by Sith_Dreamer

Day 3

(Author’s Note: I’m kinda using human lifespan and such for the ponies in my fics. So it’s assuming that with Apple Blitz being roughly 5 months, she has the capabilities of a 5 month old human, etc.) I now know this is wrong, but see my note at the end for more info.)

Fillystitting Day 3

Twilight gritted her teeth. It was all she could do to keep herself from screaming into the darkness around her. She was sure it wouldn’t reach anypony else over the sound of the foal screaming beside her. It was going on two hours now, and Twilight had tried everything. Apple Blitz wasn’t hungry; she certainly didn’t act very sleepy; but still for everything Twilight tried to do, she continued to scream.

Now Twilight sat at a desk in her room, a single light flickering as she flipped frantically through book after book, hoping to find something that would tell her what she needed to do. Every book had offered similar advice, including that excessive crying always meant something. Every time she read a similar statement she let her face crash into the book. There seemed to be no information that would help give Twilight some relief.

“Apple Blitz, please,” she pleaded not facing the foal, “I don’t know what’s wrong!”

The only answer she received of course were fresh wails before Apple Blitz broke out into a fit of coughing due to overexerting herself from crying. Twilight spun around and lifted her up, and began to pat her back. After a few moments she calmed down…only to begin screaming anew. Twilight began to rock her in the air with her magic. Twilight began to twitch, her patience and understanding nearly gone as she tried to decide what to do. Twilight lifted her up, and stared into the little filly’s face, trying to get some understanding of what might be causing her trouble. And then Blitz vomited up Pinkie’s liquid cake straight into Twilight’s face.



Thankfully Apple Blitz had missed getting anything on herself, and with a little clean was finally calmed down and rolling around in her crib much happier than before. Twilight on the other hand had spent nearly an hour trying to get disgusting mush the filly had expelled from her coat and mane. Looking in the mirror at herself, she was a complete mess of a pony, and not just because of the mess that had adorned her not long before. She could feel herself slowly losing her grip on things, her mind was blurred by the thoughts of having to be the best fillysitter she could be. She had to be the best, her books had told her how.

Spike meanwhile had not managed a wink of sleep either. Blitz had begun her crying spell after 10 that night, and had continued until at least 1 in the morning, when she’d emptied her stomach. Now it was 2, and the baby dragon wasn’t the least bit happy that he wasn’t dreaming, himself. He walked into the bathroom where Twilight was trying her best to fix her frizzled mane.

“Ugh, Twilight,” Spike groaned as he approached her.”

“Yeeeeessss,” Twilight nearly hissed, her appearance causing Spike to jump back.

“Yikes. Say Twi, I’d like to get some sleep, you know, sometime in the next century. You almost done so I don’t have to keep an eye out anymore?”

“A-almost,” Twilight twitched, shaking herself and trying to keep her normal composure.

“Sheesh Twilight, you don’t look so good. Why don’t you just take her to Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. Her and uncle and what’s basically her aunt should do just fine with her,” Spike told her.

“Fluttershy…of course! She could use the stare on her, and then she’d never cry or whine or be a little cyan monster ever again!” Twilight chuckled strangely.

“That’s not exactly what I-“

“You’re brilliant sometimes Spike. I’m done here. Go to sleep,” and with that, Twilight left the bathroom, leaving Spike quite worried as she tried to curl up into bed next to the crib and get some sleep.

Apple Blitz giggled as she rolled back and forth on her back, making Twilight snap to attention for a moment.

“Alright Blitzy, how about you go to sleep for me now, ok?”

Blitz stopped for a moment and stared at Twilight, looking confused at the near-frightening sight of Twilight. Then she went back to her playful mood, giggling and kicking her wobbly legs in the air.

“Oh no,” Twilight slumped back onto the mattress and pulled a pillow over her head.


“Please Fluttershy, please give her the stare!” Twilight pleaded with the yellow Pegasus. “Just so she won’t cry anymore. Or scream. Or be a bad pony. And she hasn’t slept. All. Night.”

Fluttershy had nearly run off at first when Twilight had come to her. Her appearance was worse than when Celestia had given all her friends the chance to write friendship reports to her. Twilight had shown up bright and early at around 8 that morning. If Fluttershy hadn’t noticed Apple Blitz looking as cute as ever strapped to Twilight’s back, she’d have retreated into her house quickly.

“But Twilight, she’s just a baby. That’s what they do. And my stare…it doesn’t really work that way. I can’t hypnotize them. And who would want to do that to a poor sweet little foal like this one?” Fluttershy lifted her from the carrier and fluttered up into the air with her.

