by Sith_Dreamer

Day 2, Part 2

Day 2 Part 2

“Oh Twilight, darling come in! Oh I’m so sorry I’ve neglected to spend any time with you recently. The orders have just been piling up!” The white unicorn snuggled close to Twilight, rubbing her muzzles against Twilights neck.

“I understand,” Twilight told her, following Rarity inside, glancing back to make sure Apple Blitz was still snuggly secured in the carrier saddle she’d borrowed from Applejack.

The normally clean boutique was in complete disarray. Cloth and thread were strewn everywhere. It was quite a jarring sight for anyone who normally knew how Rarity kept her shop.
“Do you need any help?” Twilight asked her politely, “I’m sure there is something I could do.”

“No, Twilight. It is of great importance I work on these myself! And I don’t need anything else, I already sent Spikey out to get some more thread and ribbon before the shops close up. It looks like you’ve got your hands full as is.”

“She’s really not been that bad. We’ve just encountered a few…mishaps.”

Rarity had begun to stare at the out of place hairs springing from Twilight’s mane. She tried to smooth them down with her hoof, but they continued to pop back into their unruly place. Rarity glared at them for a moment.

“You know Rarity, I haven’t seen too many fashion lines for foals out there. You ever think about doing any designs for them? I bet it would be a hit among the more paternally inclined of the Canterlot elite. I’m sure Applejack would be willing to let you model her a little if you wanted her to.”

“Twilight, darling, you know I love you very much but…” Rarity glanced at Apple Blitz as she spoke, inspecting the little filly. Rarity’s eyes lit up suddenly like diamonds. “Well…that’s an amazing idea! I could be Rarity, master of the art of dress for the young and old!”

Rarity put a hoof to her mouth as she grinned. Twilight could imagine that if it were
possible, her head could have inflated to fill the room fto match her ego. Before Twilight could say anything else, Rarity unstrapped Apple Blitz from her pack and plopped her down via magic on one of her tables. Apple Blitz never seemed to enjoy the tingling sensation that crept across a pony’s skin whenever they were gripped by another’s magic. It wasn’t enough to upset her, but she clearly tried her ebst to struggle with her weak little limbs in an effort to escape its grasp.

“Oh Twilight, I can just imagine how cute this will be! IT will be all the rage and maybe even some will want to have a foal of their own, just so they could her one of Rarity’s Foal Fashions!”

Twilight smirked at how suddenly Rarity had wanted to take on this new project. Studying Blitz, Rarity began to draw sketches on a paper pad, noting details, colors, and the shape of the filly. She wanted this to be just perfect. With her magic, she lifted Apple Blitz into the air once again and began to take measurements. Again Blitz tried her best to struggle, but with legs not able to support her weight yet, she was helpless against the grip of the fashonista. After a moment, Blitz was dropped with a small thud back onto the table as rarity hurried away to find the fabric she needed for her design.

Twilight stared in disbelief at how fast her marefriend was moving on such a new idea. Behind her, she noticed the door as it creaked open. Spike trotted in with several bags of various fabrics and ribbons, perfect for Rarity’s designs.

“Oh hey Twilight, I see you got everything solved from earlier. Where’s Rarity?” he asked.

“Oh my wonderful Spikey!” Rarity cried out as she came from the back, several pieces of fabric floating behind her. “Thank you ever so much! But now I need you to run back and pick me up everything on this list,” Rarity dropped a small piece of paper into his hands.

“Uh, sure Rarity,” Spike looked disappointed that he was again being sent out for Rarity.
He turned around and headed back out towards town. When he was gone it was just the two mares and the foal again.


After another hour and with the limited supply she had, a very rough version of Rarity’s design was now worn by Apple Blitz. Rarity was already proud of this design, and she was sure to improve upon it once she had all the components. Apple Blitz meanwhile tugged at the dress with her teeth, not enjoying being shoved into the frilly piece of clothing. Rarity quickly tapped her on the head to keep her from tugging at it further.

“Rarity you don’t have to be mean like that. She is just a foal,” Twilight told her.

“Of course not dear, but she needs to be taught not to mess around with art!” Rarity exclaimed.

Blitz meanwhile had taken to pulling at the dress once again. Rarity gave her another small smack on the head. Several tears came to the filly’s eyes, but she didn’t scream like before. Rarity decided to remove the dress a moment later, and set it aside, moving Apple Blitz one more time off the table and setting her gently on the floor. A large spool of ribbon had been dropped right next to her, and Blitz began to unravel the loose strand with her hoof.

Twilight kept a close watch on her, making sure that a repeat of Spike’s fall wasn’t sure to happen again. Just as soon as she thought about him, Spike wandered in through the door, more large bags of varying shapes and sizes accompanying him.

“Well, seems since Spike is back and you have everything you need, we should probably get going. No need to hold you up any longer,” Twilight tried to tell her.

“No, no, stay Twilight! Unless of course you’re willing to make up some of our time apart in…other ways?” Rarity batted her eye lashes seductively at Twilight.

