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Hey all, just another brony looking to post up some fan fiction. Hope everyone enjoys.

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After a friend's death, Discord is left with the decision on where his life should go. Now struggling as a no longer villianous being, and finding that Equestria still seems to be usure of his intentions, Discord's current mental state will be put to the test. Will the Master of Chaos return to his old ways, or will he simply search for another source of companionship?

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Set after "My Old Apple Acre Home". When an opportunity to make a dream come true opens for Rainbow Dash, Applejack wants to go with her and give her support. However, she knows they can't take thier young daughter Apple Blitz with them. When Twilight Sparkle steps up to take care of the filly in their abscence, will it prove to be too much for the purple unicorn to take? More of a light-comedy tag, as it's not really reliant on jokes.

To really understand everything going on you should read the first fic, My Old Apple Acre Home. It'll really help. Special thanks to Zev, for another great cover image!

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Sometimes the bond between a mother and daughter can be nearly unbreakable. However, everything can be broken. When Ditzy Doo makes what she considers an unforgivable mistake, will her drive to make things right cost her dearly?
And will Dinky be able to cope with the outcome?

Temp Cover image by ace windham and megasweet.

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When a tragic fire destroys everything an orange earth pony holds dear, she finds that not even friendship may be enough to comfort her. When a certain cyan pegasus shows her much more, will she be able to piece her life back together? And is her best friend hiding something else from her, something that could tear everything they have apart?

Chapters (12)
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