back, Apple Blitz resting comfortably on her back, and a basket with several bottles of milk hanging off of her right shoulder.

“Sorry it took so long,” AJ apologized, to which Twilight waved off as not being a problem.

“It’s getting close to sundown AJ,” Dash told her, glancing out at the darkening sky. “The tryouts begin early tomorrow. We’ve gotta get going to Cloudsdale.”

Applejack nodded, and walked over to the cushions on the floor, where she laid Apple Blitz to play. She then trotted back to the table as Twilight prepared the spell for Applejack.

“Alright Applejack, close your eyes,” Twi told her, making her glance at Dash for amoment.

“Mah eyes? We didn’t need ta do that last time,” she said wilth mild protest.

“It’s not going to hurt you Applejack, just please do it,” Twilight smiled, trying to get Applejack comfortable for what she was going to do.

Sighing, the orange earth pony shut her eyes and waited. Soon, she felt her body wrapped in energy, energy that was slowly lifting her off the ground. Dash backed away, unsure of what spell Twilight was casting. Any of the other ponies would have recognized it, but Dash hadn’t seen it the first time. Apple Blitz, laying on the cushion, stared upwards with her large green eyes transfixed upon the light surrounding her mother. Her tiny mouth hung open in amazement.

With a flash, the spell was completed, and Applejack descended to the floor, now sporting a large pair of Butterfly wings. They were much more earthy colors than the one’s Rarity had once wore, with patterns of brown and orange, and swirls of dark green and grey. They were still a sight to behold. Applejack looked back at the wings, amazed at the work Twilight had put into them.

“Tarnation Twilight, ya’ll didn’t have to go ta this kinda trouble,” AJ thanked her, “But aren’t these wings temporary? Ah remember Rarity’s were supposed to have only lasted fer a day.”

“Rarity’s were that temporary, but I’ve had a lot of time to work on some of my spells, and these wings should last a little over three days. Just don’t go showing them off too much,” Twilight grinned, remembering how her marefriend had been so foalish those years ago. “I just thought maybe on this occasion, you’d like to fly side by side with Rainbow for once.”

Applejack moved towards her and gave Twilight a big hug. Twilight blushed happily, grateful Applejack liked her gift. When they stopped hugging, Applejack turned back to Dash, who was now pulling on her saddlebags that were filled with a variety of items they’d need for their stay. Applejack went over to her lover, and tried to help her adjust them.

“Ah guess Ah could’a taken some of that, now that ya don’t have to carry me all the way ta Cloudsdale.”

“Naw, I got this AJ. Besides, you still got one little filly to say goodbye to before we get moving,” Dash nodded toward Apple Blitz, who after taking in the site of Twilight’s spell had promptly fallen asleep on the cushion she was lying on.

It was the moment Applejack had been dreading. She knew Dash loved Apple Blitz, and would hate to leave her too, but she hated that it was so much easier for Dash to go and leave the little filly here with Twilight. Applejack knew it was just her motherly instincts kicking in, but they were a powerful force against her mind.

Gently, Applejack leaned down next to the sleeping filly. She stroked her red-streaked blonde mane, running her hoof all the way across her cyan coat. Apple Blitz didn’t stir at her mother’s touch, and continued snoring loudly as she usually did. With that, Applejack lifted her up,with Twilight in and Rainbow in tow, and carried her up the stairs to her crib in Twi’s room. She laid her down gently and covered her with a single blanket, and stood just watching her sleep for a moment. With a single kiss on the top of the little filly’s head, Applejack turned back toward the door.

With visible tears in her eyes, Applejack said, “Ah- Ah’m ready ta go Rainbow.”

Dash nodded, but went over to the crib and also gave the sleeping filly a kiss. Twilight was nearly pushed to tears herself from the sheer adorableness of the situation. Quietly the three exited the room and headed back down to the front door.

“Are ya sure you’ll be ok?” Applejack asked Twilight again, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Of course Applejack. I won’t let anything bad happen to her,”Twi levitated a stack of books over to her. “I pulled out all the best reference guides for parenting and taking care of a filly. I’ve got this covered!”

“It takes more than some fancy learnin’ books to raise a little one,” Applejack’s concern shown through her voice a bit.

“I think Twilight’s got this AJ,” Dash tried to comfort her, and nuzzled her cheek.

Feeling the warmth of her lover, AJ managed a smile, and turned with Dash to the door. They went outside into the warm night air, Twilight following them.

“Good luck Rainbow Dash!” Twilight gave a small cheer.

Dash grinned, “Psh, who needs luck. I’ve got the skill.”

“Well come on Mrs. Skill,” AJ said playfully, “You said it yourself, we gotta go.”

With that, Twilight watched as the two stretched out their wings, and lifted off into the air. She kept watching as they flew higher and higher, stopping high over Ponyville and pulling each other into a long embrace. They then streaked off into the waning light toward the city of Cloudsdale.

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