Twilight could feel her face burning at the mention, and tried to calm herself quickly. Rarity meanwhile was assembling various piles of fabric to start her next outfit. She noticed the ribbon that Apple Blitz was now wrapped in, lying on her back and tossing it up into the air on her tiny hooves.

“Oh dear, there’s that ribbon!” Rarity exclaimed, and pulled the ribbon from the filly quickly, ending her fun.

Apple Blitz’s eyes widened, and a new group of tears flooded into her eyes. This time there was not going to be any holding back. Apple Blitz began tow ail at the top of her lungs, upset her new plaything had been taken from her.

For several minutes Twilight tried to calm her down. She gently lifted her up and down with her magic. She held Blitz close and patted her back. She tried several ideas but nothing seemed to work.

“Oh Twilight, that is awful!” Rarity cried out, “What ever is wrong with her?”

“I don’t know!” Twilight quickly levitated some books as well as a bottle of milk out of her saddlebags.

First she tried shoving the tip of the bottle into AB’s mouth. Blitz coughed and pulled away quickly, not in the mood for a meal. Shaking her head as she caught her breath, she tossed backwards, tumbling head over hooves, and ending up on her back again. The little filly screamed harder. Twilight began flipping through her books, trying to find a reason for her to be crying.

“Oh Twilight, please just take her outside. I can’t concentrate with all this noise!” Rarity whined, after only a few mintues had passed. She quickly walked up close to Twilight and kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m sorry Twilight, but I’ve got so much work to do.”

“Alright,” Twilight smiled at her lover, and quickly scooped Apple Blitz, still wailing as loud as ever, with one leg. She didn’t bother to put her right back in her carrier, opting instead to drape her over her back.

“Please, Apple Blitz, calm down. Be quiet,” Twilight pleaded as she headed out into the Ponyville streets.

Not understanding any of those words, the cyan filly continued to dry out. Unaware of her stress levels rising further, several more strands of hair from twilight’s mane sprung up across her head. Briefly, Twilight twitched, jolting Apple Blitz back and forth, surprising her but doing no good to calm her down. Twilight quickly shook herself out of the twitches and decided to head back to the library to find Apple Blitz something to play with.

And that’s when Pinkie Pie showed up.


The purple unicorn trotted home in the setting sun, the cyan filly strapped to her back continuing to wail. Her brow furrowed and her mane in disarray, Twilight tried to avoid contact with anypony as she moved towards the library. She hurried by several of Ponyville’s residents, attracting stares and hushed comments as she went

“Come on, you can do this,” Twilight grumbled to herself. “You’ve got to show Applejack you can do this. You don’t need Fluttershy or Big Macintosh or anypony else to help you.”

Suddenly a big pink blur darted past her, nearly knocking Twilight over. She cried out and nearly cursed at whoever had been so careless. In a strange way even Twilight was incapable of explaining, the blur reversed itself and froze back in front of Twilight. Suddenly Pinkie Pie focused her figure in front of Twilight.

“Oh, I’m sosososososososo sorry Twilight!” Pinkie apologized, “I was just in such a hurry. I realized I was all out of ballons for my next party. Although I wasn’t planning on having a party right now but you can never have too many ballons, and some balloons are better than no balloons because I just love balloons sooooooo much!”

Twilight groaned. She loved Pinkie as much as any of her other friends, but she was just not in the mood for the party pony’s antics today. Pinkie stopped talking for only a moment as she quickly peered around at the whining filly strapped to her friend.

“Oh Twilight, you really shouldn’t let a filly cry like that. It’s not good you know!” Pinkie’s answer was very obvious.

“Of course it’s not good Pinkie Pie. But I think she’s bored and wants something to play with, so we’re heading back home,” Twilight responded.

“Bored? What cutesy wootsy little filly could ever be bored? Ooooh, I know what she needs. She needs a party!” Pinkie grinned, giving her answer to almost anything.

“Pinkie, I don’t think that’s what she needs. She’s just now calming down and I think maybe I should be trying to get her to-“ she was cut off by the party pony.

“Nonsense Twilight, even foals as little and cute as her can appreciate a good party! And she looks like she needs one to raise her cute little spirits!” and with that, Pinkie grabbed Apple Blitz from Twilight’s carrier and dashed off to set up her party.

For a moment Twilight stared in disbelief. Several more of her hairs stood up on her head, and she twitched for a brief moment as her brain caught up to what Pinkie had just done. She could hear the little filly cry out loudly from the surprise of a new pony taking off with her.

“P-p-p-Pinkie!” Twilight shouted and took off after her before Pinkie being Pinkie scared the little filly to death.


It didn’t take Twilight long to make it to Sugercube Corner, the place she knew Pinkie Pie would be throwing her party. It was rare that she didn’t throw them there. Twilight hurried to the doorstep, afraid of the state she may find Apple Blitz in. She imagined the party pony burying her in streamers, lost in an endless sea of colors, scared and alone until Pinkie cleaned things up later that night. She imagined Pinkie tying her to balloons, and letting her soar like Rainbow Dash…right out one of the windows. Twilight could imagine her going higher and higher, before the balloons popped and…. Twilight decided she didn’t want to think about it. She was driving herself mad as it was. She burst through the door, past a very surprised Mrs. Cake towards the area Pinkie usually had her parties. She burst into the room, huffing and puffing like a crazed bull.