Apple Blitz giggled as Fluttershy spun gently around with her, and proceeded to tickle her stomach.

“But the books…and the manuals…and they said everything. And…nothing worked…”Twilight was at a loss for words.

“Well not speaking from experience Twilight, but no two animals are the same. So I’m sure whatever foal your books were written about, Apple Blitz is different from them. I think, but I might be wrong of course,” Fluttershy tried to be modest.

For the smart mare that Twilight Sparkle was, she suddenly felt very stupid. Fluttershy was right, and she realized Applejack’s words before she’d left rang much truer than ever.

“A foal is a learning experience in itself. Those books are good guidelines, but they aren’t everything! Oh, I understand now!” Twilight jumped into the air, and her disheveled appearance began to miraculously fix itself.

“Yes,” Fluttershy squeaked, Apple Blitz wriggling around in her arms.

Twilight looked like a completely different pony from what she’d looked like not five minutes ago. She felt any stress she’d built up drain away from her.

“You know Twilight, I can still take care of her if you’d like. Rainbow Dash and Applejack should be back sometime tonight. I don’t mind,” Fluttershy tried to convince Twilight.

“I think things will be fine now, Fluttershy. I think I can handle the rest of the day with her.”

“Well, Big Mac and I-“

“Where is Big Macintosh?” Twilight asked, noticing she hadn’t seen the red Earth pony since she’d arrived.

“Well, he said the time was right and he had a plan that would raise the money so that the Apple Family could finally get Sweet Apple Acres back.”

“Nopony else ever bought the land? I know Ponyville itself had claim to the land after
Applejack and Big Mac left way back when, but I figured another family would have tried to build a farm by now.”

“Oh no. Apparently Granny Smith still had complete right to the land until she passed away. After that, the land was still considered under ownership of the Apple Family, and the bank of Ponyville just kept the title to the land until one of the other members reclaims it whenever they can afford to rebuild all they lost,” Fluttershy laid Apple Blitz down on her couch for a moment so she could continue talking to Twilight.

“Well, thanks for everything Fluttershy,” Twilight nodded, “I think I’d better get back though. Never know when somepony might need a book, or when Applejack and Rainbow might be back.”

At that moment in one of her playful fits, Apple Blitz rolled too far and tumbled off the couch, and bumped her head as she landed. Tears welled up in her eyes, but before the screaming could start, Fluttershy had darted over to the little filly and begun to intensely comfort her.

“Shhh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to let you get hurt,” Fluttershy comforted her.

Twilight smiled. “Well Fluttershy, maybe we can stay a little longer.”


Once things seemed to be back to normal, Twilight once again loaded Apple Blitz up into her carrier, and bid Fluttershy goodbye. Twilight trotted back to the library in hopes that AJ and Dash would have returned by then. Sadly, they were still gone when the pair made it to Twilight’s library. Even so, Twilight looked back to see the little filly, who was now curled up as best she could, and for the first time not snoring nearly so loudly. Twilight sighed happily. She knew Apple Blitz would have had to get tired eventually, tossing and tumbling and giggling all night long. Twilight tried to hurry herself back to the library. She wanted to get Blitz laid down and out of the way from anything else that might wake the foal once again.

Twilight sighed and wiped her brow, relieved to finally have some peace to herself. She wondered just how Applejack did it. She’d never taken the Element of Honesty for the motherly type, but she seemed to be pulling it off quite well. Lost in her thoughts, Twilight took one last look at Apple Blitz, before curling up on her own bed and drifting off to sleep.

One peaceful hour later, Twilight heard a furious knocking at her door. She looked up groggily trying to decipher what was happening.

“Spike!” she mumbled loudly, forgetting the filly next to her for the moment.

No answer came. She assumed he was gone again, but she couldn’t remember if he’d mentioned it. Twilight put her head down, hoping whomever was outside would decide to come back later. She began to drift off again when she heard a loud crunching sound from outside. Somepony was dragging something heavy across the ground near the library. Apple Blitz seemed to become a bit restless, but Twilight didn’t notice, nor was the noise enough to wake the sleeping foal.

“Ugh,” Twilight groaned, and pulled a pillow on top of her head, trying to drown out the sound.

The next thing the purple unicorn heard was a sound that could only be described as springy. The first few sounds were faily light, but by the fourth or fifth, she could hear the impacts hitting harder and the time between sounds longer and longer. The sounds didn’t stop there however.

“Twilight” the voice of a familiar pink Earth pony shouted through the window.

She fell back down. Then the springy sound again.

“Hey Twilight, you-“ her voice trailed as she dropped back down again.