What Twilight saw next both calmed and confused her. Apple Blitz was lying on the floor, her legs stretched in all directions as she giggled at Pinkie Pie, who was blasting up streamers and balloons with her Pinkie party cannon. It was the most response Twilight had seen out of the little filly that wasn’t some sort of crying. Twilight was more than happy to see it.

“Oh good, you’re here Twilight! I didn’t think you were going to come! Or maybe I did, you never miss a party! Except that one time you did, and I was sooooo sad. But then you came to my next party and everything was ok again!”

Twilight chuckled, “I admit, maybe you were right about this party thing.”

“You can never go wrong with a party! EVER,” Pinkie got deadly serious on her final word.

“O-ok,” Twilight said, taken aback by her sudden turn in demeanor.

Suddenly Pinkie was back to her bubbly self as she hopped into the kitchen to retrieve some treats Mrs. Cake had been baking.

“Pinkie, we’ve been here like ten minutes, how in Equestria did you have treats baked?”

“Oh Twilight you silly billy willy filly, I always ask Mrs. Cake to bake some extra treats before we close, just in case I decided to throw a whatever for whatever party. The cost is included in my rent!” she smiled in a way only Pinkie could.

Twilight didn’t say another word. This was just Pinkie being Pinkie as usual. She waited for her to come back in and levitated a cookie off the tray.

“Ok Blitzy, get ready to try the best cake of your life!” Pinkie squeed with excitement.

Before she could bend down and pop a piece of the cake into the filly’s mouth, Twilight, levitated Pinkie away quickly.

“Well what the hay Twilight? It’s a party!”

“Pinkie! A filly her age can’t eat solid food yet!”

“Cake isn’t a solid food, it’s cake!”

Twilight face-hoofed at Pinkie’s declaration. She knew she meant well, but she had to be taught. Twilight couldn’t imagine Pinkie being a mother someday, but she should learn all the same. Twilight had noticed she’d been very close with Caramel over the past few years though.

“Please Pinkie, just let her enjoy whatever else you have planned. She seems to be enjoying everything so far,” Twilight tried to regain her calm demeanor.

“Ok,” Pinkie sighed.


As the afternoon waned into night, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Apple Blitz managed to have a great deal of fun. Twilight made the little filly dance with Pinkie with her magic, eliciting giggles from her. They tried their best to let her play several party games. Twilight had to help her with those as well. Even so, things were going well. Twilight’s stress had faltered, but her slightly ragged appearance had yet to change. Pinkie didn’t seem to take any notice of it.

Soon Apple Blitz began to whine, this time opening her mouth as if to suckle, giving Twilight the hint she was hungry.

“Oh, can I feed her Twilight?” Pinkie cried, looking as excited as ever.

“I guess so,” Twilight looked a little worried, but figured Pinkie couldn’t do too much harm.

With her magic, she lifted a fresh bottle of milk from her bag with her magic, and floated it over to Pinkie. Pinkie meanwhile scooped up Apple Blitz and cradled her in one leg, while she grasped the bottle between her teeth. For a moment she turned away from Twilight, looking as if to situate herself. When she turned back, Apple Blitz was nursing happily on her bottle. Twilight smiled and sat down to rest for a moment. She was feeling very tired from the day’s excitement.

What the purple unicorn didn’t realize was that Pinkie had secretly switched the bottles. She’s snuck and empty bottle from Twilights saddle bags sometime during the party. When she had left to use the bathroom for a moment, she’d actually blended up a piece of her delicious cake into mush and poured it into the bottle. When she turend away from Twilight, she’d snuck the cake bottle from her poofy pink mane, and hid the other where the first had been nestled. Only Pinkie Pie could have pulled off such a move.


The night didn’t go on for much longer, and soon it was time for Twilight to take Apple Blitz home for bed. She’d kept her out far longer than she should have, but she hoped the excitement would let the filly sleep far into the next day, maybe even until Applejack and Rainbow Dash returned from Cloudsdale.

Twilight brushed some glitter out of Blitz’s red-streaked mane as she settled her back into her pack for the trip home. She couldn’t tell for sure, but Blitz was looking a bit sick, and Twilight could swear she heard tiny rumbling coming from her stomach. Ready to go home, Twilight decided she’d worry about it later. She thanked Pinkie Pie and headed off towards the library. Pinkie shouted several goodbyes into the night behind them.

“Alright Apple Blitz, it’s time for a nice rest! Tonight turned out pretty good after all. Your mommy and…” Twilight stopped for a moment.

She actually wasn’t sure what to call Rainbow Dash. She wasn’t exactly a Dad, but it would seem strange to have two moms. Twilight thought on this for a while as she trotted home.Finally they arrived at the library.

“Home sweet home,” Twilight sighed happily, “Well, after everything today, I can’t imagine things getting worse from here!”

(I haven't given enough credit this time around, so thanks once again to my awesome pre-reader Zev for all his hard work! Hopefully he sticks with me through the rest of this fic and many more to come!)