“awake now? It’s-“


“too late to be sleeping silly!.”

This time she heard the springy sound be stopped by something. No Pinkie followed this time. Twilight let out another sigh of relief, hoping Pinkie had gotten the idea not to disturb them.

It didn’t take long however till the sound of somepony climbing back onto what Twilight assumed was a trampoline. This time it seemed to take several more jumps before the party pony reached any sort of height at all. Twilight continued to try to ignore her and drift back off.

After several bounces, “Twilight! I made-“


“a new cupcake! You need-“


“to wake up silly!*


“Alright, you made me-“


“do this!” Pinkie began to remove the large object she’d strapped to her back during the time she’d grounded herself.

On the next bounce up, Pinkie took aim with her party cannon. She made sure to hold it firm as she began to fall again. Finally, on the next bounce, as soon as she was at the window, Pinkie blasted a mass of streamers and confetti into the window. Twilight bolted up immediately. Apple Blitz continued to snore next to her. Pinkie flew up to the window once again.

“You’re awake!”

“Pinkie Pie! I was trying to sleep!” Twilight screamed on the pink pony’s next trip up.

And Twilight herself screaming was all it seemed to take to wake the sleeping cyan filly.

“Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh” Apple Blitz began to wail.

Twilight saw Pinkie rise up to the window one final time, an innocent “oops” smile on her face. Pinkie waved goodbye as she descended down. The sounds of Pinkie pulling her things away at super speed could be heard shortly after.

“Apple Blitz. Apple Blitz. Shhh,” Twilight picked the filly up and tried to rock her back to sleep.

For a moment her wails stopped, her big green eyes remaining teary. Twilight rocked her back and forth trying her best to keep her calm. Lifting the bag containing the things her mother had left with her magic, Twilight frantically searched for a bottle to feed her, hoping some milk would calm her down.

“Are you hungry maybe? Or still just tired,” Twilight was becoming frantic already, her lack of sleep mixing with the quickly returning anxiety Fluttershy had helped keep at bay hours earlier.

With a little magic, Twilight made the milk inside warm up and quickly stuck it into her tiny mouth. Blitz quickly rejected the bottle, shaking her head until she was free from the mighty nipple, and began to sob again, not as much from her fear previously, but from the forceful nature Twilight had suddenly taken. Slightly angered, Twilight tossed the bottle to the floor, and started rocking her again.

“Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep so I can too,” Twilight sang through her clenched teeth.

The little filly continued to sob more and more, now somewhat scared of the purple unicorn holding her.

“I’ve got it! Maybe you want a toy. Oh, but I think they are all downstairs. I’ll go get one!”

Twilight quickly sat Apple Blitz down in her crib, and began to dash toward the door, hoping this was her answer.

What Twilight didn’t see was the bottle she’d thrown down moments earlier. Her foot slipped across it, causing her to flip forward. Twilight crashed into her door, with it swinging open from the impact, and sending Twilight tumbling down her stairs.

“Ugh,” Twilight laid at the bottom of the stairs, her body aching from the impact.

“Hey Twilight, what’s all the noise?” the voice of a certain baby dragon called from another room.

Spike yawned as he came out from Applejack’s room, taking a moment for his sleepy eyes to adjust. As soon as he saw her, he rushed to Twilight to see if she was alright. He could hear the sobs of the scared filly drifting down from the room upstairs as well.

“Twi, you ok?” he asked quickly.

Twilight simply nodded, waiting for the pain in her back to go away.

“Spike,” she finally choked out, “ Can you go…get Apple Blitz. Just bring her down here. I give up getting her back to sleep.”

Without another word, Spike walked casually upstairs. Within a few mintues no more crying could be heard. Instead, shrill giggles replaced any other noise, and Spike came back down, cradling the foal in one arm and tickling her with the other.

“I don’t see what’s wrong?” Spike asked. “She seems fine to me.”

“Put her over there,” Twilight had begun to get up and motioned toward one of her cushions.

“Alright Twi. Are you sure you’re ok?” Spike spoke quickly, but he was seriously concerned.

“I’m fine Spike. Go back to bed.”

Seeing Twilight, once again a complete wreck in appearance, Spike laid Apple Blitz down and quickly darted off, this time opting for his own bed in their room. Twilight looked around, finally finding a few stuffed animals, not thinking about the fact Apple Blitz was still quite unable to walk on her own, let alone play with many toys.

“Now Apple Blitz,” Twilight once again was speaking through her teeth, “Its time…to sit here…and play….nice.”


A knock at the door startled Twilight Sparkle. She craned her neck with several jerky movements towards the door and stared at it’s wooden frame for a moment. Another knock came followed by some muffled voices. Twilight quickly glanced back to Apple Blitz, who was now smiling and giggling at Twilight’s once again horrifying appearance. Twilight twitched and tried to not look so angry.

“Come in!” she called hoarsely.

The door swung open and Applejack and Rainbow Dash trotted inside. Applejack looked very happy, but Dash looked rather melancholy. A white sling was strapped around her and held up her front right leg, and some bandages held down her wing on that side as well.

Applejack ran quickly to the cyan filly lying on Twilight’s cushion. Apple Blitz’s eyes lit up when she realized who was galloping toward her. Applejack scooped her up with her hooves and pulled her close to her chest, dropping to the floor on her flank and hugging Apple Blitz warmly. Blitz snuggled close into her mother’s coat. Dash couldn’t help but smile, despite her demeanor.

“Hey AJ, where’s Twilight? She was just here,” Dash asked, noticing the purple unicorn had disappeared.

“Ah don’t know sugarcube. I’d figure she’d want ta hear all about the trip ta Cloudsdale,” Applejack looked worried. “Ah hope AB wasn’t too much trouble fer her.”

Dash climbed carefully up the stairs to Twilight’s room.

“Hey Twilight, you in there?” Dash called out through the door.

“Yeeeeaaaahhhh. I’m not feeling so well, so your room is still open down there. Go on back in, I’ll see you guys later.” Twilight finished and tossed herself onto the bed. She’d had enough for a while.

Before anymore could be said, Rarity burst through the front door.

“Oh, Applejack, Rainbow Dash! So good to see you! How did things go with the Wonderbolts?” she asked before noticing Dash’s bandages.

“Eh, could have gone better. They want you to practice flying with in a group like the Wonderbolts and pair you up with other hopefuls. Big grey Pegasus messed up one of the tricks and slammed through Cloudsdale and straight into the side of a mountain. Not my best day,” Dash looked sad as she spoke.

“They invited ya back sugarcube. Ya got that at least,” Applejack walked over to her and wrapped her leg around her marefriend, pulling her close and kissing her on the cheek.

Apple Blitz, who was riding happily on Applejack’s back giggled at the pair. She always seemed happier when AJ and Dash were together.

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. But I must ask, is Twilight around?” the white unicorn said.

Spike had just left Twilight’s room, and upon seeing Rarity dashed down the stairs as fast as his dragon feet could carry him.

“Hey Rarity! Looking for Twilight?” he got close to her.

“Of course Spikey. Is she in her room?”

“Yeah. But I’d watch it if I were you. It isn’t pretty,” Spike tried to make a scary face.

“Well, if ya don’t mind, we’re gonna go unpack and take a nice long rest,” Applejack said to Rarity and Spike. “It feel like ah’ve been hit by several apple carts.”

Applejack and her daughter, as well as Rainbow Dash said their goodbyes and retired to their room for the evening. Meanwhile, Rarity headed up Twilight’s room.

“Twilight?” she said, cautiously pushing open the door.

Seeing Twilight’s worn out, constantly twitching form in the dark made rarity scream in horror.

Ignoring whatever Rarity was screaming about moments later, Applejack laid on the bed with her daughter, watching the little filly roll around, constantly trying to pick herself up but always falling right back down. Her legs were still too wobbly.

“You think Twi handled her ok?” she asked Rainbow in a serious voice.

“Ah, I’m sure Twilight didn’t have too much trouble. I mean, how could something that cute be that horrible?” Dash had a good laugh.

“Well if ya helped with her a little more Rainbow, ya’d know just how much work goes into this little filly,” Applejack gave a sly grin and pulled Rainbow close.

The two kissed long, their lips locking tightly as if made only for each other. Despite all their time in Cloudsdale, Rainbow had been so tired from each round of the tryouts that she’d crashed shortly afterward every night. Applejack hadn’t minded too much. Finally pulling apart, Dash climbed onto the bed at the foot, while Applejack made herself comfortable at the head of the bed. Apple Blitz sat between them, suddenly yawning and seeming very tired. She laid her tiny head down and within moments was asleep. Both Dash and Applejack scooted as close as they could, making a small area between them for the foal. Their foal. Soon both mares were asleep, dreaming of the happy times they hoped they still had ahead of them.

(End Note: So I did finish it after all! I hope everyone enjoyed it, and will come back. I've got one fic currently running already posted, but two sequels are coming to My Old Apple acres Home, so keep watching! Thanks Zev, the best pre-reader ever! And thanks to all my readers, even if there weren't many of you on this fic.)